QNET - Product Catalog with EN. Details 2012


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QNET - Product Catalog with EN. Details 2012

  1. 1. P R O D U C T P O R T F O L I O
  2. 2. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 3RETAIL. RETAIN. REPEAT. REFER. REWARD.Share the borderless benefits of the QNET independent businesswith others in your neighbourhood, your country, or anywhere aroundthe world… and be rewarded for doing so.THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE RIGHT BUSINESSYour eStore is your supermarket of everyday items; yoursurvival kit of nutritional supplements and wellness products;your high-end department store of exquisite luxury watchesand jewellery; your travel agent of worldwide vacations atthe most competitive prices around!As a QNET Independent Representative, your income is basedon your sales of these incredible products as well as the salesof those in the organisation you help to create.THE PRODUCTS OF YOUR CHOICESHOP & EARN
  3. 3. Personal onlinebusiness centreTravel IncentiveSWorldwide supportand services4 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  5. 5. 6 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOThese are truly exciting times for our QNET family. As aleading innovator in the eCommerce and direct sellingindustry, QNET strives to stay on top of technologicaldevelopments and to support you in your drive forsuccess. Like you, we are never satisfied with the statusquo, and this credo has lead to us to become one of theworld’s fastest-growing online shopping & businesscommunity in the world, with a stellar combination ofexclusive products and an attractive compensation plan.We constantly expand our product lines to cater to whatour global customers want and need. Each addition allowsus to get closer to you, as we become more integratedinto your life and the way you live. We are extremelyproud of the fact that QNET products are not only inhigh demand by millions of customers all over the world,but they are also consistently purchased and personallyconsumed by our Independent Representatives. This,more than anything, speaks to the quality and high regardthat QNET products hold around the world.QNET is a universal community with unlimited opportunity,and as your partner we are proud to present you witha dynamic offering: Exclusive lifestyle and consumableproducts that help your business flourish and representnew channels for you to involve your organization, aswell to enhance your own lifestyle. Our product portfoliorepresents a platform for performance, so you can achievepersonal and business success while transforming lives.QNET is here to support your every step to success andour new enhanced product catalogue is one of the manytools that will help you do so!THE BESTPRODUCTSIN THE RIGHTBUSINESSProducts that make a differenceJR MayerManaging Director
  6. 6. H a r m o n i s e d E n e r g yPRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 7QNET is all about choice.Here at QNET, we believe that every person deserves to have an opportunity to improve the quality of their life. With this inmindset, we strive to provide you with the best products in the right business. QNET is all about choice.We develop life enhancing products and services of the highest quality, exceeding far and beyond the market standard,ensuring that we deliver only the very best to our customers. Boost your wellness by treating your mind and body to ourpopular range of Energy, Health & Nutrition and Home Care products and parch your thirst for knowledge by enrollinginto our prestigious online Education courses. Pamper and give yourself the best you deserve with our Personal Careproducts. Keep your body in shape with our easy-to-use Weight Management products and programmes. Indulge evenmore in the vast range of QNET’s lifestyle enhancing products by spending vital relaxation time on Holidays at exoticdestinations whilst expressing your unique flair for style with our Fashion Accessories and Luxury & Collectibles.With products that cater to everyone’s taste, you are spoilt for choice. Here at QNET, we firmly stand by our goal of helpingyou to raise yourself to achieve your dreams.
  8. 8. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 9ENERGYInnovative and revolutionary products exclusivelycreated to help you achieve and maintain a harmonisedand balanced state of mind and body.
  9. 9. H a r m o n i s e d E n e r g y10 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOAbout AmezcuaAmezcua is a unique Harmonised Energy product line, designed to increase your harmony and energy levels every day.With ongoing research and development, Amezcua continues to provide quality wellness products promoting a balancedlifestyle and an improved mind, body and soul.Amezcua offers internationally sought-after and revolutionary wellness products, such as the latest all-new design andefficiency improved Amezcua Bio Disc 2, the portable energy enhancer Amezcua Lifestyle Set, and the everyday e-smogprotector Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 and Amezcua E-Guard. With a focus on boosting the natural properties of water aswell as the human body’s energy systems, Amezcua products are vital companions to those who seek a holistic andhealthy lifestyle.
  10. 10. BETTERSTRONGEREASIERPRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 11BETTERSeven wave-form ringsThe Amezcua Bio Disc 2 has a greatly enhanced energyfield, attributed to the seven wave-form rings on thedisc’s surface. The seven ribbed rings speed up thebiomolecular structure process of liquids poured overthe disc, improving the biocompatibility of water moleculeswith your body more than ever before. The liquids areenergised faster and more efficiently via the wave-formproduced by the rings.STRONGERHeat and impact resistanceThe Amezcua Bio Disc 2 has a higher resistance toheat and impact, which allows it to retain good physicalstrength properties even after prolonged exposure tounfavourable environmental conditions. The durabilityand usability have been greatly enhanced from that ofits predecessor.• Amezcua Bio Disc 2• Amezcua Bio Disc 2 Family PackWhen the Amezcua Bio Disc was introduced to theworld in 2006, it heralded a revolution in the way wewere able to redefine and harmonise the energy ofwater, greatly maximising its positive effect on thehuman body. Over the years that followed, numerousindependent scientific tests verified the Bio Disc’sability to positively harmonise energy, while millionsof satisfied customers from all over the world sharedtheir own anecdotal evidence of the benefits of thisinnovative energy enhancer.Today, representing the next level of wellness andthe evolution of the world-renowned Bio Disc, theAmezcua Bio Disc 2 is set to again redefine the way inwhich we can harness and harmonise the energyof our drinking water.Better, stronger, easier, and more effective, theAmezcua Bio Disc 2 is a new era in harmonisedenergy.
