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Bd er '13 april lc day review


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Bd er '13 april lc day review

  1. 1. BD|ER ‘13 Review
  2. 2. What worked• Story Teller• NEP• March Recruitment• Talent Requirement / External Opportunities• MDP’s• .• New Structure• Department Culture• NexusCC• MLM• PODIO!
  3. 3. What dint work• P Box• March Recruitment• Member Retention• Funds Raised• Google Group
  4. 4. NEP & AR• New NEP Flat• 10/40 Realizations• Nexus for AR• Funds from AR• 50 iGCDP Raises from AR
  5. 5. Local Support Group• Personal Board Meeting [except J.A Chowdary]• CSG meetings• TSG meetings [To Happen]• Revamp of Board [In Progress]
  6. 6. Plan of Action• P Box Selling• ER & External Opportunities• Alumni Interaction• Support Groups-Additions & Revamp•
  7. 7. Targets vsAchievedAchieved - 3.12 LakhsReceivables - 55 kTo be Achieved 20 Lakhs
  8. 8. Thank You