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Dr ayesha lec

  1. 1. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Nazish 30 y/F Pancreatitis Pancreas with swollen more at head of pancreas.no discrete mass seen.FNAC done.no pancreatic lymphadenopathy. Chronic pancreatitis Saeed.ur.r ehman 22y/M Suspected tuberculosis Para-aortic lynph nodes with low echogenecity Tuberculous granuloma Abdulrazzaq 45y/M Metastatic liver disease There is a suspicion of a mass near pancreatic tail as well as peripancreatic area which appears to 3x2 cm.biopsy taken Talib 46y/M Gohar begum 55y/F Ambreen 30y/F A mass surrounding tail of pancreas 5x5cm.multiple biopsies taken. Tuberculousis Mediastinal lymphadenopathy Ghulam jilani 63y/M Shabbir 25y/M 5x5cm paraaortic lymph nodes.multiple biopsies taken 5x5cm left adrenal mass &hepatic SOL Mediastinal cancer Multiple small pancreatic &deep par-aortic lymph nodes.small mediastinal lymph nodes in aortopulmonary area. Metastatis in adrenal gland
  2. 2. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Wali Gastric outlet mohamma obstruction d 60y/M Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report No mediastinal lymph nodes seen.gall bladder is distended.left kidney appears to be hydronephroticwith cystic changes.pancreas normal.no aortic lymph nodes seen. Kamran jan 60y/M Suspected GI malignancy Manzoor 64y/M Suspected CA pancreas Pancreatic lymph nodes enlarged.suspected pancreatic mass Ghulam jilani 63y/M Metastatic CA Subcarinal lymph nodes 1.16x1 cm.another lymph node in aortic area 2.4x3 cm Zarat abbasi 63y/M Disseminated TB Suspected paraaortic lymph node 1.5x1.5 cmno pancreatic mass.mediastinal lymph nodes with biopsies taken. Mohamm ad ehsan 55y/M Noor SOL in liver mohamma d 60y/M Multiple lymph nodes in para-aortic region.pancreas normal Azra 53y/F Sakina begum Lymph node 1.3x5.1seen in para-tracheal region. Metastatic CA.
  3. 3. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Mohamm ad ayub 65y/M Pancreatic body swollen with heterogenous hypodense areas but no definite mass or cyst seen.GB couldnot be visualized.no par-aortic or hilar lymph nodes seen. Amjad 36y/M No mediastinal lymphadenopathy.no paraaortic or peripancreatic lymph nodes.intraheapatic ducts & CBD dilated.no other mass visualized. AttA MOHAM MAD 55Y/M Tuberculous pericarditis Lymph nodes at aortopulmonary window.1x1 cm in defined margins. Surriya 23y/F Mediastinal & abdominal lymph nodes enlarged. Para.aortic lymph node 7x8 cm.subcarinal lymph nodes.hypoechoic discrete perigastric lymph nodrs. Zarat abbasi 56y/M Khaista rehman 43y/M Celiac ganglion nerve block via absolute alcohol. Chronic pancreatitis.s uspected mass lesion in head of pancreas. Pancreas is shrunken.it shows hyperechoic strands.dilated pancreatic duct measuring 4.5 cm.irregular with beading.no mass lesion in head body & tail of pancreas.duodenum dilated.chronic non calcified pancreatitis.
  4. 4. Patient Profile Farzana 26y/F Clinical Diagnosis Pulmonary tuberculosis Hakeem 15y/M Sobia 18y/F Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Multiple celiac & para aortic lymph nodes with suspicion of caseation. Subcarinal lymph nodes 1.5x1.5 cm.single portal lymh node. tuberculosis Adeel 16y/M Histopathology consistent with non-hodgkin lymphoma anaplastic large cell type. Mediastinal lymph node 2.5x2.5 cm.subcarinal lymph nodes & paragastric lymoh nodes 1cm. Subcarinal lymph nodes 1.5x1.5 cm para-aortic & portahepatic lymph nodes enlarged. Mohamm ad siraj 80y/M CA at head of pancreas Suspicion of subcentmetric subcarinal lymph nodes.pancreas swollen with hypoechoic areas in body of pancreas measuring 13.7x 6.7 cm. Salma bibi 45y/F Multiple SOL in liver Multiple matted lymph nodes are seen in paraaortic region Bushra 21y/F Tuberculous lymphadenop athy Multiple matted lymph nodes in arto-pulmonary window & subcarinal space.size vary from 3x3 & 5x3 cm.suspicion of portohepatic lymph nodes enlargement. Histopathology material scnty.nondiagnostic.FNAC consistent with scanty benign lymphoid aspirate.
  5. 5. Shafqat 31y/M Tuberculous lymphoma Subcarinal pulmoaortic,paratracheal lymph nodes of various sizes seen.
