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John Housholder of Ah So Designs presents on "Wrestling with E-Commerce within WordPress". Highlights include Foxycart, Foxyshop, WPEngine, and Hulk Hogan.

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WordPress Ecommerce

  1. 1. Wresting with E-Commerce forWordPressBeautified: IN JORTS@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  2. 2. WHO AM I?✤ Professor at the Art Institute of TN✤ WordPress jortsman✤ Jort Jammer✤ Nashville WordPress MeetUp organizer@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  4. 4. E-COMMERCE is a lot likewrestling✤ YOU NEED: ✤ moves (THE ESSENTIALS) ✤ an intro song (PLUGINS) ✤ trash talking (WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU THE MONEY)@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  5. 5. your essential movesFOR E-COMMERCE✤ HOSTING: (big boot)✤ MERCHANT ACCOUNT: (body slam)✤ SSL CERTIFICATE: (clothesline)✤ SECURITY COMPLIANCE (corner foot choke)@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  6. 6. @ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  7. 7. your essential movesFOR E-COMMERCE✤ HOSTING: (big boot) ✤ WP Engine ✤ they know WordPress hosting ✤ have had some difficulties with regular hosting@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  8. 8. your essential movesFOR E-COMMERCE✤ MERCHANT ACCOUNT: (body slam) ✤ about $40 a month ✤ 2.3%-4.5% transaction fee +.35 ✤ Authorize.net or PayPal pro for small transactions@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  9. 9. your essential movesFOR E-COMMERCE✤ SSL CERTIFICATE: (clothesline) ✤ around $70 a year@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  10. 10. your essential movesFOR E-COMMERCE✤ SECURITY COMPLIANCE (axe bomber)✤ PCI Data Security Standards Council ✤ PCI-DSS ✤ Making Sure Your Customer’s Data is Secure ✤ Your Merchant Account Will Require Monthly or Annual Security ScansSaved Credit Cards are Like Nuclear Waste@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  11. 11. plugin optionsFOR E-COMMERCE✤ PayPal ✤ No Monthly Fee ✤ Manual Setup ✤ Copy Buttons to Blog ✤ Third Party Required ✤ Not Professional@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  12. 12. plugin optionsFOR E-COMMERCE✤ GOOGLE CHECKOUT ✤ not as many members ✤ similar to Paypal@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  13. 13. plugin optionsFOR E-COMMERCE✤ Transforms WordPress into an E-Commerce Management System✤ Install in your WordPress Admin✤ Manage Products in Admin✤ Add Buttons to pages✤ Manage Checkout Process✤ View Orders✤ Manage Customers@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  14. 14. plugin optionsFOR E-COMMERCE✤ Shopp✤ WP Ecommerce✤ Cart66✤ Woo Commerce: now available with Genesis✤ FoxyCart: Foxy Shop@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  15. 15. plugin optionsFOR E-COMMERCE✤ Cart66✤ Digital and Physical Products✤ Memberships✤ Integrations and Gateways✤ Free Upgrades✤ $89 to purchase✤ Free Version with PayPal only support✤ WEBSITE: cart66.com@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  16. 16. plugin options FOR E-COMMERCE✤ WP ECOMMERCE✤ Lots of store-based features Sales, Quantity Discounts, Variations, More✤ Shortcodes and Template Tags Put [product name=“my-widget"] in a page✤ Free Upgrades✤ Lots of Payment Gateways✤ Cost: Free - but some premium features cost ✤ WEBSITE: getshopped.org @ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  17. 17. plugin options FOR E-COMMERCE✤ FOXYCART✤ Completely Different E-Commerce Strategy✤ Offloads Security and Checkout to FoxyCart✤ No Security Concerns or SSL needed✤ Easily setup products catalog✤ Total Template FlexibilityCost: Free Plugin, FoxyCart $19/moWEBSITE: foxy-shop.com, foxycart.com @ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  18. 18. @ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  19. 19. WHAT WE DO:✤ JORTIFICATION OF E-COMMERCE✤ “short and to the point”@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  20. 20. foxycart and foxyshop✤ check out the front end. ain’t it jortiful!✤@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  21. 21. foxycart and foxyshop✤ check out the front end. ain’t it jortiful!✤@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  22. 22. foxycart and foxyshop✤ check out the front end. ain’t it jortiful!✤@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  23. 23. let’s check out the backend......@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  24. 24. QUESTIONS✤ don’t be shy✤ what do you use for e-commerce on WordPress?@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com
  25. 25. CONTACT THEJORTMEISTER✤ JOHN HOUSHOLDER✤ @ahsodesigns✤ @jhous1 (for denim and jort tweets)✤ www.ahsodesigns.com✤ john@ahsodesigns.com@ahsodesigns #WPejorts www.ahsodesigns.com