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Best Finance Award Application


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Best Finance Award Application

  1. 1. Best Finance Soumya Reddy LCVP Finance AIESEC in Hyderabad
  2. 2. Finance Reserves • F.D : Rs. 7,07,000 /– ( Increased by 1.5 Lakh ) • On Maturity in March 2014: – Rs. 7,74,000 /-
  3. 3. Investments Investment Result Office Renovation Office was painted by Finance team and LC members in the beginning of the year. This was a fun activity to bring a sense of ownership towards the LC amongst all members. Events We have had our first time ever Stake holder Summit to engage all Stake holders of AIESEC Hyderabad in our how’s what’s and why’s . Right investments ensured as many as 50 raises as ROI from this event. BKK 2013 : Recruitments: Trainee Events: Hoarding Investment was made for a hoarding located centrally in the city. NLS 2014 Due to Stable finance state of the LC ,we have been given an opportunity to host NLS 2014. We believe In giving a delegate the best experience ever Diwali Gifts for Clients For the first time ever, investments were made to strike cordial relations with new and existing clients. This was a big hit for us wherein IGIP had received 5 direct raises from an old client .Talk about investing right 
  4. 4. Investments Investment Result EPIC’s for iGCDP and oGCDP EPIC were conducted for OGX and ICX interns regularly. This resulted in improved NPS score and majority of matches in Q2 for oGCDP Expansions Being a national focus area we budgeted for a lot of investment into Expansion initiatives and this was extremely fruitful for us. RnR’s and Conference Subsidies Conferences were subsidized for performing members and VP’s to encourage performance and reward those who performed well. NEP NEP pick up, basic accommodation requirements were the cost centers. Doing it the right way ensure that we did not loose out on NEP income. IC 2013 Boosting IR Story Teller 2013 BD product and income generation for the LC Membership and Training Frequent investments were made to train and develop membership. Ganesh Pooja, Diwali and Office days were conducted for encouraging office culture . Investments were made in inducting new members properly to ensure they have the
  5. 5. What worked • Financial Policies – A broad framework created to help LC work smoothly and effectively, changes in pricing policies ensures clients were held more accountable when they pay a raise amount. • RnRs – RnRs worked out brilliantly in dry phases of exchange. It boosted RMR’s extensively • Investment in OGX – Spectacular growth in OGX. Investments were made in delivering IS’s, print material , EPIC’s and special forums like Global conclave for winter raising . • • • • • Proper Documentation and Book keeping practices. Tally and Auditing on time. NEP Delivering smooth NEP experiences ensured we did not loose out on NEP income. MDP’s – Multi Dimension Modules in all portfolios making Finance play a key role • • • Investment in Expansions: Invested effectively into expansions knowing that they are the way forward to boost our growth as an organisation Trainee Events : Happy interns=Better NPS Score=Delivering Quality experiences Effective cost cutting
  6. 6. Best Case Practices • Finance Team • Diwali Gifts • EPIC , Trainee Events and Global Conclave • Documentation and Book keeping practises • Investments in Expansions • RnRs • NEP • Finance Webster • MDP’s • Investments in membership and Training on a regular basis
  7. 7. Just A Glimpse
  8. 8. THANK YOU!