Best TM Award Application


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Best TM Award Application

  1. 1. Award application for Best LC in Expansions
  2. 2. Talent Managemen LEARN. LIVE. LEAD Koushik MRNSV Sriram Kakarla Video Link:
  3. 3. LEARN AIESEC in Hyderabad conducted training across programs , functions and other aspects through the year 2013. The training sessions were conducted for MB,GB and EB and were some of the best session conducted through LC’s of AIESEC INDIA Training in Numbers:108 operational trainings 15 LEAD’s delivered 25 MB Trainings delivered 4 External sessions (Google, Microsoft, Mauka, BOA) Induction:LTS, MTS and Mentorship Agenda’s standardised. 3 major LTS done iXPs based agendas introduced Innovations:TNT- TraiNing Time. LTT- Local Training Team TSG (Talent support Group) Involvement
  4. 4. LEAD Management Body 430 MB applicants through out the year MB for 4 quarters MB sub-teams driving growth Department specific MB audits and training Standardized tracking and performance appraisals for MB MB ratification and discharge Leadership: 41 EB applicants 78 members applying for MB 1.0 in 2014 160 members given in pipeline 30 AM 56 Voting members: TM in Expansions Standardization of processes in Expansions TMP TLP contribution Training in Expansions 6 re-integrated Eps in Expansions
  5. 5. LIVE Membership: 3 Major recruitment drives, an average membership of 160 per quarter TMP TLP 350 members recruited in the year, 29 Returned EP’s inducted 1140 270 9 iXP’s Membership pipeline- 160 140 duals roles Driving ELD: 1. Need based recruitment driving growth in oGIP 2. AM to oGCDP raise ratio: 18.7% 3. AM to oGCDP realize ratio: 8% 4. AM to TMP-TLP is 20 5. AM to Breaking barriers 10 registrations 6. Lead Driving 101 matches for iGCDP 7. EPIC for oGCDP TMP –TLP on Exchange 16 Growth in TMP 339 Growth in TLP 44 National Contribution: NST AM, NTT ILCEP-6, Matching musketeers- Anubhav Jain
  6. 6. BCPs September Recruitment 1400 forms sales Turnout- 830 143 people selected LTS and MTS agenda revamped Training and LEAD Operational training leading to ELD contribution LEAD in Q1 and Q2 driving growth External sessions and LEADs TM Processes Standardized PGS Tracking and appraisals on a regular biases Competency based allocation of members Innovations around MB MB sub-teams contributing to ELD Portfolio specific MB audits and training TM in Expansions Re-integration