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Customer Flow Understanding


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This PPT is about understanding customers & our customer flow and how can we focus on improving its efficiency

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Customer Flow Understanding

  1. 1. Customer Flow
  2. 2. Objectives -Clear understanding of the stages of Customer Flow. -Understanding the main bottlenecks at which stages of the customer flow. - International Relations Role within Customer Flow. -Customer Centricity & Putting the customer in the center of what we do.
  3. 3. What is a Customer Flow?
  4. 4. Example of a customer flow
  5. 5. What makes a customerflow efficient? Great Customer Service Faster Way to get the service
  6. 6. What makes a customer flow inefficient? Bad Customer Service Slow processes
  7. 7. Customers
  8. 8. So what is our Customer Flow?
  9. 9. ATTR ATTRACTION CONS CONSIDERATION VALUE DELIVERY VD Brand ADVOCACY* ADV stranger visitor Customer Promoter LEAD Open In Progress Match ReintegratedRealized Complete Customer Profile Customer Status 1 2 3 4 Customer Flow Phase
  10. 10. S&S
  11. 11. Attraction -Learn more about AIESEC -Understand how they benefit his personal goals. -Check Credibility -Convince Parents VisitorStranger -Make a Profile on OP -Understand Application Process -Search for Suitable Opportunities; Get as much information about Opp. as possible -Apply Consideration In-Progress -Take RB with sending Entity. Accepted -Search for Opp. Not Accepted -Get Feedback -End Match -Complete Formalities and Finalize Details -Start Preparation for the Program -GTK Other Program/Project Participants -Book travel & -Get Insurance/ Vaccination/ Visa Done -Receive all possible logistical information -Iincluding crisis management information (Crisis communication channels and XPP clauses) -Travel Ideal Customer Flow
  12. 12. Value Delivery -Understand & experience Host Environment (Living & Work-Place) -Work & Learn in the Org/Project -Involved with International & Local AIESEC Community; Engage with HE activities -Stay Connected back home | Share stories and experience in real-time -Experience culture and place -Last Days: Reflect on learning and impact created. Get Professional Feedback. Realized Complete Depart & Travel Back -Share the Experience -Provide Feedback End AIESEC Take another Program Brand Advocacy Re-Integrated -GTK More Opportunities in AIESEC -Proactively shares his/her experience | Wants their social circle members to take up the XP -Signs Up for another program Ideal Customer Flow
  13. 13. What kind of activities are done at each stage?
  14. 14. Attraction Offline Promotion such as University Stands, university Events, Class shouts & etc.. Online promotion through Facebook groups and LCs fan pages. IXP Referrals (Friends) VisitorStranger Consideration In-Progress -Having Review Board. -Choosing project within country / LC partnerships -Having a Skype meeting with Hosting entity. - Paying EP Fee Approved -Conducting OPs and preparing EPs for travelling -informing EPs about contacts within Hosting Entity & sending entity. -Contacting Hosting Entity to make sure about preparation for hosting the EP. -Contacting EPs to make sure they have Visa & Flight tickets & insurance. - Managing Visa issues cases. - Phone Call / Email to EP as a first contact. - Giving brief information to the EP about AIESEC and Global Citizen & inviting EPs for Review Boards.
  15. 15. Value Delivery - Contacting EPs to asses their satisfaction within their internship. - Collecting promotional materials from EPs. - Managing cases sent by EPs. Realized Complete Contacting and inviting EPs to attend RIS. Take a feedback about their internship Brand Advocacy Re-Integrated -Conducting a re- integration seminar. -Offering EPs new offers either to join AIESEC or take another internship ( GCDP – GIP ).
  16. 16. Where is our main bottleneck?
  17. 17. Attraction In-Progress Match Realized -Phone Calls -Sending E-mails -RB -EPs looking for Opp on EXPA -Sending Opp to EPs -Calling EPs to apply for Opp - Taking EP fees - Calling EPs to attend Ops - Organizing Opses - Ensuring EPs buying tickets, applying for Visa, etc… - Managing Cases - Receiving Materials from EPs
  18. 18. How can we fix that?
  19. 19. First We need to understand our Customers….
  20. 20. Activity Time
  21. 21. What should we ask our customersabout? -How did you get to know about AIESEC? -What attracted you to take our opportunities? -How was contact with AIESEC representative? --When did you get contacted after you applied? -How was the Review Board? -How was the process of finding a project and how do you assess it? How much time from finding the opportunity until you got accepted in a project and you paid the program fee? - What was difficult in the process and why it was difficult? -What do you think needs to be improved in our processes? -How was your outgoing preparation seminar? -Did an AIESEC representative contact you during the experience and after you came back from your Experience? -Did your GC experience meet your expectations before travelling? -What did you like about your experience? -Would you recommend the experience for your friends ? -From 1 to 10 how do you assess AIESEC Global Citizen volunteering experience?
  22. 22. Conclusions -What our customers like about us? - Support from hosting entity - OPS was a good idea. - The matching process was quick she was matched the same day she applied. - She gave for Hosting entity 10 and sending 2 because o OPs. - He had a faster matching process. - He really liked the contact from SE - He give the project 8. - She had a good contact with EP manager because it was her friend. - They like that during GC they become part of the country not a tourist. - She liked support from HE - She gave 10 for the internship - She went for GC to do something useful in her vacation. - She didn’t have problem in contact because she was an AIESECer. - She gave 9 to the internship. - Contact with EP manager was good - She gave 10 for SE, HE is 5. - Her project helped her in improving her English Skills. - She liked EXPA because of info that was there. - She liked her project because she got exposed to different environment. - She knew about AIESEC because of her friend, she decided to go because she likes travelling. - She gave SE 9. -What customers didn’t like about us? - She didn’t get info about logistics and practical information more than attitudes during travelling. - She needed support in documents. - She got matched offline. - She broke the contact after OPs. - He didn’t get a reply after appyling on EXPA so he had to contact HE by himself. - Not clear information about of the project.(Dates, logistics, Costs, Etc..) - She didn’t like that she was left alone in finding the opportunity on EXPA. - The OPs was organized too late for her internship and the info in OPs wasn’t enough. - She didn’t have a contact with EP manager during realization. - She had a problem in different info in Jd than what she actually did. - She expected voulntering work more than self development. - She didn’t get a reply after applying for Opportunitiy, so she applied on facebook. - She didn’t have Ops. - She didn’t like difference between JD on expa and what she actually did. - She didn’t know about AIESEC before her GC. - Meetings werent well prepared (RIS, OPs). - She didn’t have an info session before getting matched. - She didn’t like her project because it wasn’t prepared and she had to prepare the materials by herself. - She was looking for Opps by herself, she was matched in 1 month. - She wanted to be called instead of E-mail after her internship to tell about her story.
  23. 23. Based on Customers inputs how can we improve our customer flow?
  24. 24. Sit in 2 Groups Come up with one idea how to improve our customer flow? Activity
  25. 25. Sum up Great Service for Customers is a must The faster way your customers get the service the more happy they are Customer Flow needs constant Development based on Customer Needs. You should always listen to your Customers. Work on Standards and Satidfaction