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SCSU Augmented Reality Library Tour


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LITA 2018 forum
discussion on the use of VR and AR in library settings and academic use of eXtended Reality

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SCSU Augmented Reality Library Tour

  1. 1. Video 360, Augmented Reality Gaming and Gamification in the Library 2018 LITA FORUM. HTTPS://FORUM.LITA.ORG/ NOV. 9, 3:30-4:30 PM, ROOM GREAT LAKES A1, MNPLS, MN, HAYTT REGENCY MARK GILL PLAMEN MILTENOFF
  2. 2. Who are we…  Mark Gill, Director SCSU Visual Lab  Plamen Miltenoff, faculty, InforMedia Services (IMS)
  3. 3. Plan  Share our efforts to initiate a library tour in  Virtual Reality (VR)  Augmented Reality (AR)  Discuss XR (eXtended Reality) for academic purposes  Technology  Project organization  financing content/uploads/2013/07/anti-plan-1024x1024.jpg
  4. 4. Our VR library tour proposal (since 2014) 
  5. 5. Our current AR proposal  Have students evaluate a self-guiding tour of the library through a phone app of AR directions Short (6 min 21 sec) video:  Have students take a short survey to evaluate the AR phone app and share suggestions:
  6. 6. Feedback
  7. 7. 3. What would be helpful in finding library resources (please share your thoughts):
  8. 8. Feedback: demographics
  9. 9. Feedback: demographics
  10. 10. Discussion
  11. 11. Contact info  Mark Gill     Plamen Miltenoff      m/2013/04/contactus.jpg