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Past student music video analysis


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Past student music video analysis

  1. 1. Past Student Example Jazz Bullen-Recovery
  2. 2. What type of video is it? • This video is clearly narrative with concept traits • The narrative is of Jaz’s car breaking down and him needing to buy a much newer model • The concept shows due to the rewinding and revisiting of shots. It symbolizes ‘new things’
  3. 3. Where is it set • This video is set in a number of locations • The road-this makes sense as the video is about a car but perhaps symbolizes a long wait for recovery • Car dealership-clearly used for the selling of the car • Bedroom-used to show an early start
  4. 4. Camerawork • Camerawork here is fairly basic • Lots of long shots • This could show how lonely Jazz is without the car • There is also a lot of panning to show the setting which I like as it gives a sense of depth
  5. 5. Costumes • Casual-just how they should be in a narrative video
  6. 6. Editing • Mostly to the beat of the music which gives a professional feel • There is a ‘door’ transition which I feel looks amateur and not appropriate for this type of music video
  7. 7. Editing • Colour-For the most part, the video is in black and white which shows the antique values of the car • It becomes colour when the video is rewound which perhaps shows how a bad day has been made better • The multiple screens of the alarm clock suggest that the alarm clock is almost nagging!
  8. 8. Other aspects of misé en scene • Lighting was completely natural which worked in the circumstances • The props such as the alarm clock also worked well and aided in setting up a storyline
  9. 9. Goodwin • Black and white appears to be common across indie music videos, so this does conform to genre characteristics • The video is based on the lyrics so there is a relationship between lyrics and visuals • There is also a relationship between music and visuals- the editing is in time with the beat of the music • There are no artist close ups • There appears to be no reference to the notion of looking other than the alarm clock shot (screens within screens) • There are no obvious intertextual references
  10. 10. Representation • The car is very much personified and perhaps replaces the cheesy idea of a relationship breakdown! • Essentially, Jazz is represented as a weak character as he sells his car
  11. 11. My opinion • I liked the black and white as I thought it went well with the song • I didn’t really understand the idea behind rewinding back to the start of the day • The door transition really didn’t fit with the genre • Whilst this video has some good elements, I can’t see that they will fit well in to my project due to a total difference in genre!