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Chronic suppurative otitis media


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Chronic suppurative otitis media

  2. 2. ►Persistant disease, Severedestruction►It is characterized by: Deafness Ear discharge T.m. perforation
  3. 3. TYPES OF C.S.O.M.► Tubo tympanic s.o.m. Safe► Attico antral Unsafe
  4. 4. ATTICO ANTRAL C.S.O.M.► CholesteatomaKeratinizing Squamous Epithelium.A small sacMay involve whole middle ear cleft
  5. 5. TUBO TYMPANIC C.S.O.M► Deafness► Discharge► Central perforation
  6. 6. TUBO TYMPANIC C.S.O.M► Patency of Eustachian tube► Nidus of infection in U.R.T.I.► Immune status of patient► Aerobic and Anaerobic
  7. 7. TYPES OF TUBO TYMPANIC C.S.O.M.► Active Tubo Tympanic C.S.O.M.► Inactive Tubo Tympanic C.S.O.M.
  8. 8. DIAGNOSIS TUBO TYMPANIC C.S.O.M.► History Long standing, unilateral, bilateral, painless otorrhoea, deafness► Discharge intermittent, mucoid, mucopurulent,► Non odorous► Follow U.R.T.I. and entry of water.
  9. 9. Examination► Main basis to assess activity , type , extent► Inspection , otoscopy, e.u.m.► Mucoid► Perforation , central► Pale mucosa► Rarely polyp► Pus for cs
  10. 10. Audiological assessment► Voice test► Tuning fork test Rinne, Webers , A.B.C.► Pure tone audiogram
  11. 11. RADIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT► X-rays mastoid
  12. 12. RADIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT► CT-scan temporal bone
  13. 13. treatment► Aural toilet a. Cotton buds b. Suction and cleaning► Antibiotics a. Topical antibiotics b. Systemic antibiotics
  14. 14. Surgical treatment► Precipitating diseasea. Adenoidb. DNSc. Nasal polyps► Aural polypectomy► Functional reconstruction tympanoplasty