Dismoiou & coca cola


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Dismoiou & coca cola

  1. 1. DISMOIOU & COCA COLABy: Marie Charbonnier, Akram Nehmé and Alexandra Humnicki
  2. 2. What is SoLoMo? Short for Social, Local and Mobile Underlines and follows the success of changing technology Creates a synergy between social networks, geo- localization and smart-phones. Allows company to assist customers in real time and space to selling points Inspires brands to create new tools and methods of interacting with their customers
  3. 3. How can a SoLoMo Campaign be Successful? Firstly, focus on the target: their needs & habits Secondly, must be innovating, entertaining, or useful, but simple and easy to use and understand and relevant to the company’s products R4- right people, right activities, right places, right time The use of SoLoMo, must be a social connection offering more than simply promotions and reductions.
  4. 4. A Case Study: Dismoiou & Coca- Cola Dismoiou Coca-Cola SoLoMo mobile application  Works with Dismoiou to create innovating geo- Geo-localizes the user to localized marketing offer them a search engine operations: promotions, in order to find products & communication on selling services around the points, and to create a buzz consumer on social media. Creates a social community  An example: Coca-Cola & to rate and comment Subway: creation of an various points of interests online ‘scratch’ game that allows customers to win a Virtual word of mouth PS3 when in a Subway adapting informationCocathe Dismoiou & to –Cola Coca-Cola & Subway users profile
  5. 5. Defining the Success of SoLoMo Success Criterias: * Numbers of participants * Increase revenues /sales * Immediate echoes in various medias, internet sites, etc… * Buzz on social networks * Brand notoriety in surveys * Data Collection and data analysis Results for the Dismoiou & Coca-Cola: * Significant increase in sales revenue * Positive feedback on the web * Improve customer relationship by offering interesting advantages * Allows the company to know where their products are mostly
  6. 6. For Who is SoLoMo? Best used by companies who have numerous selling points and for whom customers will be willing to engage with the brand due to a strong brand identity Companies whose target group is relatively young (18-40 years old) and very agile with smart-phones Best used by companies with a large budget and already well implemented on the market (e.g Coca-Cola, Jimmy Choo, American Express, Nike, Starbucks etc…) The Company must have selling points in concrete places (e.g not like youtube etc…) due to the need for concrete meeting points between the company and the customers.
  7. 7. And For the Hospitality Industry? Because the industry is based on location and an interaction between the company and customers, SoLoMo seems to be a perfect marketing tool for this industry, especially in term of customer loyalty, but also enhancing guests to share their comments/experiences on social media. Furthermore, the use of SoLoMo, must involve a win-win situation. For example, if a hotel wants its guests to share their positive experience, the guest should be rewarded, for