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Matching Training

  1. 1. MATCHING
  2. 2. Ways to Matching There are 2 ways to match in iGCDP • Browse Internships. • Supply and Demand Ranking.
  3. 3. Method 1 : Browse internships
  4. 4.  Place the cursor on ‘AIESEC PROGRAMMES’ which you can see on the blue bar.
  5. 5.   Once you put the cursor on AIESEC PROGRAMMES a tab appears . Click on Browse Internships which appears on the tab.
  6. 6.   Please select the EP option as we are looking for EPs to Match . Select Programme - Global Community Development .
  7. 7.  Choose the start and end date . Click on “show” which appears below dates .
  8. 8.  Once you click on show a list of countries appear .  Select the required country and ‘Search’ .
  9. 9.  The list of all the available EPs in that particular country will appear .  To get the email of the EP to mail them about our projects , you need to click on the EP ID which you can see in the below picture
  10. 10.  As soon as you click on the EP ID a new window with all the details of the EP appears.  You can see the status of the EP and right below that you will find the EP email ID .
  11. 11. Things to be taken care of  Now that you know how to get the Email ID of the EP  Just copy paste the email ID into Gmail and proceed further by sending your matching mail .  Make a good and attractive Matching Mail to get quick responses .  Don’t promise the EP something which we can’t deliver .
  12. 12. Method 2 : Supply and Demand 1. LOGIN
  13. 13.  Place the cursor on ‘AIESEC PROGRAMMES’ which you can see on the blue bar.
  14. 14.  As soon as you put the cursor on AIESEC PROGRAMMES a new tab opens below it .  Amongst the various options you will see ‘Supply and Demand’ . Click it.
  15. 15.  Please remember that we are looking for EPs so Click on ‘Supply Ranking’
  16. 16.  Select the country from where you need EPs .
  17. 17.  Select the Exchange Type – Global Community Development and click ‘Search’.
  18. 18.  You will get a list of all the issues and the EPs available for each one of them .  To get the EPs just click on the number.
  19. 19.  A new window will all the EP IDs appears .  Click on the EP ID to get the EP email ID and the EP details .
  20. 20.  A new window with all the details of the EP opens and like you can see in the picture.  A mail is sent to the email ID
  21. 21. Documentation and EP engagement     Make an EP Tracker which contains all the EP matched with Hyderabad along with their EP IDs, TN IDs, Start and End Date of the internship, Status of the form on Change the status of the form from Available to Matched. Fill the Tracker when you get a match. Post matching EP Engagement is very necessary. We can engage EPs in the following ways. - - Make the EP write an essay about the issue the intern got matched with. Conduct a webinar before realization. Send them a mail few days before realization welcoming them to India.
  22. 22. Thank you