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  • That place in the school that either looks like the coolest place ever or like an old musty book room. The 21st Century Library can be a one-stop-shop for your needs as a intern, pre-service & in-service teacher.
  • What do you think the best resource is in the library? The librarian of course.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard this word “collaborate” and think to yourself “I barely have time to plan my own stuff let alone plan with someone else…” well the librarian is a teacher too. She can help you with assessment tools, single assignments as well as unit long projects. Remember, LIBRARIANS are TEACHERS! I was required to have a teaching degree before I could even register for the MLS program in NYC. I’m quite sure SD has a similar policy.
  • There are so many awesome changes happening in education right now, but you don’t have time to learn everything. The librarian can help integrate new stuff into your lessons. Remember when being literate meant knowing how to read & write? Well literacy is changing and librarians support this new type of literacy. And the Common Core State Standards? The Librarian can help!
  • The library has both print & electronic resources. Have you used the SD State Library resources?? Do you know how to use the OPAC? How about citing your sources? The librarian knows a thing or 2 about these things…
  • She can also help you evaluate web and print resources. She can locate lessons on evaluating websites for your classes. Knowing how to locate information isn’t enough anymore. You need to know if it is good information.
  • Studies show that students who have access to library resources perform better on standardized tests! Often, librarians are pretty tech savvy. They can help choose titles for class.
  • Librarians are some of the most creative people around. They are tech savvy and can usually handle any program the web throws at them. They can help you wrangle programs like livebinders.com, animoto.com, slideshare.com, prezi.com, glogster.com as well as apps for tablets and phones. Most of all, they are specialists at creating a learning environment for all students.
  • 21st century library

    1. 1. 21 ST CENTURY SCHOOL LIBRARY What the Library Can Do For You Abby Moore, Education Librarian
    2. 2. BEST RESOURCE • CollaborateThe librarian is • Integrateyour best resource • Evaluatein the library • Participate • Locatebecause he/she: • Create
    3. 3. COLLABORATEAssessmentsAssignmentsProjects
    4. 4. INTEGRATECCSS TrendsEducational TransliteracyTechnology
    5. 5. LOCATEPrint Resources Responsible UseElectronic ResourcesScholarly articlesAward winning titles
    6. 6. EVALUATEHow do you All About Explorersknow if a Women & Aidsresource is a goodone to use??
    7. 7. PARTICIPATEImprove Tech Test Support Scores Resource Selection
    8. 8. CREATELibrarians are Videosresponsible for creating Podcastsa superior learning Blogsenvironment for all Websitesstudents and staff. Wikis
    9. 9. KNOW THIS…
    10. 10. A 2 1 S T C E N T U RY L I B R A R I A N :
    11. 11. WORKS CITEDJohnson, D. (2007, June 18). Baby Teachers. Retrieved from:http://dougjohnson.squarespace.com/dougwri/baby-teachers.html.