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Eng 102 proje


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Eng 102 proje

  2. 2. CONTENT1. Robot systems at the transaction level are obvious qualities.2. Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Mechatronics Intellıgence3. Man-Machine association4. MECHATRONICS / engineering applications of Artificial Intelligence
  3. 3. ROBOT SYSTEMS AT THE TRANSACTIONLEVEL ARE OBVIOUS QUALITIES 1. Robots and locations of their status, perceive their environment and they are a part, 2. Perceived environment, their position and status and can make decisions by comparing the pre-defined tasks, 3. the environment by implementing the decisions, and change their own status and position.
  4. 4.  A machine and to the fulfillment of these functions within the system, man-made intelligent machines and systems behavior properties is acquired. Perceived by people, machinery and systems identified here significantly the behavior of intelligent behavior. In fact, cases of human intelligence with existing systems, mechatronics and intelligent machines, and significant structural differences in the basic concepts of behavior is accepted. Current and near future technology is expected to close the gap between these two concepts.
  5. 5. Mentioned in the introduction of this paper is capable of perception-decision-making-application machines, as machines with todays technology can identify within the Mechatronics Zekaya. In parallel to this definition, "Mechatronics is a collection of hardware and software that provides intelligence to act intelligent machines," he must define. Expected by artificial intelligence researchers in the early years of this definition does not explicitly match the definitions in human-like machine, and technological developments brought significant benefits to todays technology helped to take important steps
  6. 6.  . Artificial intelligence and biological intelligence and add INT Mechatronics is different, at least for engineering applications must emphasize that a different definition. This definition of the work carried out on human intelligence is beyond the intelligence applications of mechatronics. Similarly, studies computer science called artificial intelligence, mechatronics lab work should be considered outside
  7. 7. INTELLIGENCE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AND MECHATRONICS INTELLıGENCE Ideological attitudes (beliefs, desires, inclinations, etc.) should be. - Be able to acquire new knowledge (learning ability). - Including ambiguous and contradictory environments, must have the ability to understand. - Considered the action (s) must have the ability to predict outcomes, and planning.
  8. 8.  Considered the action (s) must have the ability to predict outcomes, and planning. - Know the limits of knowledge and skills. - Similar cases should be able to distinguish the differences.
  9. 9.  - Be able to generalize different looking situations. - And perceive the external world. - Understand and be able to use language and symbolic representations.
  10. 10. MAN-MACHINE ASSOCIATION First, you need to better define the machine- human unity. There is no current technological level of knowledge at the machine and can not be any non-human communication. machines are under human control at various levels.
  11. 11.  For this reason, not only in an environment dominated by machines. In this case the combination of engineering systems, including the man-machine systems is more accurately described as. In this case, all machines of theoretical systems consisting of two separate systems of people with a completely defines the end point.
  12. 12. MECHATRONICS / ENGINEERING APPLICATIONSOF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE In light of technological developments in the past 20-30 years, the nature of any intelligence units by adding non-intelligent machines that produce machines of artificial intelligence as a phenomenon of economic has been found that positive results. For this reason, intelligence level above zero in recent years a large number of commercial, military, etc. are designed and manufactured machines.
  13. 13.  This is a very complex machines (weapons systems) can be used, such as household chores (washing machines) and can be either simple machines that can make decisions. Undoubtedly the most important factor that determines the level of intelligence applied to the economic dimension.
  14. 14.  Currently, information and data storage for larger sizes is known to be applicable to systems based on the product. In terms of the process is not easy to say this because of the size of real-time. As a feature of mechatronic machines, however, why there was a common practice in detection systems, the size of the economic dimension.
  17. 17. REFERENCE ve-yapay-zeka-t19384.0.html