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World book day


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World book day

  1. 1. Legend  &feature=relatedSt. George is the patron saint of England, Aragón,Portugal,Cataluña,... For this legend the boys give awayroses to girls.
  2. 2. Do you know who was Shakespeare? • Was he spanish or english?• What he did? A) Actor B) Writer C) Fireman• What type of books he write? A) Terror B) Science fictionC)Romantic• Which of these books has he written? A) Don Quixote B) Romeo and
  4. 4. Do you know who was Miguel de  Cervantes?Was he spanish or english?What he did? A) Actor B) Writer C) FiremanWhat type of books he write? A) Terror B) Historical novelC)RomanticWhich of these books has he written?A) Don Quixote B) Hamlet C) The
  5. 5. DON QUIXOTE 
  6. 6. Activities and  Resources 1. SHAKESPEARE TIMELINE: Put your students into their work groups and assign each work group their date. The work groups will then use the index card and the pre-selected websites to take notes about what happened during that year of Shakespeare’s life. They will then put their information in sentence form and write it at the bottom of their timeline piece. To finish they will illustrate their year. When every work group is has their part of the timeline completed they can then present them to the rest of the class. Timeline pieces can be displayed in order to create one long timeline of the major events in Shakespeare’s life.
  7. 7. For this reason we celebrate the