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We offers wide range of LifeSize audio/video conference equipment like lifesize room, lifesize team, lifesize express, lifesize passport, lifesize cameras, lifesize control, lifesize gateway, lifesize multipoint, lifesize transit, lifesize networker, lifesize bridge, lifesize gatekeeper, lifesize phone. Call us or quote for a product.

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  • LifeSize was the first company to deliver high definition video communications products. Since then other entrants have attempted to introduce similar offerings or high-end telepresence suites, but LifeSize offers the very best price-to-performance on the market. With LifeSize Room intended for large, geographically distributed participants in multiple locations and LifeSize Team geared for smaller, remote project groups, LifeSize is able to provide organizations of all sizes a high quality, high performance, cost-effective high definition video communications experience. Buy high definition video communications products at
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LifeSize Team & LifeSize Room

  1. 1. Videoconference-equipment.comis arrogant <br />to publicize Lifesize Team as well as Lifesize Room. They have been at the forefront of web development and have revolutionized the concept of video conferencing and have taken it to the next level by introducing high definition (HD) video conference systems and bringing the world of clarity, richness and sharpness to the world and making video conferencing more engaging and lively, increasing productivity as well as cutting down on travel expenditures to attend sales calls to meet business partners or clients and customers. Lifesize has renewed and injected new life through its use of high definition video conference systems which are quickly replacing standard definition video conferencing systems for the more eye-candy high definition ones.<br />
  2. 2. Lifesize continues to improve its video conference equipment by introducing newer and innovative technologies that are suitable and appeal to a wide range of customers looking for easy and effective video conferencing solutions that will satisfy their needs for workgroup conferencing and enhance overall business productivity. The two star products by Lifesize in this category are Lifesize Room and Lifesize Team both geared for conventional as well as workgroup video conferencing as well.<br />The Lifesize Room is Full HD video conference equipment that gives you the best video quality in the simplest solution possible. Offering resolutions as high as 1080p at 30 frames per second provides the highest visual quality giving you an almost real-life experience and giving you the illusion that you are having a face to face conversation. The Lifesize Room also comes packaged with HD cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom giving you the flexibility to focus on your subjects with ease. The HD audio system in the Lifesize Room is crystal clear providing high fidelity sound and removing any background noise from the audio feed making this audio conferencing equipment easy to handle and use. Last but not least due to Lifesize’s commitment to support open architecture, the video conference equipment can easily be integrated into existing infrastructure making the Lifesize Room very flexible video conference equipment.<br />
  3. 3. Next is the Lifesize Team which is basically geared towards workgroup video conferencing that is improving communication and working efficiency between project managers and their teams that will improve their productivity. With 720p and a frame rate of 30 frames per second this Lifesize video conference equipment provides a natural and intuitive video display with dual high definition and camera support digital input and output connections and an embedded multi-point control unit (MCU) with dual microphones. As is same with the Lifesize Room its cameras too support panning, tilting and zooming in features plus the same open architecture is available with the Lifesize Team allowing it to be integrated with existing infrastructure so that it remains flexible and a versatile video conference equipment.<br />Contact Us<br />Clary Business Machines Co.<br />10360 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite C<br />San Diego, CA 92121<br />Phone: (800) 992-5279<br />Fax: (858) 552-0910<br />Email:<br />Website:<br />