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Gamification and BYOx in academic libraries: low end, practical approach


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Macalester 2016 - Library Tech Conference

Published in: Education
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Gamification and BYOx in academic libraries: low end, practical approach

  1. 1. Gamification and BYOx in academic libraries: low-end, practical approach 2016 LibTech Conference March 16, 2016 Plamen Miltenoff, Ph.D., MLIS St. Cloud State University
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Gaming and gamification • game as a system of rules that, taken together, creates a simplified model of some aspect of reality (Koster, 2013). • definition of serious games as “digital games and equipment with an agenda of educational design and beyond entertainment” (Ulicsak and Wright, 2010, p. 24) • Gamification is defined as the process of applying game mechanics and game thinking to the real world to solve problems and engage users (Phetteplace & Felker, 2014, p. 19; Becker, 2013, p. 199; Kapp, 2012).
  4. 4. Gaming and gamification • Game based learning (GBL) is a type of game play that has defined learning out comes. • Digital Game Based learning emphasizes on Millennials and Generation Z affinity to electronic and online games versus “in- person” games (Tsai et al. 2015). • Paper available at: Gamification-in-academic-and-library-settings-final-draft-1digudu.pdf
  5. 5. Let’s revise • Please use your mobile devices, • open the browser on your mobile devices and • go to http://KAHOOT.IT
  6. 6. Games / gamification in the academic library • Library Instruction Using Mobile Devices • Scavenger-hunt-like game • •
  7. 7. Resources and links • Link to Web page with all projects • Link to IMS blog • Link to paper on gaming and gamification Gamification-in-academic-and-library-settings-final-draft-1digudu.pdf • Email: • Link to SlideShare presentation: academic-libraries-low-end-practical-approach