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Ecosystem for Scholarly Work


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In this presentation, we provide the details of an ecosystem to foster scholarly work at an educational institution. Various research and funding processes are outlined to set up and execute a successful operational model.

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Ecosystem for Scholarly Work

  1. 1. Istanbul Sehir UniversityEcosystem for Scholarly WorkApril 2010
  2. 2. Business ProcessesManagement of Working CapitalSystem of Fostering Scientific and Scholarly WorkSystem of Managing Attendance to Conferences,Symposiums, and other Scientific GatheringsManagement of Sponsored Projects Tubitak, EU Supported, Government Sponsored
  3. 3. Market AnalysisTurkey: Sabanci University (Dr. Cemil Arikan, Director of Research andGraduate Policy, Dr. Nilay Papila, Manager of Research and GraduatePolicy)Turkey: Ozyegin University (Prof. Sirin Tekinay, Vice Rector of Researchand Technology)USA: Stanford University (Asc. Dr. Christos Kozyrakis, EE Department)Turkey: Bilim University, Maltepe University: execution plans formanaging working capital.
  4. 4. Sabanci University (SU) RESEARCH ACTIVITIES ECOSYSTEM Research Research Innovation and Activities and Projects Entrepreneurship Actions Products & Services Scientific Patents Startups IP Research Management Publications Technology transfer Internal Research RGP & PMO Technopark Productization Internal Academic Work (GOSB) Supporting Fostering Scholarly Work URC & UEK INOVENT GGP Offices and Independent Research Platforms Cooperations EU Programs Enterprise Graduate and Funding Policies Resources Mechanisms Industry, STK, TÜBİTAK, Faculties Senate Offices Undergraduate Other Grants Students Monetary Labs & International Computing Funding Programs İPC & Infrastructure Forums Source: SU ALP REpository
  5. 5. SU: Research Process Research Scientific and Project and Graduate Management Inovent Scholarly Policies Office (PMO) Work Office (RGP)* Publications * Development of * Management of * Marketing of* Research Projects New Research Research Projects IP and Productization* Innovation, ProjectsStartups AndPatents
  6. 6. SU: Sponsored Research (-) Proposal Submission Announcements Accept? Marketing Preparation & Tracking* Bulletins * Faculty Member* Email to Select * RGP StaffGroups and Individuals * Project Sponsor* Information Meetings Representative Research Transfer to Academic University and Ethics Research Project Project Start Graduate Agreement Managements Council Council Policies approval approval Office approval * Law (-) * IP (-) (-) * Project Manager Reject Project
  7. 7. SU: Project Management Provisioning Budgeting and Planning and Management of Change and Project Management Reporting Contractual Management Kickoff Project of Obligations Resources* Budget Plan * Agreements * Cash flow * Budget revisions * Budgeting reports* Rules and Lawful * Human capital management * Action plan revisions * Finance ReportsPolicies for * Resource buys * Billing & Expenditures * Approvals * ControllersCollaboration * Consortium and * Research grant periodic* Project documentation Team coordination progress reportsand distribution * Yearly progress reports* SAP Project Project Outcome Finish and IP * Budget finalization * Evaluation and identification of * Official project finalization project outcomes * Year ends, budget * IP evaluation and disclosure rollovers *IP protection policy - delegation * Project finalization and to Inovent Presentation to APK
  8. 8. SU: IP Management Return to Innovator (-) IP Protection (-) & IP IP Evaluation SU IP Startup & Industrial by SU Investment Disclosure Idea Value Investment Analysis PMO + RGP +Innovator > RGP + PMO > (+) Inovent + Board ofPMO Inovent PMO > Directors Inovent (+) Innovator & Technology Development Patent SU & PMO + RGP + Application Participant Inovent / (c) / Filing Lawful Productization Agreements Licensing / Startup / Spin-off PMO + RGP + PMO Inovent Inovent Note: IP Productization profits accounting > PMO
  9. 9. Ozyegin University Vice Rector for Research and Technology Sponsored Projects Office Program Accounting Tracking Officer 1 Officer 2
  10. 10. Ozyegin University Pre-award stage Officer 1: Tracking new grant programs, identifying submission guidelines and procedures, detailing formatting guidelines, and easing the submission process and paperwork. Post-award stage Officer 2: Detailed accounting that itemizes tasks, inputs, outputs, monetary policies.
  11. 11. Ozyegin University .... sponsoring an invited speaker Shared increasing Research and university Technology Pool visibility .... allowances for faculty* to attend conferences, seminars*: 5000 TL yearly, or once in a lifetime
  12. 12. Sehir University’s Ecosystem Prime objectives: (i) Manage working capital, (ii) Foster scholarly work, (iii) Encourage social presence at scholarly meetings Design Principle Reward direct or indirect contribution. ✌ Avoid insider competition.
  13. 13. Keep in mind... Measure how well graduating students do. Job reputation, salary, satisfaction, productivity Integrate intangible, effort and contribution that cannot be quantified into reward system.
  14. 14. Reward SystemResearch Leadershipproductivity skillsIndustrial ManagementProjects + skillsConsulting +IndustrialRelations Effective Organizational People: Skills: Marketing skills conferences, seminars, Teaching skills keynotes, invited talks
  15. 15. Proposal I INTERDISCIPLINARY Foster “interdisciplinary” projects: Computer Engineering (Internet Services) Industrial Engineering (Quality Assurance and Management) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Machinery) Management Science (Organizational behavior) Mathematics (Algorithm design + Problem Solving) Sociology (Market study) Psychology (Buying behavior) International Relations (Trade rules)
  16. 16. Internal Project Sponsorship First and Pre Formal Final Proposal Decision Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation* Interdisciplinary * Qualification * Qualifiers: Project * Final presentations * Rector approvaland visionary according to presentation * Evaluation by of projects to beresearch projects evaluation * Project prioritization Rector, Secretary funded* Seed level funding criterion for funding (strategic) General, and(early stage) URC members* Maximum duration:2 years Transfer to Academic Ethics Project Start Council Managements approval Office (-) Reject Project
  17. 17. Sehir University Draft Management of Working Capital docid=0Abe6cHYpPQasZHJkcDVwM180YzJxNGRjZzY &hl=en