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Lead-The power of story telling


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Lead-The power of story telling

  1. 1. The Power Of Story Telling
  2. 2. When you are a leader and you become a very successful Person, Your life stops being an Event, and starts becoming a Story
  3. 3. What is Leadership for YOU??
  4. 4. You don’t sell the idea or the product but you always sell The Story behind the product.
  5. 5. Story is nothing but words or text with Soul.
  6. 6. When you’re conversing with coworkers, customers, or investors, the richness and meaning of your story is what people really buy. Everybody thinks it’s the return on investment that you’re selling…but it’s really the story about ROI that an investor takes away. —Tom Durel former CIO /SVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield and former CEO , Oceania
  7. 7. What is Your Story of Life?
  8. 8. If I were an author, could you sell me your story?
  9. 9. I had to know and understand my own story before I could listen to and help other people with theirs. -Barack Obama 44th President of USA
  10. 10. Believe in yourself. And stop trying to convince others. - DE LA VEGA NY C Street Artist/Philosopher
  11. 11. WHY do I need a story for my life?
  12. 12. How does it help my Leadership?
  13. 13. People don’t want more information. They are up to their eyeballs in information. They want faith—faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell… Once people make your story their story, you have tapped into the powerful force of faith. --Annette Simmons Author, The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion Through the Art of Storytelling
  14. 14. Leaders lead by telling stories that give others permission to lead, not follow.
  15. 15. Leadership is Branding, Leader himself/herself is a Brand.
  16. 16. A brand is far more than just a name, a logo, or a tagline; it’s the stories that people tell about you.
  17. 17. Does it Mean I should CREATE a story? Wouldn’t that be a Lie?
  18. 18. Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives —the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change— truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts. - Salman Rushdie Novelist
  19. 19. At any point in life I can say, “I don’t want my story to end like this”
  20. 20. Its all about creating a New Story, Creating a new Brand- Writing a New Conclusion and then fill the pages between to make sure that conclusion is met.
  21. 21. Great stories agree with our world view. The best stories don’t teach people anything new. Instead, the best stories agree with what the audience already believes and makes the members of the audience feel smart and secure when reminded how right they were in the first place. Seth Godin Author, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
  22. 22. So what is the USE of all this?
  23. 23. So now answer these Questions!
  24. 24. So now write a new Story for your next 6 months. You as a Leader, as a Brand, and your Leadership.
  25. 25. So now if AIESEC Ahmedabad was a BOOK and YOU were the Author, how will you write the story??
  26. 26. Write a Conclusion for AIESEC in Ahmedabad at end of 2013. Create a Story.!
  27. 27. Thank You Dey! Thank You AIESEC in Ahmedabad