  6. 6. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Mohamm ad younis 50/M Suspected pancreatic CA Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Pancreatic mass. Onab bibi 50y/F Matted mass lymph node in porta hepatis & celiac area 5x4 cm.few lymph nodes along proximal aorta.2x1 cm aortopulmonary lymph nodes in aorto-pulmonary area. Mohamm ad irshad 60y/M Intrahepatic biliary channels markedly dilated.gall bladder markedly dilated.no other mass appreciated. Riffat 30y/F Mild swelling of pancreatic duct.no definite mass or lymph node. Tasawwar 40y/M CA stomach Hameeda bibi 80y/F CA gall bladder Nasir khan Chronic active hepatitis C Pyloric obstruction.thickened gastric folds.thickening of gastric walls. Mass in lumen of gall bladder attaching to its wall 4x2 cm.a mass possibly lymph node is seen at the level of paratrachealregion at aortopulmonary window. 2 small portahepatis lymph nodes measuring 1.7x0.7 cm & 1x 1.5 cm respectively.
  7. 7. Patient Profile Ramzan 55y/M Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Pulmonary tuberculosis Aortopulmonary lymph nodes 2.5x1 cm.subcarinal lymph nodes 1x1 cm. Nor.ul.haq CA colon 65y/M No specific abdominal lymph nodes found. Sharif 40/M APD 1x1.5 cm dilated lymph nodes in porta heaptis. Ghulam hussain 75y/M CA stomach Narrow pyloric antrum 1.5x16 cm. Feroza begum 60y/F Growth surrounding 2nd & 3rd part of duodenum. Gall bladder markedly dilated.another mass 4x4 cm with cystic centre below the mediastinal vessels.a lymph node 1x1cm in same area.multiple FNAC biopsies taken. FNAC shows benign lymphoid aspirate.histopat hology slides material scanty.nondiagnostic. Nasreen bibi 30y/F Mass in head of pancreas Pancreatic mass 47x56mm mainly homogenous compressing surrounding structures eith hypoechoic areas & liquefaction.no intralesional vessels seen.portal vein seems to be infiltrared.multiple FNAC biopsies taken FNAC consistent with benign epithelial neoplasm.histop athology slide shows inflammatory debris. ABDUL MOHAM MAD 70Y/M Dilated CBD eith few stones.intrahepati c cholestasis & dilatation of CB. Pancreatic head body & tail normal.CBD dilated with mild intrahepatic dilatation.gall bladder markedly dilated.
  8. 8. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Rabiya shoukat 60y/F CA at head of pancreas Subcarinal lymph nodes 1.4x1.4cm.paraaortic lymph node 16x14 mm.another mass 5x3 cm in pancreatic body.multiple biopsies taken. Maryam 53y/F Abdominal tuberculosis Small aortopulmonary & subcarinal lymph nodes 0.8x8cm with non specific margins.no para-aortic or peripancreatic lymph nodes .left lobe of liver congested & showing dilatation of hepatic vein. Shakeela 35y/F Acute pancreatitis Abdul majid 51y/M Cervical lymphadenop athy Najina 45y/F lymphoma pseudocyst No mediastinal lymphadenopathy.cyst mass 8.25x9 cm in tail of pancreas.body & head of pancreas appear hypoechoic.no para aortic or pancreatic lymph nodes. Para-tracheal lymph nodes normal.aortopulmonary & subcarinal area enlarged 1.5x1 cm & 2x1.5 cm.hepatogastric lymph nodes0.5x0.5 cm while rest are normal. Enlargedaortopulmonary lymph nodes 1.4x1.6 cm.multiple lymph nodes enlargedbehind aortic arch 2x2.6 cm.FNAC biopsies taken. FNAC consistent with another FNAC shows reactive hyperplasia lymph nodehistopathol ogy consistent with adenocarcinoma 7 reactive hyperplasia. FNAC shows scanty lymphoid aspirate.in histopathology slides no tissue found in container. Malignant cells. Consistent with metastatic adenocarcinoma in FNAC.in histopathology slides material scanty.nondiagnostic.
  9. 9. Shakeela 35y/F Pseudocyst pancreas Pancreatic cyst was identifiedwith needle knife,stomach wall is pierced & guidewire was passed.distal plastic stent was placed.
