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Turkish foreign policy-Post cold war era


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Why Turkey is strategically important?

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Turkish foreign policy-Post cold war era

  1. 1. International Ataturk Alatoo University Turkish Foreign policy – Post Cold war era WhyTurkey is strategically important? Subject: Turkey in World Politics Lecturer: Ibrahim Koncak, Phd Student: Aidana Zhenishbek kyzy
  2. 2. Turkish foreign policy- Post Cold War era Why isTurkey strategically important country?
  3. 3. Expectations and reality after ColdWar New world order Liberalism Human Rights PeacefulWorld order In contrast New conflicts and wars , especially in Middle east, Balkans and Caucasus
  4. 4. With the end of the ColdWar, all regions aroundTurkey have destabilized. FormerYugoslavia was been disunited. Wars break out between the ethnic and religious groups in Balkans Arab-Israeli conflict Iraq occupied Kuwait in August 1990.
  5. 5.  Turkey became one of the most active and enthusiastic supporters of the American –led United Nations coalition which first imposed sanctions on Iraq and then in January 1991 waged war on that country.  Turkey`s active supports of the Western coalition against Saddam Hussein during the Gulf war was an attempt to convince the West that Turkey was still important in global politics, and also to persuade the European Union to admit it as a member.
  6. 6. In the early 1990sTurkey began to consider several potential structures: The Black Sea Economic cooperation(BSEC) Free trade agreement with US Balkan Cooperation Council The Economic Co-operation Organization(ECO) Cooperation withTurkic republics (The Collapse of USSR radically improved the strategic position ofTurkey)
  7. 7. There are several factors that makeTurkey a strategically important country in the region in Post Cold War era: Turkey is located in the center of Balkans, Middle East and Caucasus. There is a land road connectingTurkey to Central Asia over Georgia. Turkey is also playing big role in the distribution of energy from Middle East to Europe. Turkey is a member of North AtlanticTreaty Organization (NATO) since 1952 and a strategic partner of United States.
  8. 8. Bush pointed out Iran, Iraq and North Korea as satanic triangle.Two of these countries are neighbors ofTurkey. Syria was been also accused for supporting international terrorism. Turkey is playing an important role in the region as well in the globe to balance Middle East countries such as Iraq, Syria and Iran.
  9. 9. Conclusion: Because of her strategic, geographic position and strong cultural historic ties with the region and rest of IslamicWorldTurkey can be an important actor for regional and global peace.
  10. 10. Sources: 1. İdris Bal,Turkish Foreign Policvy in Post ColdWar Era