Inserting Music Into Power Point 2007


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Instructions on how to add an .mp3 file into PowerPoint 2007.

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  • You didn't mention that 'adding' an MP3 file to a presentation just links it and doesn't really embed it. The MP3 file has to be distributed along with and maybe even has to be resident in the same folder as the Power Point presentation file. I concluded this when my music didn't play in a second computer used for test and then I noticed that my MP3 file was ~6MB while the .pptx file was only ~2MB; clearly the .pptx file couldn't contain the MP3 file unless it was significantly compressed and MP3 format is already quite compressed. When I put the MP3 file onto the second computer, the slide show played it fine!

    Furthermore, I found rehearsal to be a tedious and exasperatingly slow process to set slide times. It should be mentioned that the Animation tab presents an alternative way to specify the times numerically and exactly and is much quicker than letting the times elapse. Cut and paste can even be used to put the same time on a series of slides in a jiffy.
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Inserting Music Into Power Point 2007

  1. 1. To insert music into your PowerPoint 2007 slides Get the slideshow ready to go • Go to “Slide Show” - “Set up Show” • Under “Show Slides” – choose the number of slides you need your sound to last for • Under “Advance Slides” – Choose “Using Timer, if present” © 2009 Insert the song • Go to the tab at the top of PowerPoint that reads Insert • Go over to the right to - Sound, Sound From File. • Then select your music from your folder. • Find your song and put it on the slide. • A box will automatically pop up and ask you if you want the song to play automatically or on click. • Choose Automatically. Tell PowerPoint that you want the slideshow to run by itself – not by clicking the mouse • Go to “Animations” tab, • All the way on the right it says “Advance Slide”, • Uncheck both options. Tell PowerPoint how many slides the song needs to play for: • Go to the tab that says “Animations”, • Then click “Custom Animation.” • Your song will be on the box on the right. • Once you click on your song you will see an arrow; click on it and go down to “Effect Options”. • Find the section that says Stop Playing. There will be a check by On Click. • Uncheck it and click “After” • Then, type in the number of slides your music needs to last for.
  2. 2. Set up your PowerPoint with the correct number of seconds for each slide • Go to the “Slide Show” tab, • Check the box that says “Use Rehearsed Timings.” • Then click on “Rehearse Timings,” to set up how long you want each slide to appear. • As your sound plays, click through the slides according to your choice for each slide.