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Project uday

  1. 1. Project UdayPlan Of ActionAkarsh Tekriwal
  2. 2. About AIESEC About UDAYStructure of the project Issues covered Road Map
  3. 3. What is AIESEC and Why do weneed it? AIESEC is the world’s LARGEST youth run organisation. It was formed after the world war II to mend relations between the countries. And guess, what is the best way to do that? Exchange. Because, the only way we can have peace on earth is by making people understand the world beyond the boundaries.
  4. 4. AIESEC in Numbers Founded in 1948 - 110 countries - 1,700 universities - 50,000+ members worldwide
  5. 5. What do we do?EXCHANGE! Events! Provide Leadership experience!
  6. 6. What is Uday? Project Uday is an initiative taken by AIESEC Pune to work with the YOUth of the city. To unite YOUth and sensitize to STOP nagging about the wrong and SET THEM RIGHT! The project works by spreading awareness ANDActivating the youth to make a tangible difference.
  7. 7. Ideology CorporateYouth Social institutions Synergizing and uniting WHY?? Physical Financial Intellectual Input Input Input
  8. 8. Stakeholders Youth - The project aims to bring the Youth together to work those 4 areas. NGO – The project partners with various NGOs to facilitate activities. Colleges and universities – The project sensitizes the management of the institutions to make them introduce changes in their campuses. Like, banning plastic bags, compulsory community services, etc Corporate – Engaging the companies in all activities to get financial support and involving their employees in the project.
  9. 9. Issues addressed
  10. 10. Health - POA Ayush Boot camps – These boot camps will be facilitated in the ngo centers that have partnered with Uday. Blood Bank – The Ayush boot camp will include a blood donation camp. We also plan to have donation centers in colleges amongst the other activities and other AIESEC Pune Events. Survey – A survey will be carried out professionally and will be added as a product for ER for the Pharma companies and other stakeholders.
  11. 11. Education AIESEC interns to government schools – The quality of English teachers in the government schools is below par. That is why, we plan to send out AIESEC interns to the government schools for at least 3 months with a pre planned teaching schedule. To create more impact, we will be sending a local intern along with our international intern. Happy hours – The environment of these schools is montonous and therefore we train the interns to carry out some activities that will change the environment of these schools and the attendance will improve.
  12. 12. Environment Rally - Rally with the help of campus amabassadors in student centric areas of the city. Distribution of plant saplings. Green in colleges and housing societies: Initiating eco friendly drives in the colleges and the housing societies. Tree plantation drive: This will be the closing of the rally. Collect people and get them to a central location and plant trees.
  13. 13. Governance Voter id – Going to colleges and spreading awareness on how to make voters id cards. RTI Awareness Anti corruption awareness camps. Newsletter on local government decisions and policy making.
  14. 14. Summary of activities Awareness activities Tangible activitiesCorruption CorruptionRTI PUCVoter id cards RTI and voter id cards supportLocal traffic rules and fines Newsletter on the local developmentsEnvironment HealthThe Eco-friendly way of life Blood Donation Ayush (Health camps) Strike on hunger(Free sandwiches) – A world record attempt. Education Volunteer drives for NGOs Environment Plantation drive + Rally Energy Audit Green initiative in colleges
  15. 15. Structure OCP OCVP OCVP Campus Campus ambassador Ambassador College College ambassador ambassador Volunteers
  16. 16. Job roles – UCA Planning and implementing activities in their campus. Recruiting college ambassadors. Managing college ambassadors. Membership of a task force. Taking college permissions. OVERALL HEAD OF THE CAMPUS.
  17. 17. Task Force Simuntaneously there will be three task forces that would be running1. External relations - ngo Partnership2. Business Development - Fundraising3. Marketing and communication - Branding