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Namasmaran Is Life Of Life Dr Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar


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Namasmaran Is Life Of Life Dr Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar

  2. 2. It could be true that the path of fulfillment, liberation, emancipation, NIRVANA, SAMADHI, MOKSHA etc may vary in different individuals according to their constitutions, their beliefs, their religions, their upbringing, their socioeconomic and political conditions and so on! The other environmental factors also could influence. But just as one can not stop sharing some delicious dish or some superb movie with close friends, I can not resist the urge to share my impressions (how much ever they may appear ridiculous or even worst to some one) about NAMASMARAN! I would like to clarify that I have learnt about NAMASMARAN from the incarnations of cosmic consciousness in various
  3. 3. regions in religious as well unreligious backgrounds in the world. After critical study and analysis about various permutations and combinations in terms of pros and cons; and practice of NAMSMARAN over decades (though may not be adequate enough); I think I can share my impressions with reasonable confidence and conviction. To sum up in brief: NAMSMARAN is the life of life in individual and cosmos! Amnesia, forgetfulness or lack of NAMASMARAN embodies: ATMADROHA i.e. self betrayal, ATMAKLESHA i.e. self torture, ATMAVANCHANA i.e. self deception,
  4. 4. ATMABHRASHTATA i.e. self degradation, ATMAKSHEENATA i.e. self debility, ATMAGLANI i.e. self unawareness, ATMAGHRUNA i.e. self contempt, and ATMAHATYA i.e. self destruction Even as I had written about NAMASMARAN with utopian and simplistic view point that; NAMASMARAN would lead to global perspective, globally beneficial policies, globally beneficial motivation and globally beneficial instinctual fervor, now I feel that NAMSMARAN is the way and means; and NAMASMARAN is the destination and culmination!
  5. 5. NAMASMARAN itself is the core; around which everything revolves! Lie is lifeless without NAMSMARAN! (The world famous NAMAVATAR i.e. incarnation of NAMA i.e. OMKAR i.e. the first explicit form of cosmic consciousness; Brahmachaitanya Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj from Gondavale near Satara in Maharashtra state in India made the fact clear that NAMASMARAN has to be the top most priority in life. He advised us to care for NAMA even more than our life! Further; he assured us that he (cosmic consciousness) would always be there with us (and realizable to us when we are in NAMASMARAN)).