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Social media for my institution week one


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Wednesday, 10/19/2016 - Wednesday, 11/9/2016
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This course has been re-scheduled from a previous date.

This course is for librarians who want to explore the institutional application of social media. Based on the established academic course at St. Cloud State University “Social Media in Global Context" (more information at ). A theoretical introduction will assist participants to detect and differentiate the private use of social media from the structured approach to social media for an educational institution. Legal and ethical issues will be discussed, including future trends and management issues. The course will include hands-on exercises on creation and dissemination of textual and multimedia content and patrons’ engagement. Brainstorming on suitable for the institution strategies regarding resources, human and technological, workload share, storytelling, and branding.

This is a blended format web course:

The course will be delivered as 4 separate live webinar lectures, one per week on Webnesdays, October 19, 26, November 2, and 9 at 2pm Central. You do not have to attend the live lectures in order to participate. The webinars will be recorded and distributed through the web course platform, Moodle for asynchronous participation. The web course space will also contain the exercises and discussions for the course.

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Social media for my institution week one

  1. 1. Social Media For My Institution; from “mine” to “ours” Resolving the basics: definitions, delineations, tools, goals and roles October 19-26 #LITA_SM_week1; #institutionalSM; #SMtools
  2. 2. Plan and contact info  Covering the basics:  Why social media is needed and why in education  Working definition of “social media” for education, library in particular  Working definition of “institutional social media”  Establishing the differences between private and institutional use of social media  Determining the selection of social media tools for our institution Plamen Miltenoff 320-308-3072 /pmiltenoff/faculty/
  3. 3. The basics: Why social media?  How Millennials use and control social media  Best and worst time for each SM tool to be employed
  4. 4. The basics: Why in education?
  5. 5. The basics: Why in academic library?  It is not about learning the tool only. It is about learning a mentality, subculture…
  6. 6. Class assignment 1. Take the poll: 1) do you think social media can benefit the library; 2) do you think social media does not have place in the library 3) Indifferent either way 2. Based on your previous knowledge, provide a short opinion about the role [if any] of social media in the library. Post your opinion in the discussion section. 3. Read other responses and share your comments
  7. 7. The basics: Social media literacy social-media-literacy-is-the-most-important-thing-we-can-teach-our-kids
  8. 8. The basics: What is institutional social media How do we determine institutional social media How do we discriminate between personal and institutional social media
  9. 9. Class assignment 1. Based on your previous knowledge and experience from your institution, please share in one paragraph your opinion about the institutional use of social media at your place 2. Read other responses and share your comments
  10. 10. The basics: What is institutional social media  How does institutional social media differ from private use of social media  Which social media tools do we consider for our institution? usage-of-social-media-by-teens-today-pew-study-results.png
  11. 11. Weekly assignment  Reflect in 1-3 paragraphs your opinion about the character of social medial: do you think social media for private use differs from social media for institutional use and why.  Identify the 3-5 social media tolls, which you believe will serve best the strategic goals of your library and, respectively, your institution.  In a short paragraph, outline the sources, one can rely on when determining the selection of social media tools and determining the strategic use of social media
  12. 12. Contact info  Plamen Miltenoff, Ph.D., MLIS  Professor  320-308-3072  