Bokeh with a twist


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Bokeh with a twist

  1. 1. How to make bokeh background with a twist?We – the designers at are glad to share this unique texture background with you allwhich can be used as your blog header or background.Let us start by creating a bokeh brush for the following design.Bokeh Brush 1. Start by creating a document of 1900 by 1200 pixel and Resolution 300 (background content = transparent) in Photoshop 2. Next, create a circle using eclipse tool. Fill it will black color, then go to layer properties <fil = 50%.
  2. 2. 3. Next, go to layer style and apply stroke (size =10px); position inside in black color. 4. Select the Eclipse and go to Edit <Define Brush Preset < Save (Image Courtesy – BestLogoShop.Com)Now the Bokeh Background 1. Create a new document (size it as per your requirement). We are keeping it at 1900 by 1200. 2. Name the new layer “Background”. Fill this layer with dark grey color. 3. Create new layer, with layer properties as overlay. Using Gradient overlay, make following changes.
  3. 3. 4. Now create a new folder in layers palette and set its blending option to color dodge.5. We need to reset some brush option before proceeding further. Set them to following settings6. Now create a new layer (in new folder) and keeping color white make few strokes.7. Then go to Filters < Blur < Motion Blur. Set its radius to 20. Keep brush radius around in between 550 to 600 px.
  4. 4. 8. Create another layer, and apply Motion Blur Filter (keeping radius 5 this time). Brush radius around 275 – 3009. Make one final layer with few strokes with brush radius around 150. And apply Motion blur with 1 px radius10. Now you should have a image similar to following image11. Go to File < Save for web and devices, save the image.12. To create the twist in the picture; we will now apply another filter to this image.13. Open this image in Photoshop and go to Filter <Other < Offset
  5. 5. 14. And Save Image for the final result. You can make different patterns by playing with settings. We (BestLogoShop.Com Team) hope you like the tutorial. Keep inspiring and improvising