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Mac story


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Mac Story, it is an approach for installing mac environment for development or for normal usage on regular PC.
It is a guide to install a virtual machine on virtual box with mac and XCode on it.
Session includes also solutions for some common errors

Published in: Technology
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Mac story

  1. 1. MAC STORY PiTechnologies AhmedYossef
  3. 3. MAC DREAMYou might need to install Mac OS on your non applemachine for one of the following: To develop iOS/Mac OS apps To Use the exciting Mac OS
  4. 4. HOW ?Install MacInstall the developer tools
  6. 6. IATKOSMany version are out thereYou can download them
  8. 8. SOFTWARE NEEDED XCode Hackint0sh VitrualBox
  9. 9. SOFTWARE NEEDED XCode A vitalization tool by SunHackint0sh It will be used to create an run the mac virtual machineVitrualBox
  10. 10. SOFTWARE NEEDED XCode It is the modified version of the Mac OS,Hackint0sh it is ready to be installed on the virtual machine created by the virtual boxVitrualBox
  11. 11. SOFTWARE NEEDED XCode It is the IDE needed to develop Mac OS and iOS applications.Hackint0sh To develop iOS application, the iOS SDK is needed with the XCodeVitrualBox
  12. 12. CLEAR STEPS
  13. 13. VIRTUAL BOX 1Download theVirualbox from theofficial sun/oraclewebsiteInstall the virtualbox, itis straight forward
  14. 14. HACKINT0SH 2It is the hardest part,search for one of thehackint0sh versions onsome torrent websitesiAtkos, Hazard are themost known types ofhackint0sh
  15. 15. CREATE VIRTUAL MACHINECreating a virtualmachine on the systemInstallation Stepsfollows 3
  16. 16. New virtual machine
  17. 17. Set type to mac machine
  18. 18. Set memory (RAM) virtual size, try to make it larger then 2 GB
  19. 19. Create new virtual hard disk, this option will start a new wizard to configure the new hard disk
  20. 20. Make it dynamic, no need to reserve the whole space before it is needed
  21. 21. Here you can set the virtual drive space, 20GB is min., 30GB is better. Here you can change the location to save the space
  22. 22. The end of the hard disk creating wizard, click done
  23. 23. The end of the machine creating wizard, click done again :)
  24. 24. Machine > Settings > System .. uncheck EFI
  25. 25. Machine > Settings > System > Acceleration .. be sure that virtualization is enabled
  26. 26. VIRTUALIZATIONIf you did not see theacceleration tab !enabled, so your PChas no hardwarevirtualization or it isdisabled.Solution will bediscussed in thecommon issues section
  27. 27. Machine > Run > and continue ..
  28. 28. The first run requires an iso/dmg file to use as bootable medium for installation
  29. 29. Boot from the Hackint0sh iso image
  30. 30. Format the virtual space you have created using the disk utility
  31. 31. Select the device and click erase
  32. 32. Customize .. it is where you will go to trial and error, try to select some drivers to install
  33. 33. DRIVERSDrivers are critical issue, you need to selectsome drivers that you think they matchyour HW, and check it.If your choice was not correct reinstall andselect other driversSometimes you might need only the basicsystem and it works fine without installingany drivers, it is recommended for first timeThe idea of “select all”, may fail because ofdrivers conflict, it is not recommended
  34. 34. CONGRATULATIONS :)Expect that your machine will boot with your new mac machine You will start to configure your machine, create user account, ..
  35. 35. XCODE 4Download and install theXCode with the iOS SDK noproblem with this stepCompatibility with Macversions are listed in the knownissues section
  36. 36. KNOWN ISSUES
  37. 37. XCode versions
  38. 38. XCODE AND MACMac OS Version XCode and iOS SDK Leopard XCode 3.0 and iOS 3.1 XCode 3.2 and iOS 4Snow Leopard till XCode 4.2 Lion XCode 4.3 and iOS 5
  39. 39. Virtualization issue
  40. 40. VIRTUALIZATION/ ACCELERATIONThere are two types of virtualization: SW virtualization, it is found in almost all machines HW virtualization, it is not found all the timeIf the acceleration tab was not activated in thesettings it means one of the following: No HW virtualization HW virtualization is disabled
  41. 41. WHICH ONE ?Go to BIOSIf you found virtualization item, enable itIf you did not find virtualization, it is not supported :(
  42. 42. NO HW VIRTUALIZATIONIf it was your case you can install only leopard version Mac OS X versions: Lion, Snow leopard and leopardSo you will need to search for hackint0sh version whichcontains leopardgoogle example: iAtkos leopardIf you downloaded the iAtkos leopard, continue as thesame, but you will need old XCode version supported onleopard
  43. 43. HAPPY MAC :)