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2008 AHP Champion Award Presentation


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The 2008 AHP Champion Award was presented to the following individuals on June 21, 2008 at the AHP Break from the Gait Seminar in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Tony Chamblin ~ The Horsemen's Journal
Ruth Brown ~ Eastern/Western Quarter Horse Journal

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2008 AHP Champion Award Presentation

  1. 1. AHP presents the AHP Champion Award to individuals for their distinguished service to the association and its growth. Collectively, the winners become the AHP Circle of Champions. The recipients of this award are individuals who were instrumental in the development and growth of American Horse Publications. Each recipient receives a commemorative pin, individual plaque, and their names honored online at the AHP web site.
  2. 2. The Executive Committee presented its recommendations for nominees at its February Board Meeting, where the Board approved awarding the 2008 AHP Champion Award to the two individuals who were the only AHP Presidents who were elected to two terms and also served as AHP Executive Directors.
  3. 3. AHP is known as a friendly organization that embraces new members and makes them feel part of the family immediately. Tony Chamblin took that on as his personal mission while both AHP president from 1974 to 1976 and its executive director from 1977 to 1983. The Horsemen's Journal 1974-1976 AHP President 1977-1983 AHP Executive Director
  4. 4. A stalwart of the Thoroughbred industry, Tony enjoyed the camaraderie from all facets of AHP, no matter what breed or discipline someone represented. He began his journalistic career as the youngest sports editor in the country at age 23 in the mid-1960s at the Evansville Courier and Press. Over the next decades he served as editor, publisher, and/or president of the Horseman’s Journal, editor of the Breeders’ Cup Magazine, executive director of the National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, president and general manager of Finger Lakes Racing Association, and president of Racing Commissioners International, many of those posts held simultaneously.
  5. 5. Though that kept him busy, Tony always found time for AHP and its meetings. He ensured that all newcomers met everyone and that they were included in AHP’s infamous field trips. “There is no doubt that I would never have witnessed waiters on roller skates at La Niçoise in Georgetown if not for Tony,” said former AHP president Tracy Gantz. “And I guarantee that I never would have seen the amazing female impersonators at Finocchio’s in San Francisco had I not been with the AHP group, Tony leading the charge.”
  6. 6. Tony not only fostered the personal relationships that are at AHP’s core, under his presidency he helped institute the annual awards contest in 1974. That contest has soared in popularity, and it has stimulated AHP publications to better their product, resulting in the exemplary service they give to the entire horse industry. Currently living in Lexington, Ky., Tony continues to provide consulting services and occasional writing for the horse industry. He also owns an antique shop and lifestyle store with his wife.
  7. 7. “I fondly remember the happy days in the formative years of AHP and am proud to have been a part of the organization’s foundation.”
  8. 8. From 1968 to 1988, Ruth was actively involved in the equine publishing industry as managing editor and then publisher of Eastern/Western Quarter Horse Journal. During that time, the monthly magazine joined American Horse Publications. Ruth was instrumental in the growth and development of the association and served as its President for two years and later its Executive Director from 1983- 1986. Eastern/Western Quarter Horse Journal 1982-1984 AHP President 1983-1986 AHP Executive Director
  9. 9. Chris Brune, former editor of Eastern/Western, and now Executive Director of American Horse Publications, introduced her longtime friend at the association’s 20th Anniversary celebration in Washington, D.C. in 1990 during a tribute to honor past presidents. “Without Ruth Brown, I would not be here tonight. Ruth’s family and my family were friends who shared an interest in Quarter Horses, long before I went to work for Eastern/Western Quarter Horse Journal in 1972. Ruth and I learned the publishing business together and spent the next 16 years, sharing the adventure.”
  10. 10. In 1982, Ruth became AHP’s first woman president. In 1983, she was asked to serve a second term, becoming the only other president to serve two terms. When the current Executive Director resigned in 1983, Ruth took over as acting director until the end of her presidency when she became Executive Director and AHP’s administrative office moved to Middleboro, Massachusetts. In addition to her responsibilities as publisher of Eastern/Western, Ruth spent innumerable hours planning seminars, preparing an awards contest, publishing a newsletter, and performing the administrative duties of the association.
  11. 11. She resigned as AHP Executive Director in 1986 and two years later turned over the horse publishing business to Chris to pursue her interests in desktop publishing and advertising specialties and to being a grandmother. Until her death in 2006 at age 67, Ruth Brown maintained an interest in AHP activities and enjoyed reading about her association friends and its growth.
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