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AIESEC Academy | How to be the Best EP Manager


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AIESEC Academy | How to be the Best EP Manager

  1. 1. Objectives • Learn what the JD of the EP manager is • Learn what kind of servicing they should give Mentor • Ana Cristina Huerta Munguía • VP OGX 2013 in León, México • MCB IT 2014
  2. 2. What is an EP Manager? They take care of the EP’s, providing them servicing. Depending on the chosen structure they can take care of the EP from the RB to REALIZED. Also are in charge of promoting diverse TN opportunities, as well as finding TN’s that may be of the interest for the specific EP’s. RA MA RE
  3. 3. An EP’s Manager job stops when the EP finish her/his internship RA PODIO and answering EP’s questions are during the whole process MA RE Tasks • Contact the EP • Gather documents (passport, EP contract, Payment receipt) • Create EP form and teach how to look for internship • PODIO* • Change EP status: NEW  AVAILABLE • Follow up! • Tracking of the match • Provide TN’s and opportunities • Make sure that the EP goes to an OPS • Gather Documents (EP AN, TN AN) • Gather Documents (Visa, Insurance) • Contact TN Manager • Follow up during internship
  4. 4. Do’s and Don’ts Always be polite Reply to them fast! No more than 24 hours Be professional Send one offer per day Provide important information ON TIME Give them tools for matching Use international cooperation ASK Be patience To ensure quality, do not have more than 6 EP’s at the same time
  5. 5. Key to success Remember that you are dealing with PEOPLE
  6. 6. In case of any question, feel free to contact me E-mail: Skype ID: anacrishuerta