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Im and o '13 april lc day review


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Im and o '13 april lc day review

  1. 1. IM and OReview
  2. 2. VisionTo communicate and co-create Global Leaders
  3. 3. MissionTo make AIESEC Hyderabad a process oriented organisation ratherthan people orientedAIESEC works for the members for their Integrated DevelopmentExperience rather than members working for AIESEC Hyderabad
  4. 4. WhatWorked?• First IM Department ofAIESEC in Hyderabad
  5. 5. What didn’t?• Synergy• InconsistentWork Culture• Lack ofAwareness of IM
  6. 6. Member Retention• TL – Lavish Aggarwal• Active Members – Rohitaksh Vanaparthy, Aravindalochanan
  7. 7. ProjectsAchieved• IM Policy• LC Newsletter• iGCDPWiki
  8. 8. Projects Not Achieved• AIESEC Webster• Alumni Newsletter• Exchange Newsletter
  9. 9. Plan of Action• Internal Promotion for Exchange• Webinars• More Newsletters
  10. 10. ThankYou!Any Questions?