  11. 11. 12 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOHydratious SipsIt is common sense that drinking water is vital, however,there is a way to enhance and improve the biocompatibilityof water molecules. Enhancing water’s biocompatibilitymeans that you get more out of every sip while quenchingyour thirst. There is also a way for your drinking waterto increase your energy and harmony levels at thesame time. How? By drinking water that has beenenergised and enhanced by the Amezcua Bio Disc 2.Therefore, Amezcua Bio Disc 2 is able to make yourwater more hydratious, harmonise your energy levels,and generally increase the advantages of drinkingH20. The process is simple and seamlessly joins yourusual routine; just place your glass or cup on thedisc, or place the disc on top of your drink, and thenconsume your water as normal. Think of it as eithera drink coaster, or a ‘lid’ for your water. Either way, itis working to energise and revitalise your water, andconsequently, your body.Various renowned institutions throughout the worldhave evaluated the properties and abilities of theAmezcua Bio Discs.*+Among the evaluations andcertifications is the verdict that the Amezcua Bio Discscan reduce water surface tension value. This in turnmakes water more hydratious, which therefore improvesthe biocompatibility of water molecules with the body’scells. Basically, this means your body can absorbmore of what it needs from your drinking water.Water treated with Amezcua Bio Discs also producesbeautiful and perfectly shaped water crystals, anindication of water with high energy levels and goodquality. The beautiful and good water crystals passthrough body cell walls easier, enabling the body todeliver and absorb nutrients and minerals into its cellsquickly. Further tests have indicated that the disc has a‘profound positive effect on individuals at energy level’.* Tests conducted on someproperties of the originalAmezcua Bio Disc also applyto the efficacy of the AmezcuaBio Disc 2, as the two productsshare the same testedmanufacturing qualities.+Tests conducted on theAmezcua Bio Disc 2 haveshown a higher efficacy andeffectiveness than results ofthe same tests conducted onthe original Amezcua Bio Disc.Tests conducted at the HolisticCompetence Center by Dr med.Manfred Doepp have shown thatthe Amezcua Bio Disc 2 is evenmore effective than the originalAmezcua Bio Disc.Bio Disc ShieldEach Amezcua Bio Disc 2 comes with a high-qualitysilicone rubber shield to protect it in everyday use.Combined with the disc’s enhanced durability andimpact resistance, this Amezcua accessory reducesthe risk of potential breakages or damage withoutaffecting the energy properties of the disc.EASIERFlat-base designA new fusion moulding process creates a user-friendlyflat-base design in the Amezcua Bio Disc 2, making ita reliable and stable base for your beverage containers.Such an improvement to the disc’s functional designmeans that your drinks – whether in a container, glass,cup, bottle or even a jar – are able to stand on the discmore steadily than before.The next level of wellnessThe Amezcua Bio Disc 2 has been designed to furtherimprove, balance and harmonise the energy of thehuman body through natural concepts created froma high-technological process.How is this possible?The Amezcua Bio Disc 2 is made of technically engineerednatural minerals that have been structurally bondedin glass at a molecular level using high-heat fusionmethods. Through this combination of minerals andfusion techniques, a positive energy field is created,which allows the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 to transfer itsenergy field to water and the human body, as hasbeen certified through various testing and evaluationprocesses. Similar to the original Bio Disc but strongerin energy field, it is this transfer of energy that bringsout the best in your water.
  12. 12. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 13Beyond beveragesThe Amezcua Bio Disc 2 energises more than your water.Wash your fruit and vegetables with water treated bythe disc and they’ll not only stay fresher for longer,but their taste will be truly enhanced. Your plants canbenefit in their nutrient uptake from the soil throughbeing energised with water treated by the AmezcuaBio Disc 2. Similarly, beauty creams and cosmeticscan be energised to improve their absorption rate.Double-blind, placebo-controlled tests have measuredthe efficacy of the Amezcua Bio Discs in balancing energy centres, revealing it is a very effective method of energising and balancing the human biofield, decreasing energy imbalances, and redistributing pooled energy. What’s more, various test results also reveal that the Amezcua Bio Discs can efficiently increase the energy and harmony levels in those who use the disc or drink water treated with it.Care Instructions• Handle the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 with care.• Do not expose the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.• Do not place the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator.Key Benefits• Feel refreshed and rejuvenated.• Drink water treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 to increase your harmony and energy levels.• Facilitate transfer of nutrients and enhance the biocompatibility of water to get more out of your water.• Decrease energy imbalances and redistribute pooled energy in your body.SpecificationsDisc• Description: Round Clear Glass• Diameter: 90 mm• Thickness: 10 mmShield• Description: Silicone Rubber• Diameter: 96 mm• Thickness: 19.13 mmSuggested Applications• Run water over the Amezcua Bio Disc 2to instantly enhance your water.• Place your drink on top of theAmezcua Bio Disc 2 to energise yourdrinking water.• For an improved absorption rate,place your containers of creams andcosmetics on top of the Amezcua BioDisc 2.• Carry the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 withyou to improve your harmony andenergy levels.• Water your plants with water treatedwith the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 toenergise and assist them in their waterand nutrient uptake.• Wash your fruit and vegetables withwater treated with the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 to energise and keep themfresh longer.• Shine a 120-Lumen LED light throughthe Amezcua Bio Disc 2 onto yourfood or beverages to enhance theirtaste.• Put the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 in yourrefrigerator to boost the quality andtaste of your food and water.
