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B3 L1

  1. 1. He is brave . He defeated Japan in World War II. He is an everlasting hero in Americans’ heart. He is an American. Lesson One
  2. 2. He always smoked his favorite pipe . He was once the cover man on Time magazine .
  3. 3. Can you guess who he is?!
  4. 4. Yes !! He is General Douglas MacArthur . Yes !! Let's get to know more about him now.
  5. 5. He was born in 1880. He is 126 years old from now. MacArthur’s birthplace is … Arkansas (The Natural State). 阿肯色州 ( 我們稱之為自然之州 )
  6. 6. His father was General Arthur MacArthur Jr. , who was also a soldier. As Douglas MacArthur was a kid, he wanted to be a brave soldier just like his father .
  7. 7. Here is the view of MacArthur’s hometown in Arkansas.
  8. 8. When MacArthur was 19, he entered one of the most famous military schools in the world – West Point .
  9. 9. Here is the location of West Point . (New York State) Let’s know more about West Point.
  10. 10. It is known as “The Long Gray Line" because of the color of cadet uniforms is gray. ( 實習軍官制服 ) West Point uniform --
  11. 11. West Point is also known as the U nited S tates M ilitary A cademy . (U.S.M.A.) This is the school logo . The school motto( 校訓 ) is… Country Honor Duty
  12. 12. Douglas MacArthur became the principal of West Point when he was 39 years old.
  13. 13. MacArthur became the General in the Philippines when he was 56. He loves the Philippines. That is his second home. He once said to people in the Philippines,“ I shall return .” before he returned to America. We can know how deeply he likes this country.
  14. 14. Don’t be confused with “ I will be back .” It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger who said this in the movie “Terminator.” But …
  15. 15. In World War II, Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor and the Philippines. In 1941, MacArthur was 61 years old then. He was the Commander in Chief of Southwestern Pacific Area. He fought against Japan with the Republic of China .
  16. 16. Finally, Japan surrendered when MacArthur was 65. He accepted the surrender for USA. That is he!!
  17. 17. When he was 70, communists in North Korea invaded South Korea. MacArthur almost succeeded in defeating North Korea.
  18. 18. But the American President Truman ( 杜魯門 ) wanted MacArthur(71 years old) to stop fighting against communists and return to U.S.A. right away. Why?! Because during that time, Americans were tired of war, the President did this for winning the citizens’ trust so that he could be President again in the next election. So, Korea was still split into two countries. President Truman So are Taiwan and Mainland China.
  19. 19. MacArthur was welcomed by all Americans just like a hero when back to America. He delivered a speech at American Council ( 國會 ), and said an everlasting saying, “ Old soldiers never die; they just fade away .” The old soldier finally became an ordinary citizen. - 老兵不死,只是逐漸凋零 -
  20. 20. Douglas MacArthur died in 1964. He was at the age of 84. MacArthur’s Memorial
  21. 21. “ General MacArthur’s Prayer for His Son” is one of the most famous articles in America, which was written in World War II.
  22. 22. The son the prayer is mentioned is Arthur MacArthur, the only son of General Douglas MacArthur. Under the father’s expectation, are you curious about how little Arthur’s life was? But.. Let's find it out !
  23. 23. Beloved Father’s prayer and expectation became a “ huge pressure ”??
  24. 24. As a distinguished General’s son, little Arthur also entered West Point, but he didn’t finish the academy. After quitting school, he lost contact with family. He did many jobs, but all not for long. Under pressure, he decided to change his name and never mentioned he was Douglas MacArthur’s son.
  25. 25. No one knew where he was. At last…
  26. 26. So, always try your best!! But never put too much pressure on yourself!! See you next time.