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Our thriller opening idea


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Our thriller opening idea

  1. 1. OUTSPOKENOur thriller opening idea
  2. 2. Narrative Outline A man with a dark and flawed past is trying to expose a group of drug dealers, whom his lover is part of, but not to his knowledge. He gets a phone call asking him to come to a location. He finds his lover there with a gun. The gun is fired. The film starts at the end with the male character being shot (or does it...?). There is then a flashback to the start of the day when the phone call happens.
  3. 3. Research We need to look at how film noir is ‘done’ by watching other thriller films that use this technique We have also been analyzing various thriller films, helping us with our narrative
  4. 4. Equipment HD cameras(s) 3 Fresnel lights with control method to make film noir and chiaroscuro lighting effective Editing medium
  5. 5. Graphics and special effects No huge graphical elements will be required, however we will flash to white once a gun is fired The camera will be used for a special effect in the form of a dolly zoom, this is where the camera moves forward whilst zooming out, or vice versa. It will create the effect of shock and panic very well Gunshot sound effect needed
  6. 6. Problems Lighting may be difficult in our location Finding certain locations could be an issue
  7. 7. Target Audience Our target audience is Aspirers and social climbers We intend to appeal to our target audience by making it complex and enigmatic It will have complex features that main stream films would not use, e.g. Film noir Our film will be full of suspense and make the audience work at figure out what is going on
  8. 8. Conventions Film noir will be used to make the film more interesting and exciting, it will also make it more enigmatic. Enigma is a common thriller feature and will make the audience confused and wonder what is happening Fem-fatal, a female character that isn’t innocent! She will pull the trigger. Red lipstick is used to show that she is dangerous Flawed male character, a very common thriller feature. He has a dark past and is the person who will be shot. However, he is the hero. Dark and corrupt world, the world of drugs is very dark and corrupt. This will be shown by the type of characters and the low key lighting we plan to use
  9. 9. Characters A male with a flawed past, possibly a corrupt police officer or a vigilante. He is important as he will be shot. The fact that he is involved with the fem-fatal woman shows that something is wrong. The fem-fatal woman-she pulls the trigger and is involved in the drug operation. She is important as it is a mystery as the why she would kill her own boyfriend. 4 stock characters (fellow drug people/gangsters) to sit around the table where the gun is fired
  10. 10. Messages The opening will show that speaking out could get you killed It will show that life is not ‘perfect’ in the sense that there are people who kill etc
  11. 11. To conclude We are currently confirming certain locations and looking for an actor to play the male part. He must look old enough and be good at acting