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AIESEC Academy | RaMaRe

  1. 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Objective:     The objective for this manual is to learn about the three main activities for iGCDP that are: raising, matching and realizing an internship. With this manual the student will learn the main activities and goals for each step (raising, matching and realize an exchange), the documents that has to be fill, how to engage with the internship taker to accept a volunteer in their organization or project, raise projects for each local committee, find a suitable exchange participant that fulfill the internship, help with immigration status according with AIESEC policies and finally reception and presentation with the internship taker. Mentor: Lucía Armorel Frausto Villegas An AIESECer since 2010 and actually is Mexican Consultancy Board AIESEC Mexico 2013 for iGCDP: Knowledge and Process. Content: 1. Introduction 2. Raising a TN form 3. Matching a TN form 4. Realize a TN form
  2. 2. Follow-up In case of questions, doubts contact Juan José Perez Siete: Lucia Armorel Frausto Villegas:     Content: 1. Introduction The next three steps are the basis steps that every local committee has to be done to raise an internship at and every step have a lot of preparation so in every step I will attached another ppt because to raise-match and realize an internship have a lot of steps. Before this three steps you have to plan: segmentation, which are the suitable internship takers, sales strategy, testimonials, approach and be prepare to be ask a lot of questions about the internship and legal stuff; be confident that doing this preparation will impact in someone’s life. When the internship taker (e.g. NGO) can receive a volunteer for a period of time (iGCDP: 6 to 12 weeks) their has to fill a job questionairre and explain with are the activities or job description that the volunteer or intern has to fulfill, which will be ammenities and what the intern will gain professionally. 2. Raising a TN form: This is the first step online when a local committee raise an internship form on the platform (, raising an internship form has technical steps, which I will attached, a ppt explain step by step. Raising an internship form include: add the contact information for the internship taker, upload all the job descriptions and add the measurable results, preparation before the internship, what are other details of working (the internship taker will pay a salary or instead they will bring accommodation, food and local travel expenses) and additional information about Immigration services and medial insurance, starting and ending dates, work information (issues, targets, work hours, payment) this sections are important for the volunteer because the volunteer will go abroad. This section has to be clear for all parts because this is the main contract with the internship taker and the intern. The internship form will pass an audit so the internship form will be clear for the exchange participants and attractive to apply then this internship form will pass from new to available and ready to be match. 3. Matching a TN form This is the step when we have the internship form available and ready to find a suitable exchange participant, at have many tools (available form tracker, DAAL, browse internship, supply & demand) that help the internship
  3. 3. manager to find the exchange participants. With this tools you have to find the exchange participants that gather the academic backgrounds, skills, languages and starting date to match your internship form sometimes is a bit difficult to find the exchange participants but if you use this tools you are guaranteed to find a suitable intern. There are many ways to reach the exchange participants: send emails promoting your internship form, promote the internship form on social media, reach to another countries that have the interns supply, start international cooperation’s with target countries that may have the supply needed. The process are: reach to suitable exchange participants, interview them, filter the interviews, send the best candidates to the internship taker so they will make a decision, if the internship taker need more candidates you will interview more candidates so finally the internship taker will choose the best then the internship manager and the exchange participant will exchange acceptance notes (in this acceptance notes the NGO or internship taker accept the exchange participant to realize the internship and deliver all the job descriptions and additional information also the exchange participant agrees to accept the internship and fulfill the job description and duration). The acceptance notes exchanges it has to be done in less than ten days if anyone of the parts exceed this period of time the internship could be broken so this is a crucial step, be aware of this and when you have both acceptance notes with signatures and stamps the internship manager will change the internship status from available to match at following this steps: login, click on AIESEC programs, click on team leader, click on quick match then you will fill the gaps according the EP and TN ID and finally change the match. Another step in matching an internship form is to collect and send important documents to the internship taker to the intern (its called intern when the exchange participant have been accepted for an internship), this documents are if the intern will have to tramit a tourist visa or another type of visa needed for the country but this kind of information its part of the internship manager to explain if the intern need a special document to enter the country for example in AIESEC Mexico the iGCDP intern can enter Mexico as a tourist but there are many countries that need a tourist visa, the internship manager will check what kind of document the intern need and send invitation letters if they need one. The internship manager or the matching-reception member of iGCDP will help the intern to know the country reality, intern expectations, country booklets, Skype meetings to inform what the intern will need. 4. Realize a TN form This is the final step of the internship at the intern first day of work, this mean that the internship is realize and the intern is working at the NGO or company; the internship manager will introduce both parts and explain carefully the job descriptions, rules so both parts agree also the internship manager will be tracking the intern performance and also local committee integration that means that the
  4. 4. intern will know the local committee activities, with this action we engage the intern to take another internship or be involve in the local committee back home and take another kind of leadership as a member. At the end of the internship is recommended to make survey to ensure a re-raised or improve next internship. Also the internship manager will change the TN status from match to realize using following the next steps: login to, click on AIESEC programs, click on Team Leader, Manage exchange experiences, Click on change form status and then fill the gaps according to the TN ID.