AIESEC Academy | Selling to NGO's


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AIESEC Academy | Selling to NGO's

  1. 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Objective:     The objective for this manual is to learn about what is a NGO and how can they work with AIESEC applying for an internship in this way the NGO will accept an exchange participant for a period of time. With this manual the student is spected to learn how can a NGO and AIESEC will work together and how can an internship or an alliance can be built. What are the main benefits of working together and make a positive impact on society. Mentor: Lucía Armorel Frausto Villegas An AIESECer since 2010 and actually is Mexican Consultancy Board AIESEC Mexico 2013 for iGCDP: Knowledge and Process. Content: 1. Introduction 2. What it is a NGO? 3. How can we engage the NGOs in working along with AIESEC? 4. Past projects involving NGOs and AIESEC
  2. 2. Follow-up In case of questions, doubts contact Juan José Perez Siete MC VP iGCDP 2013 AIESEC Mexico Lucia Armorel Frausto Villegas MCB1- Knowledge and Process AIESEC Mexico             Content: 1. Introduction In the past years, AIESEC Mexico worked with NGOs as an internship taker that means that the NGO´s needed internationals volunteers to work in their organizations, the feedback was outstanding that AIESEC Mexico started a national project focusing in that: NGOs and AIESEC will work along to get volunteers and make positive impact on Mexican society but unfortunately the NGOs doesn´t have enough budget to keep this trend so this amazing project is decreasing, but a few local committees are keeping this project. 2. What it is a NGO? A NGO is a Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are legally constituted corporations created by natural or legal people that operate independently from any form of government. The term originated from the United Nations, and normally refers to organizations that are not a part of a government and are not conventional for-profit businesses. In the cases in which NGOs are funded totally or partially by governments, the NGO maintains its non-governmental status by excluding government representatives from membership in the organization. In the United States, NGOs are typically nonprofit organizations. The term is usually applied only to organizations that pursue wider social aims that have political aspects, but are not openly political organizations such as political parties. The World Bank classifies NGOs as either operational NGOs, which are primarily concerned with development projects, or advocacy NGOs, which are primarily concerned with promoting a cause. NGOs are organizations that work in many different fields, but the term is generally associated with those seeking social transformation and improvements in quality of life.
  3. 3. 3. How can we engage the NGOs in working along with AIESEC? The NGOs are profit-free and their main goal is to help others with their work in specific sectors around the world, this organizations need sponsorships to keep their goals to help others or to keep the NGO alive in this case AIESEC and the NGOs can work together because AIESEC can bring volunteers to work with them improving the NGO or working in a specific field that the NGO will need for a specific period of time. The NGO and AIESEC work for the a main goal: positive impact this is the main driver which can be engage the NGOs and making sure that the volunteer will bring a plus to the organization. The NGO will bring to all the AIESEC volunteers or exchange participants: accommodation, local travel expenses and food for all the internship and pay a small payment fee to enroll AIESEC programs; this small payment fee is tax deductible. 4. Past projects involving NGOs and AIESEC On the past years, AIESEC Mexico worked with NGOs to bring volunteers to work on their organization and the project was born: Impacting, this project is based for the development, growth, sustainability, professionalism and approach for the NGOs to improve their impact capacity on their reality. This project begun in 2010 when AIESEC launched Impacting when both parts will gain positive impact in their reality, the NGO will gain volunteers to work on their organizations and the volunteers will gain professional experience in another country and increase their resume. Each NGO will raise internships in these backgrounds: Marketing, Public Relationships, Communication, Business Administration, Introduction to Project Management, Psychology, Social background and Health. The duration was six to twelve weeks so the intern will start or improve a project at the NGO; this national project raised many internships and the interns will promote the project at the local AIESEC committees. This national project is slowly decreasing mainly because the NGOs doesn´t have enough money to keep this projects alive or doesn´t have the operations to work with AIESEC and sometimes the NGO can´t fulfill the requirements.