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  1. 1. the controversial issue: SEKSUALITI MERDEKA | SEXUALITY INDEPENDENCEnurul aida nesa mi mustafa|1016072|group 7|section 3|cclm 2051
  2. 2. What it is all about?SEKSUALITI MERDEKA is an annual sexualityrights festival held in Kuala Lumpur and was launched in2008, represents a coalition of Malaysian NGOs (incl. MalaysianBar Council, SUARAM, Empower, PT Foundation, United Nations,Amnesty International) and individuals.Apart from the annual festival, they also organize workshops,talks, film screenings, letter writings. Merdeka is MalaysiasIndependence Day, so Seksualiti Merdeka means "SexualityIndependence". They use this term to highlight the fact that evenall these years after our independence, NOT ALL Malaysiansare FREE TO BE WHO THEY ARE.
  3. 3. What are they believe for?They believe that everyone in Malaysia deserves to befree from discrimination, harassment andviolence for their sexual orientations and their genderidentities.They believe it is their right to be responsible forour own body.They believe everyone is entitled to the freedom tolove and the freedom to be, whether gay, lesbian,bisexual, transgender, intersexes, straight, asexual,pansexual, etc.
  4. 4. Why this festival being a seriousand controversial issue?Some parties claim that this is free-sex party-wrong interpretation!Political reason- the ‘big names’ involvements;Ambiga Sreenevasan and Marina Mahathir.The state of being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, contradict from norm and truly opposite theteaching of every religion, especially Islam.
  5. 5. The problem will arise…• DISCRIMINATION- the biggest problem• They want to be ACCEPT BY SOCIETY that they are normal- it is wrong!• Lead to the social and cultural vulnerability in our country• TOTAL FREEDOM and SECULAR THINKING the way of life- western perspective• Religion view and faith is not served and treated in the first basis
  6. 6. Quran, 30:21… ‫ومنْ آ َياته أَنْ خلق لكم مِّنْ أَنفُسكم أَزواجا لِّ َتسْ كنوا إ َِل ْيها‬ َ ُُ ً َْ ُْ ِ َُ َ ََ ِِ ِ َ َّ‫وجعل َب ْي َنكم مَّودة ورحْ مة إِنَّ في ََٰذلِك َل َيات لِّق ْوم َي َتفك‬‫َ َ ٍ َ ٍ َ رُون‬َ ِ ً َ َ َ ً َّ َ ُ َ َ َ َAnd among His Signs is this, that He created for youmates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell intranquility with them, and He has put love and mercybetween your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for thosewho reflect.[Ar-Rum, verses 21]
  7. 7. Remember, history has alreadysaid…When Prophet Lut a.s asked the people of both the cities not toindulge in homosexual acts, they threatened to drive themout the city, saying: these are, indeed, men who want to be cleanand pure.Taking notice of the people’s determination not to give up theirhomosexual practice, Allah decided to eliminatehomosexuality from the face of the earth along withits practitioners by giving great punishment to them.We bestowed upon Lut sound judgment and knowledge, and Wedelivered him from the city that was immersed in foul deeds.They were indeed a wicked people, exceedingly disobedient.[Al-Anbiyaa, verse 74]
  8. 8. People, do you want thehistory to be repeated again??
  9. 9. SolutionThe objective of this festival should be change- not for appreciation andacceptance of this parties to the community as a normal human being, but toinvite them to change, and knowing that what they are doing is wrong, byrealizing that they are not a normal human being.The soul therapy which is needed from this group of people is through religion.Everyone has to go back to their religion, the origin of themselves.No discrimination to those people with this sexual and orientations andtheir gender identities, yet treat them nicely, be friend with them.Remind them that freedom does not mean people are free to do anything incontrary to nature and religion.Give moral support for them to change.Bring them to medical check-up and therapy to understand theirproblem clinically regarding this issue.
  10. 10. Read more…Official page for Seksualiti Merdeka Merdeka: Antara Kesongsangan Seksualiti dan Kesongsangan Kefahaman Merdeka: Bahasa Atas dan Bahasa Bawah Merdeka: Penyakit Bukan Alasan Untuk Terus Sakit Songsang Semakin Songsang Merdeka 2011: Kembalilah kepada fitrahArtikel oleh Nasrudin Hasan, Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia saya dan Ambiga sokong gay.