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Asian ingredients


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Asian ingredients

  2. 2. Basmati Rice Bonito Flakes
  3. 3. Cardamom pods Dried chili
  4. 4. Chili Flakes Chinese rice wine Chinese Parsley Coriander seed
  5. 5. Cloves/Powder Coriander Powder Coriander leaves Cumin seed
  6. 6. Cumin powder Curry powder Fennel seed Ebiko/Fish roe
  7. 7. Fenugreek Fermented soybean (tausi) 5 spice powder Galangal
  8. 8. Masala Powder Kaffir lime leaves Hoisin Sauce Konbu
  9. 9. Lentil Mango Chutney Mace powder Mirin/Japanese Rice wine
  10. 10. Nutmeg/powder Miso Nori Oyster mushroom
  11. 11. Plum sauce Sake Rice wine vinegar Saffron
  12. 12. Silken tofu Turmeric/Powder Thai basil Wasabi paste
  13. 13. Woodear mushroom Yogurt