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Create glossy orb in photoshop


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Create glossy orb in photoshop

  1. 1. Create glossy orb in Photoshop. By: Designers of bestlogoshop.comHello,Today we are going to discuss about how you can create a glossy orb in photoshop. This is the easiestway to create a glossy orb in not more than 15 min. You can use this orb as a logo or web element inyour website.Let’s get started….Step oneStart by creating a new document of standard size( Tip: Keep a high resolution like 300 pixels for better results)Now holding shift, create a clean circle by using eclipse tool. Don’t bother about color, we’ll be putting agradient overlay later.
  2. 2. Step TwoGo to layer properties <blending option < gradient overlay and make changes as demonstrated in thepicture below.Now go to stroke and make following changesYou should have something like this
  3. 3. Step 3Now we will add some optical illusion.( Tip: Optical illusions are great way to make your design look 3D, glossy, emboss orengraved)
  4. 4. Create an eclipse on the upper top of the circle. Give it a gradient of white to transparent, opacity 30%.Now change its property to overlay.Similarly, make another much smaller eclipse, position it on the top. Fill it with white, change opacity to20%.Your glossy orb is ready.Yu can add text or custom shapes to this orb to change it into different Tip: This same technique can be used on rectangle, square or triangle to create glossyeffect.There are many other logo tutorials with advance techniques to create more detailed and controlleddesigns. This one is a basic tutorial for those who would like to DIY some graphics of their work. You canadd addition layer styles to the test or shapes that you like to add to this orb. For more inspiration andlatest news please visit and leave us a comment about the tutorials you would like tosee. Our designers at will gladly share the info with you.So, keep inspiring and improvising …