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PiTechnologies Company Profile


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This is the company profile of PiTechnologies 2015, it contains our key customers and main services/products along with our main projects

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PiTechnologies Company Profile

  1. 1. PiTechnologies Company Profile December 2015
  2. 2. About PiTechnologies was founded in 2009. PiTechnologies is a software house, specialised in mobile applications, web applications and embedded system. PiTechnologies provides custom software, outsourcing services and professional training programs
  3. 3. About PiTechnologies is an IBM Cloud Partner
  4. 4. Vision We have a dream To be an international leader in the ICT sector, in order to be able of providing new technologies rather than following
  5. 5. Mission PiTechnologies works on providing useful solutions to the world based on the Information and Communications Technologies. Providing solutions to business making it easier and more profitable, providing solutions to consumers making their life better and easier.As well as spreading technology through training to specialist and awareness to un-specialists
  6. 6. Services
  7. 7. Software Development Outsourcing Services Social Media Marketing Penetration Testing Training Services Services
  8. 8. Software Development ‣ PiTechnologies has Agile Certified Staff ‣ Development process is sustainable, innovative, dynamic, fruitful, effective and efficient process ‣ Based on Agile development concepts, we deliver exactly what customer needs, or even better on time
  9. 9. Software Development (Mobile Applications) ‣ PiTechnologies is one of the leading companies in mobile applications development in Egypt ‣ PiTechnologies provides custom mobile applications development service. We are specialised in iOS and Android native apps, as well as cross platform based on web technologies ‣ Based on Agile development methodology, PiTechnologies works on producing mobile applications that satisfies our customers and meet the universal design, development and deployment aspects
  10. 10. Software Development (Web Applications) ‣ PiTechnologies provides custom web applications development service ‣ Maintaining sustainable development process with periodic output enables our customers of enhancing designs and functionalities ‣ We pay serious attention to web applications security, and this point is a what gains our customers trust and comfort.
  11. 11. Software Development (Embedded Software) ‣ PiTechnologies offers Embedded Software Development and testing services ‣ Services include design, implementing, testing and prototyping Embedded Systems ‣ PiTechnologies provides service among a wide range of HW platforms and programming languages
  12. 12. Software Development (Smart TV Apps) ‣ PiTechnologies is pioneer in the smart TV applications ‣ We create an interactive smart apps for smart TVs ‣ Smart TV application is an innovation in the presentations and exhibiting activities, it provides more interactive, more fun and better vision for what you want to say
  13. 13. Outsourcing Services ‣ PiTechnologies offers outsourcing service for software projects ‣ Based on Agile methodologies, we offer sustainable, reliable and smooth outsourcing service ‣ Outsourcing is made better, as customer can monitor the progress in real time. Customer is able to inspect a version on short time periods, hence updates and improvements are applicable and welcome
  14. 14. Social Media ‣ PiTechnologies provides digital marketing and social media related services ‣ As we aim to provide the best value to our customer we are looking forward to completing the cycle which makes the best results, we provide digital marketing services to our customers ‣ We provide creating and management for digital entity for our customers, including designing and even professional photo shooting
  15. 15. Penetration Testing ‣ We aim to keep our customers safe through scanning their online and offline system against intrusion, data corruption and even data monitoring, then reporting and/or applying recommended actions ‣ Penetration Testing Services is extendable to include all the critical assets like wireless connections, web applications, old versions of OS and even scanning human resources against social engineering attacks
  16. 16. Training Services ‣ PiTechnologies provides various training programs for students, graduates, professionals and companies ‣ We provide custom training programs that contains more than the technical stuff, training programs covers what trainees need to use the technical content in a professional way based on his goals such as: freelancing ,teamwork, agile project management, software design concepts
  17. 17. Clients
  18. 18. Egypt Governmental Sector
  19. 19. Egypt Private Sector
  20. 20. KSA Clients
  21. 21. Gulf Clients
  22. 22. International Clients
  23. 23. Portfolio
  24. 24. Sharity iPhone App
  25. 25. Sharity iPhone App
  26. 26. Moamalat iPhone/iPad App
  27. 27. Moamalat iPhone/iPad App
  28. 28. Amo Hamza iPhone/iPad App
  29. 29. Amo Hamza iPhone/iPad App
  30. 30. Seclam iPhone/iPad App
  31. 31. Seclam iPhone/iPad App
  32. 32. PiTechnologies iPhone/iPad & Android App
  33. 33. PiTechnologies iPhone/iPad & Android App
  34. 34. El Helal iPhone/iPad App
  35. 35. El Helal iPhone/iPad App
  36. 36. El Helal iPhone/iPad App
  37. 37. El Helal iPhone/iPad App
  38. 38. Cortigiano iPhone/iPad & Android App
  39. 39. Elzahma iPhone/iPad & Android App
  40. 40. Visit AbuDhabi Android App
  41. 41. PiNorama Android App
  42. 42. Ceramic Android App
  43. 43. MicroCom Android App
  44. 44. Emsakeya Android App
  45. 45. E-Book Reader Android App
  46. 46. Food Court Android App
  47. 47. ITIDA Android App
  48. 48. Patisserie Android App
  49. 49. Fashion Android App
  50. 50. Web Application ‣ Screener One:A stock market website which contains many features help the investors in taking decisions to buy or sell shares in different companies and organizations.
  51. 51. Web Application ‣ Traffic Monitoring Web Application
  52. 52. Web Application
  53. 53. Web Application
  54. 54. Web Application
  55. 55. Web Application
  56. 56. Web Application ‣ HDMA: The ultimate tool in identifying and understanding the realities and differences between how you see yourself and your actions and how others perceive the same actions
  57. 57. Embedded HW Evaluation Kit ‣ Evaluation Kit: a HW Evaluation Kit, design and implemented by PiTechnologies. Kit contains all the basic HW peripherals that enables user of testing his applications
  58. 58. Training ‣ Description: EDUEgypt is a milestone in bridging the employability gap which will help Egyptian graduates leapfrog into a global workforce culture. For that reason The governmental sector represented in MOHE and MCIT and private sector represented in PiTechnologies and other companies cooperated to enhance the employability of the Egyptian graduates and prepare them for the local and global market.
  59. 59. Training ‣ Tracks: ‣ iOS Application Development ‣ Android Applications Development ‣ Web Applications Development ‣ Embedded Systems ‣ Cyber Security ‣ Cloud Computing
  60. 60. Training ‣ Description: Coaching project was about coaching trainees and monitoring their first freelancing experience to simulate real world projects.We have posted projects on an online websites and asked trainees to follow the full freelancing online cycle starting from negotiation till devilry, as well as supporting them technically though our onsite coachs.
  61. 61. Training ‣ Description: In a partnership with CompuTek we have delivered two full embedded systems diplomas [288 hours each]. Diplomas were designed to give trainees intensive knowledge in the embedded systems field as well as inducing their skills to achieve the targeted levels of experience that enables them to start their career just right after graduation.
  62. 62. Contact Us
  63. 63. Contact Us +20111-4888-542 +202-3572-1997 Egypt - Giza H.Q. : 9 Korah bin Shoreik st, Giza Square, Giza, Egypt. +966 542966273 KSA - Riyadh:Al-Ihsaa st.Alhoshan Complex P.O. Box 90872 Riyadh 11623 +965 98756821 17th floor, ElmadinaTower 2, Fahd Elsalem St. Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait