Hotel Booking Opportunities


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Hotel Booking Opportunities

  1. 1. By: Alexandra Humnicki MBA 2A
  2. 2.  The consumer of 2012, has evolved from what he was 10 years ago. The consumer of today is what is called a ‘zapping’ consumer – changing regularly The needs, wants and desires of the consumer have changed, pushed by the effects of the crisis. The needs, wants and desires, have decreased proportionally with the decrease of income
  3. 3.  Increasing competition between hotels – many new, innovative hotels on the market The on going fight for a high occupancy rate The consumer having less money to spend/ night The implementation of new digital technology in some hotels, obliges other hotels to keep up with the race for technology
  4. 4. Consumer: pay as little as possible for the highest possible valueHotels: Maximizing occupancy rate and maximizing the return guest (i.e having a loyal clientele)
  5. 5.  for advance purchase Expedia-for advance purchase Direct hotel websites- for the best available rate Phone applications Travel Agency – on line and not
  6. 6. Direct Marriott Paris Website- Best Available Rates & Packages
  7. 7. Discount for Advance Purchase and Best Available Rate for Hotel Concorde Montparnasse on
  8. 8. On- line Travel Agency-
  9. 9.  SniqueAway- from 2012, sells only 4 *& 5* hotel rooms within a certain timeframe. Requires constant monitoring of their website Priceline- you bid the rate you wish for a certain room, based on previously chosen criteria. Does not guarantee the cheapest rate, unless no one else bids. The last room- I-phone app for last minute deals, with a decreasing price Quickbook- only for boutique hotels, and only available in the US
  10. 10. SNIQUEAway
  11. 11. Priceline.comStep 1: Choose the areaStep 2: Choose the starlevelStep 3: Give your ownprice
  12. 12. – fromBoutique Hotel Experts
  13. 13. Independent hotels include boutique hotels and other hotels wanting to be different and not looked upon as mass selling of rooms Basedon this, we can evaluate the best booking option for an independent hotel.
  14. 14.  Mobile App – The changing consumer being always on the move, this provides a fast and simple way to find hotels and from the hotel point of view, does not cost too much to advertise with. Reverse auction sites – when last minute rooms are hoped to still be sold, without spending too much money from the hotel side. Suits both the consumer and the hotel Facebook fan- a good alternative to digital marketing (e.g like GoBoard) for an independent hotel with less money than a chain
  15. 15.  OTA’s – it can be too expensive for independent hotels, and it rises the price for the consumer, however it does promote an independent hotel. Hotel Site- an independent hotel may not be as well known as a chain, hence the probability of it showing up first in a search engine, is quite low, making this not a suitable and rentable option for the hotel.