AIESEC Hyderabad - Business Development Gyaan


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AIESEC Hyderabad - Business Development Gyaan

  1. 1. Business Development “Gyaan” August Local Congress 2012
  2. 2. We know exchange, but…do you exchange support?
  3. 3. Contents Introduction Role of BD-ER, what`s your understanding ? Job Role (specific) Synergy Things to know Few terms How you can go about it
  4. 4. Introduction Vision Statement: “To redefine processes & create associations for AIESEC Hyderabad with the external world for a sustainable future” Mission Statement:“Fund raising through multi dimensional ventures by ensuringstakeholders satisfaction with the aim of financial sustainability for external initiatives, thereby achieving the targets of the year – 14 Lakh”
  5. 5. Role of BD-ER what we can do for you• making the LC financially sustainable in its local environment• striking long term partnerships• innovating with Multi Dimensional Ventures• creating avenues for revenue for the LC• executing externally relevant events for AIESEC
  6. 6. Role of BD-ER what we can do for you• connecting AIESEC with the best possible personalities in the external world• value additions to our products• product re packaging• maintaining excellent CRM with all stakeholders• creating exchange opportunities for all AIESEC Programs (GCDP/GIP etc)
  7. 7. Job Role• Fund Raising• Event Based Sponsorship• General Sponsorships• Partnership Development• CRM Processes• In kind benefits• Market Research• Appointments• Innovations• Increasing Product Value
  8. 8. Job Role• Synergy Meets• Standard ER Operating Procedures (Cold call,Appt fixing, CRM, Documentation,etc• Attending External Forums• Attending External Events as an Organizer• Presentation & Facilitation Skills• Strategic thought• Adaptable Sales• Networking• Logistical Management• Implementation of ER Products• Media Relations (in synergy with C)
  9. 9. Synergy-how you can relate to BD• Corporate Sector – clientele being the first to buy products• Development Sector – expanding clientele, showcasing impact• Education Sector – MDPs, venues• Student Sector – travel partners• Marketing Sector – all in-kind partnerships, newsletter• Expansions – network
  10. 10. Things to know• Board of Advisers• Talent Support Group• Corporate Support Group• Popular Alumni
  11. 11. Few terms• MDP • NCEP• CSG • NBoA• TSG • MoU• ASG • MoA• BoA • KPI• NEP • CSF
  12. 12. How you can go about it• Sales Pitch (multi product pitch)• Sales Kit• Selling AIESEC as a brand• Knowing AIESEC Facts• Showcasing impact• At least 3 ER based appointments per week – the biggest learning!
  13. 13. Result “Immense contribution to the LC” And guess what ? its easy !!! If each one of you gets one client,Imagine the number of stakeholders AIESEC would have!
  14. 14. After all, all of you are..
  15. 15. AIESEC`ERs !
  16. 16. Please do get in touch with us for any clarifications/queries. Hope it helped ! 
  17. 17. Thank You Much Love,Young Money