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M ark pelligton study


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M ark pelligton study

  1. 1. Director Study Mark Pellington
  2. 2. Introduction • Born in Baltimore (1962) • Directed many films including ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ • Has worked with artists such as the Foo Fighters and U2 • Also produced various films • Won an award for directing “Jeremy” by The Pearl Jam
  3. 3. Key Artists Jason Mraz • „I Won‟t Give Up‟ • Many preferred the lyrical music video • Video released February 2012 • “The story of this video is that we all have our stories” • Compared to Bruce Springsteen videos • Used lots of close ups and landscape shots Keane • „Everybody‟s Changing‟ • Shelved as the band thought it was unfitting • Now released on internet • 2 other videos of the song
  4. 4. PM Dawn-Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
  5. 5. PM Dawn-Set Adrift on Memory Bliss • Clearly concept/performance • Conforms to the „pleasure through looking‟ theory • Uses lots of colour • Uses the same rotary pattern often • The outdoors seem important • A few CGI effects but mostly natural • Blurred backgrounds
  6. 6. Jason Mraz-I Won’t Give Up • Outdoors again! • Performance/concept • Visuals represent lyrics • Theme of lots of different people • No special effects • Visuals in time with visuals • Uses blurred backgrounds
  7. 7. His style • Most of his videos show outdoors • They use little CGI • He is a fan of concept music videos • Light is mostly natural • He mostly focuses on people and the outdoors, so the recurring motif would be something to do with nature • Likes close ups of the artist
  8. 8. My personal response • I very much like his work • He mostly works with feel good artists, which I like • Sunny outdoor settings are good • His videos often represent „happiness‟ which I also like