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If it rains...


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If it rains...

  1. 1. If it rains...the sidewalks get wet.
  2. 2. If the sidewalks are wet, the tracks are cleared.
  3. 3. If the tracks are cleared, our beautiful walks disappear.
  4. 4. There disappeared, but we continueour story and wait for the sunrise.
  5. 5. And if the sun rises, our faces shine,and your smile speaks without saying anything.
  6. 6. If you smile the touch of my eyes willreach you, and this time, we will both
  7. 7. So we continue our lovestory, if you smile, I smile. If you need me,Ill come to you wherever you are. If youfall and you cry, I will dry your wet tears.And…
  8. 8. In fact, if you live, Ill live.