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iPad Club: A look at hosting an iPad Club / User Group at the library. Presented on 8/22/13

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  • Mobile Devices Overtake PC Sales at Lenvno http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/16/business/global/smartphones-and-tablets-outsell-pcs-at-lenovo.html?_r=0
  • iPad Club

    1. 1. iPad Clubs & User Groups 0 iPad Clubs & User Groups 0 a collection of people (can be patrons and staff) who are interested in learning more about their iPad, tablets and smartphones 0 Clubs often meet at scheduled date and time 0 Clubs may use social networking (MeetUp, Facebook, Twitter, Community Calendar) 0 Members exchange information between each other and with staff - engaged conversation
    2. 2. iPads & Tablets 0 Smartphone & tablets are out selling desktop and laptop computers 0 changing how people use technology, interact with it, and interact with each other 0 App development continually increases the productivity and uses of these devices 0 Mobile devices offer more flexibility and features 0 access on the go 24/7, GPS, camera/video
    3. 3. Determine the Need 0 Are you noticing a lot of people bringing in their device to access Wi-Fi? 0 Are you answering a lot of question on how to use a device, access downloadable content, or which device to buy? 0 Have you noticed a decrease in library desktop/internet use?
    4. 4. Plan the Club 0 Instructor(s) 0 Volunteers 0 Library Staff 0 Club Members 0 Format 0 Formal presentation style 0 Informal Q&A 0 Blended format 0 Club Size 0 should be manageable 7-15 people
    5. 5. Plan the Club 0 Meeting Date/Times 0 Consider target audience 0 age, gender 0 technology skill level 0 When planning chat with iPad/tablet users 0 Visit with them when the call or visit the library 0 Post questions on social sites 0 possible meeting dates/times 0 topics 0 volunteer instructors
    6. 6. Promote the Club 0 Paper (flyers, bookmarks) 0 keep target audience in mind when designing flyers 0 place them in line of sight 0 place them outside of the library (coffee shops, tech stores) 0 hand them out 0 Media 0 Press Releases (print, radio, TV) 0 Community Calendar Listings 0 Website/Newsletters 0 Word 0 Talk to people! (most effective) 0 Make sure staff, volunteers, everyone knows what is going on
    7. 7. Various Club Topics 0 Topics will depend on audience and club format 0 no set topics needed for informal Q&A 0I’d suggest to have a few leading questions or tips handy 0 Formal topics may include 0 basic features and operation 0 setting up email accounts 0 Facetime and Skype 0 Personalizing the iPad(managing apps, notifications, wall paper, sounds) 0 Apple Apps (communication, everyday tasks, media and entertainment) 0 Library Services and Apps!
    8. 8. Promote the Library 0 Promote library services and databases 0 Downloadable content 0 Library’s website and catalog 0 library apps 0 Promote other upcoming programs or services 0 technology related or not
    9. 9. Volunteers and Partnerships 0 Perfect opportunity for a volunteer-led program 0 Partner with local/regional stores for help 0 local technology stores often are willing to help 0 Cell phone store 0 May even provide devices or product demonstrations 0 if they cannot help they can always promote the event
    10. 10. My iPad Club Experience 0 Meets Monthly (same day and time) 0 P.R. on Facebook, onsite and with area businesses 0 4-12 attendees (2/3 repeat members) 0 Generally follow hybrid format 0 first part: talk about a library service or a fun app 0librarian is the instructor 0 second half: Q&A 0librarian and members answer questions 0 Welcome all tablets and devices 0 have devices sit together (helping each other out) 0 smartphones are welcome too!
    11. 11. My iPad Club Experience 0 Make sure they bring 0 their device (not required but recommended) 0 email account & password 0 Apple ID & password 0 Club meets for generally an hour 0 Get their emails and hand yours out 0 send out reminders for next meeting 0 follow up on questions you couldn’t answer
    12. 12. My iPad Club Experience 0 Still assist individuals as they come to the library 0 staff informs them of club 0 Had local cellular businesses provide demonstrations 0 Wi-Fi hot spots, new devices and Freebies! 0 Club has brought in new community members 0 Club has been used as nexus for grants 0 currently working on getting 3 iPads for library 0 I do not own a iPad or tablet 0 learned a lot from club members
    13. 13. Finding Topics and Apps 0 Listen to patrons and club members 0 what are they asking for help with 0printing, bookmarking, creating/managing tiles 0 New Library Services (Overdrive 3.0, Freegal) 0 Online 0 iPad basics tutorial 0www.gcflearnfree.org/ipadbasics 0 80 Best Free iPad Apps 2013 0http://www.techradar.com/us/news/mobile- computing/tablets/70-best-free-ipad-apps-2013-692418
    14. 14. Notes 0 Have fun interacting with patrons and volunteers 0 club builds strong relationships between members and the library 0 Don’t be afraid to host a club if you don’t own a device 0 find a volunteer 0 Promote Promote Promote! 0 You may need to change the format and meeting date/time depending on community needs 0 Keep the club fresh with different content and material 0veterans may not want to come back every meeting to review same material (but they make great volunteer club leaders/helpers)
    15. 15. Resources 0 iPad & iPhone Basics 0 www.gcflearnfree.org/apple 0 Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials 0 http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/14529/the- complete-list-of-ipad-tips-tricks-and-tutorials/ 0 Handy Android Tablet Tips and Tricks 0 http://www.techradar.com/us/news/mobile- computing/tablets/handy-android-tablet-tips-and- tricks-1073068
    16. 16. Questions? 0 ahoppman@gmail.com 0 slides can be downloaded at: