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Hazem's story


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refugees Syria

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Hazem's story

  1. 1. Hazem’s story REFUGEE SINCE 19??
  2. 2. I was in born 19?? in Damascus, Syria
  3. 3. I moved to Aleppo in 1990, because of issues with Assad regime.
  4. 4. • In 2011, when the Arab Spring started, in Syria, everything looked normal Picture Or video Or map here
  5. 5. After June 2011 people start defecting from the army and joining the protesters Picture Or video Or map here
  6. 6. the Assad regime was killing protesters and regime opposition by: chemical weapons, barrel bombs, torture, Picture Or video Or map here
  7. 7. • The Protests 2011-2012
  8. 8. The Siege: The worst humanitarian crisis of our time
  9. 9. Running away: 2011-2012
  10. 10. 2013 – Who is Daesh (aka ISIS) July 2013 - First mention of ISIS on the Web The Guardian “Iraq: hundreds escape from Abu Ghraib jail” - /iraq-prison-attacks-kill-dozens Defame Islam, Tarnish Syrians Calls for Change as a Call for Fundamentalist State in the Middle East Slience Calls for Freedom and turn into War on Terrorism –> World Alliance -> Forget Freedom & Democracy in Syria ISIS Agenda: Those who did not get silenced by regime, silence them once and for all Dictatorship with different facad Picture Or video Or map here
  11. 11. What did you do to survive? What did you work? How did they treat you? Why Syrian refugees Picture Or video Or map here
  12. 12. Where did they place you in the US
  13. 13. How many states before you settle in MN?
  14. 14. Share your experience and opinions: evolutionary-biologists-explain- altruism.html?mid=facebook_nymag