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JPS Web Design


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York website design, web development, internet solutions provided by JPS Web Design in Yorkshire. Low Cost, affordable bespoke packages, built to your budget. E-commerce, shopping cart websites, graphic and logo design, online and email marketing and search engine optimisation.

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JPS Web Design

  1. 1. Website Us :- 0845 388 670Website : - Email Id: -
  2. 2. About UsJPS Web Design is a company based in Wilberfoss near Pocklington on theoutskirts of York, North Yorkshire. We provide all different types of websitesfor all different types of businesses. We are a customer friendly and helpfulbusiness and thrive upon holding a strict standard of conduct, design, andcustomer relations.We understand that web design can be expensive, so we offer custompackages, which means we can offer designs that meet your own personalbudget. We can build anything for your company, from small web pagewebsites, to complete website development and fully integrated and securee-commerce websites.Website : - Email Id: -
  3. 3. Our PortfolioWebsite : - Email Id: -
  4. 4. Our servicesBudget WebsitesWebsite DesignCMS WebsitesE-Commerce WebsitesSEO / MarketingWebsite MaintenanceWebsite : - Email Id: -
  5. 5. Budget WebsitesJPS Web Design appreciate that website design can be a very costly processespecially when advanced software and applications are required. However if yourafter a basic website package, to show your business on the internet we can offeryou a package at an affordable rate. All our work is usually priced on time however,because a basic website build can be a quick and easy process we can thereforereduce the cost dramatically and as such pass the benefits to you.With our basic package you can have a custom website to suit your business styleand image and still make a good presence on the internet. The great thing with allour packages is you can add extra applications to your site at any time so if yourbusiness requires a website to a budget why not start with a basic package and justadd your extra packages at a later stage.Website : - Email Id: -
  6. 6. Website DesignJPS Web Design realises that the overall look of your website is crucial toyour company succeeding on the Internet. We understand that you requirean aesthetic and professional layout that appeals to your target audience. Itneeds to stand out from all other websites in your market field. Your websiteneeds to be designed in a way which is easy to use, but must also bepleasing to the eye. It needs to have something more than your average,everyday website.The design of your website can influence your customer’s first impression ofyour company. It will influence whether the customer wants to spend timelooking into what your company has to offer. It will also help your customersdecide whether they want to use your company in the future.Website : - Email Id: -
  7. 7. Website : - Email Id: - WebsitesJPS Web Design understands that keeping a website up to date can be a difficultprocess. A Content Management System can help you run your website in a waywhich makes this process much easier. Opting for this type of system will allow youto have an admin panel to add, edit, delete, and manage your own website. You willbe able to log on to your website to change details which will allow it to be up todate at all times.You will not need to contact your web designer every time you need to changedetails on your website.If you’re in need of a CMS website, your web designer willanalyse your business to see how we can incorporate this type of system into yourwebsite to improve the way you work. We can even vary how much control eachmember of your staff has to your website.
  8. 8. E-Commerce WebsitesAn ECommerce website is a website that includes a secure shopping cart.This makes the overall online shopping experience an easy and safe option.Customers will return to your site again and again secure in the knowledgethat their details will be treat in a confidential and secure way, which intoday’s climate is crucial with online sales.Internet shopping has become an everyday method of purchasing items. Itis an easy, stress free method of shopping from the comfort of your ownhome. However, whilst increasing the accessibility to items, online salesalso increased the chance of credit card fraud and identity theft. It is,therefore, essential to protect your website and it’s users.Website : - Email Id: - : - Email Id: -
  9. 9. SEO / MarketingTo be able to obtain those crucial sales, you will need your website to be rankedabove others. The Internet is constantly becoming more and more competitive, soachieving this is becoming more and more difficult. JPS Web Design offeraffordable search engine optimisation campaigns to provide great results to yourwebsite and ensure you are obtaining the maximum possible visits to your site.When you search on any search engine such as Yahoo, Google, Bing etc if youwish that your business could appear with the other companies that are aiming atthe same target audience as your business then you are in the right place.SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is basically the term used for increasing therelevance of your website to key words related to your business. Google recognisesthese words in order to rank your website against other websites in your genre.Website : - Email Id: -
  10. 10. Website MaintenanceAs the Internet is used more and more often, websites need to be updated regularlyto ensure they use the most modern techniques to attract users. If your sitebecomes outdated, your target audience will not return. To prevent this fromhappening to you, JPS Web Design offer several support and maintenancepackages which will make sure you get the most from your website. Contact us tofind out about how we can help your business. We offer the following differentpackages:SEO CampaignsContent WritingE-Commerce SupportComplete Website supportCustom Banner Advert DesignWebsite : - Email Id: -
  11. 11. ContactJPS Web DesignYork, North Yorkshire Us :- 0845 388 670Website : - Email Id: -