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  1. 1. Concept of Health
  2. 2. Concept of Health• Biomedical concept• Ecological concept• Psychological concept• Holistic concept
  3. 3. WHO Definition of Health Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity Operational definition: A condition or quality of human organism expressing the adequate functioning of the organism in giving condition, genetic or environmental
  4. 4. Dimensions of health1. Physical 6. Vocational2. Mental 7. Others: 1. Cultural3. Social 2. Socioeconomic4. Spiritual 3. Environmental 4. Educational5. Emotional 5. Nutritional 6. Curative 7. Preventive
  5. 5. Concept of Wellbeing• Objective component 1. Standard of living 2. Level of living• Subjective component 1. Quality of Life (PQLI) 2. HDI
  6. 6. Determinants of health1. Hereditary2. Environmental3. Lifestyle4. Socioeconomic conditions5. Health and family welfare services6. Others…..
  7. 7. Biological Human rights Behavioural Equity and Social justice Environmental Communities Gender Families Health Societies Socio-economical IndividualsInformation and communication Health system Science and Socio-cultural Aging of the technology population
  8. 8. Responsibility of Health1. Individual responsibility2. Community responsibility3. State responsibility4. International responsibility
  9. 9. Indicators of health(Valid Reliable Sensitive Specific) 1. Mortality indicators 2. Morbidity indicators 3. Disability indicators 4. Nutritional Status indicators 5. Health care delivery indicators 6. Utilization rate 7. Indicators of social and mental health 8. Environmental indicators 9. Socioeconomic indicators 10. Health policy indicators 11. Indicators of quality of life 12. Others……….
  10. 10. Health Indicators Valid, reliable, sensitive and relevant indicators which determine health development are called health indicators:• Mortality Indicators: Death rate, Life span, IMR, Child mortality rate, MMR, Case fatality rate, proportion mortality rate.• Morbidity Indicators: Disease rate (incidence, prevalence)• Disability Indicators: Hospitalization, loss of work, sullivan index DALYs• Nutritional Indicators: Anthropometric values, LBW• Utilization Indicators: Fully immunized, bed turn out…• Socioeconomic Indicators: Per capita income. Family size.
  11. 11. Mortality indicators1. Crude death rate2. Expectancy of life3. Infant mortality rate4. Child Mortality rate5. Under 5 proportionate mortality rate6. Maternal mortality7. Disease specific mortality8. Proportionate mortality rate