  10. 10. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Abdul-wali 48y/M hemangioma A non specific area of porta hepatis. Khadim 63y/M Mass in head of pancreas Diffuse indistinct enlargement of head of pancreas 4.2x3.5 cm.gall bladder enlarged.no lymph node involvement. Noor begum 65y/F Mass in left lobe of A cystic solid mass in left liver lobe of liver 4x4 cm.FNAC done.a small lymph node 0.5x0.5 cm near porta hepatis in gastrohepatic ligament.pancreas & gall bladder normal Pancreatic mass 66.6mmx50mm.subcentri metric aortopulmonary lymph nodes.2 pancreatic cystic areas.one near head6.6x5 cm.other near body 5x4 cm.rest pancreatic tissue heterogenous. Mrs murtaza baig 75y/F Khadim 63y/M CA head of pancreas 4x5cm heterogenous large mass at head of pancreas,irregular interface with portal vein eithout invasion of its wall causing CBD obstruction.gall bladder & CBD grossly dilated with out metastasis.multiple FNAC biopsies takenTANNENBAUM multiflange stent inserted wiyhout fluoroscope.bile drainage established. Hemorrhagic aspirate in FNAC.no tissue found in histopathology slides. Atypical cells suspicion of malignancy. In FNAC benign ductal epithelial tissue.cytology consistent with benign cystic lesion. Adenocarcinoma …pancreatic mass
  11. 11. Patient Profile Najma 45y/F Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report LYMPHOMA Heterogenous mass encircling arch of aorta extending from subclavian vessels upto carina involving SVC.Interface between artery,mass preserved.inaccessible for biopsy Murtaza baig 46y/F Pancreatic cyst Pseudopancreatic cyst was noted 10x7 cm.purulent material was drained after passing stent.pus collected & sent for gram staining. Hameeda bibi 80y/F Mass in gall bladder Mohamm ad ashraf 68y/M Right hilar mass Small aortopulmonary lymph node 0.5x0.7 cm.FNAC taken.pancreas normal.gall bladder normal.a small mass adherent to posterior wall of gall bladder.biopsy not possible. A mass at subcarinal area extending to aortopulmonary window.mass is homogenous with small air spaces.scope cannot be passed beyond 35 cm because of narrow esophagus. Mohamm ad saleem 50y/M SCOPE ADVANCED UPTO ESOPHAGUS WHERE ULCERATION WIYH STRICTURE SEEN.NO OBVIOUS mediastinal lymph nodes seensevere esophagitis with ulceration & candidiasis involving distal 2nd & 3rd part of esophagus. Reactive hyperplasia in FNAC.no tissue in histopathology slides. In histopathology slides material scanty.nondiagnostic in FNAC dysplastic squamous epithelial cells suggestive of squamous cell carcinoma.
  12. 12. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report Said akber Mass in 75y/M epigastrium & left hypochondriu m a big mass of about 5x7 cm heterogenous & cystic,appears to be continued with gastric wall.multiple FNAC biopsies taken.aortopulmonary & subcarinal lymph nodes1.5x 7 cmcystic in nature.biopsies taken. Abdul rehman 60y/M Heterogenous solid cystic mass in head of pancreas.2.5x2.5 cm.CBD dilated 1.7 cmceliac & peripancreatic lymph nodes present. Scope couldn’t be passed beyond 35 cmbecause of malignant stricturetumour appears to be extended outside the wall of esophagus.small multiple lymph nodes in subcarinal area.FNAC taken. Obstructive juandice Aziz ur rehman 65y/M CA esophagus Tasleem 49y/F Hilar & mediastinal 2 small paratracheal lymph lymphadenopathy nodes 1x1 cm.FNAC taken.about 1.5x1 mass likely lymph node in celiac region.gall bladder dilated with impression of small stones. Pancreas normal.no mediastinal lymph nodes.porta heptis normal.gall bladder not visualized. Sardar ali 45y/M In FNAC Dysplastic squames consistent with squamous cell carcinoma. Reactive hyperplasia
  13. 13. Patient Profile Clinical Diagnosis Imaging Findings Endoscopic Ultrasound Histopathology (USG, CT scan) Findings Report OBSTRUCTIVE JUANDICE Small subcarinal lymph nodes seen.1.5x1.3 cm celiac lymph node.gall bladder distended.head of pancreas not seen. FNAC consistent with non-hodgkin lymphoma-large cell type. Rustam ali 85y/F Aortopulmonary lymph nodes enlarged & peripancreatic lymph node.FNAC taken. FNAC suggestive of lymphoproliferati ve disorder suggestive of lymphoma.histop athology slidesreveal neutrophils only.no lymph nodes. Abdul ghani Mediastinal mas at aortopulmonary window.bronchogenic CA. Ghulam rabbani GA junction was tight & infiltrated.stomach layers were effaced by heterogenous infiltration involving all layers and sparing mucosa & submucosa at other places.antrum & body were involved.stomach was shortened.small lymph nodes seen Fatima begum 75y/F NO MEDIASTINAL LYMPH NODES,PANCREAS IS NORMAL.no celiac & mediastinal lymph nodes,small hypoechoic area in pancreatic region.FNAC taken.gall bladder appears distended.head of pancreas normal. Abdul rehman 60y/M FNAC Suggestive of lymphoproliferati ve disorder
  14. 14. Mohamm Military ad hussain tuberculosis 75y/M Moznabia bibi 60y/F Obstructive juandice lymphoma Multiple paratracheal & subcarinal lymph nodes.multiple lymph nodes in aortopulmonary region & para aortic,celiac & peripancreatic region.biopsies taken. A mass possibly lymph node near the porta hepatis.no mediastinal lymphadenopathy.FNAC taken.marked dilatation of intrahepatic ducts. Histopathology consistent with non-hodgkin lymphoma-large cell type.FNAC suggestive of non-hodgkin lymphoma. FNAC consistent with adenosquamous carcinoma.no tissue in histopathology slides.