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How to manage a diverse team

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How to manage a diverse team

  1. 1. Managing Diverse Teams
  2. 2. What has been your biggestlearning from a team experience?
  3. 3. What are the challenges that you have facedwhile working in a team?
  4. 4. What are your expectations from your team?
  5. 5. To actively contribute to the team and to be recognized fortheir contributions.To be judged fairly and to be recognized and rewarded for ourperformance.To be given the opportunity to develop their abilities.To be treated professionally and respectfully by othermembers of our team.To be valued as unique individuals.
  6. 6. A leader needs to recognize the diversityof each team member and achieve unityof common goals without destroying theuniqueness of any person.“Find the best in everybody. Wait longenough, and people will surprise and impressyou.” - Randy Pausch
  7. 7. The Five Biggest Traps To Avoid WhenLeading a Diverse Team
  8. 8. 1. Not Valuing Differences
  9. 9. 2. Failure to Create an InclusiveEnvironment
  10. 10. 3. Stereotyping
  11. 11. 4. Not Modeling the Expected Behaviors
  12. 12. 5. Failure to Coach
  13. 13. Tips for ManagingCulturally Diverse Teams
  14. 14. Misconceptions and MisunderstandingsLanguage is essential to communication yetit can cause many misunderstandings. Just because people speak English don’tassume that it’s as easy for them tocommunicate as it is for native speakers.
  15. 15. Behaving DifferentlyBe considerate and tolerant of cultural differences.These can be habits, or beliefs, body language, orways of speaking. What may seem strange in somecultures can be normal in others
  16. 16. Understand the DifferencesGet to know and understand the variouscultures on the team.Respect different opinions and viewpoints.
  17. 17. Zero Tolerance to DiscriminationSometimes discrimination can be subtle. It can be in theform of jokes or general comments. What can seemfunny to some can be hurtful to others, so it’s importantto stop can behaviour which could be viewed asdiscriminative to someone else.
  18. 18. Being Team PlayersEveryone on the team should feel they are animportant part and that they are contributing tothe team’s success. Check that no one is beingfrequently being interrupted, ignored or over-ruled by others in the team.
  19. 19. How can you as a Leadermake a team out ofdiverse individuals?
  20. 20. Develop an atmosphere in which it issafe for all members to ask for help.
  21. 21. Actively seek information from peoplefrom a variety of backgrounds andcultures in order to develop a broadpicture.
  22. 22. Include everyone in the problemsolving and decision making process.
  23. 23. Include people who are differentthan you in informal gatheringssuch as lunch, coffee breaks andspur of the moment meetings.
  24. 24. Respect differences.Don’t assume that different waysof working are wrong.
  25. 25. Be self-aware.Think about how your own backgroundsteers your working style: what youconsider the normal may not seem normalto others.
  26. 26.  Appreciate people as individuals,rather than stereotyping them byculture or generation.
  27. 27.  Understand different communicationstyles and foster good communication.
  28. 28. Let people know constructively if theirbehaviour – for example, jokes,recruitment or communication style – isdamaging inclusion.
  29. 29. Don’t just assume that everyone willgel along to the same extent.
  30. 30. Food for Thought:Talented individuals bring differentperspectives and ideas to theworkplace. Its a leaders job to attractand retain them. Avoiding the fivetraps can move diverse teams to theirhighest level of performance.
  31. 31. Remember the Titans : finalspeech

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