  13. 13. 14 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOIt is well known that plants use energy from sunlight tomake food in the process of photosynthesis, but plantsare not the only living things that have a complexrelationship with, and need for, light. If a human beingis deprived of light, growth and biological function isrendered impossible.As the smallest physical units of light, biophotons arestored in, and used by, all biological organisms – includingyour body. The research on the purpose of thesebiophotons is proving more and more important inmodern science, and they may very well be in controlof virtually every biochemical reaction that occurs inyour body – including supporting your body’s ability tofunction.Photons – the concept of the basic units of light developedby Albert Einstein – and their interaction within and onbiological systems is a long established field of scientificstudy. Amezcua Bio Light is specifically designed totake advantage of the concept of biophotons. Shiningthe Amezcua Bio Light through the Amezcua BioDisc 2 helps generate the biophotons to improve theperformance of enhancing your energy levels andimproving the taste of your foods and beverages.Key Benefits• Help the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 generate the biophotons to enhance your energy levels and improve the taste of your foods and beverages.• Do not interfere with the behaviour of the Amezcua Bio Disc 2.Specifications• Torch: 7 high-powered white LEDs• Description: ABS, ROHS compliant• Diameter: 97 mm• Thickness: 50 mmSuggested Applications • Place Amezcua Bio Disc 2 inside the Amezcua Bio Light compartment.• Amezcua Bio Light
  14. 14. NEWIMPROVEDENHANCEDPRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 15In a world of pollution and the hustle and bustle ofthe city, we can hardly refuse the electronic gadgets,vehicles and technological advancements that help usto ‘get everything done quicker’. However, we can seewhen the hidden pollution emitted from those devicesaffect our body’s function until our energy is drained tothe point that we can eventually become ill. These arethe realities of the life we live and world we live in.The Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 is an advanced,mineral-based pendant made from thermal-shockresistant glass that has a smooth positive energy field.To combat depleted energy levels, the Amezcua ChiPendant 2 is a way to provide continuous protectionfrom the effects of a busy and stressful world, torecharge your batteries, and importantly, to allow youto get on with life with added bounce in your step.Via the seven energy circles, the Amezcua ChiPendant 2 has a greater enhanced energy field andyour harmony and energy levels are improved fasterand more efficiently. The Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 alsoprotects you from the electromagnetic fields in yourenvironment. Tests have shown that the Amezcua ChiPendant 2 is able to neutralise the invisible negativeeffects of electromagnetic field (electrosmog ore-smog), which is the result of electromagnetic fieldscreated by electronic equipment such as mobilephones, computers, microwave ovens, lighting,air-conditioners, etc.Key Benefits• Feel refreshed and rejuvenated.• Improve your harmony and energy levels.• Protect yourself from e-smog.Specifications• Description: High-temperature Nano-engineered Glass• Bezel: High-grade Stainless Steel• Diameter: 41.5 mm• Thickness: 5 mmNote:Each Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 is unique; a quality that contributesto its attractiveness and personalisation. The intricate and complexmanufacturing process of the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 may result invariations appearing within each piece, which in no way diminish thependant’s wellness properties.Suggested Applications• Place the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 on a cord and wear around your neck. Then, adjust the cord length so that the pendant hangs at the position of your sternum.Note:The usage of the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 is not recommended forchildren under nine years of age, pregnant women, and women in theirmenstrual cycle. Should you experience any discomfort, immediatelyrefrain from using the Amezcua Chi Pendant 2.• Amezcua Chi Pendant 2• Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 Family Pack
  15. 15. 16 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLiving in a Harmful Frequency JungleToday, most of us can hardly imagine a normal daywithout a mobile phone, a computer or television.According to a study released by the Council for ResearchExcellence, the average adult usually spends at least8.5 hours a day in front of screens, including computersand televisions, which both produce a number of staticelectric fields and alternating electric and magneticfields at various frequencies. In many countries, overhalf the population use mobile phones and the marketis growing rapidly. CCS Insight, a major market researchand analysis body focussing on mobile and wirelesssectors reports, that more than 10 billion mobile phoneshave been sold globally since 1994, including fivebillion mobile subscriptions since the start of 2011.The unavoidable transmission masts and towers canalready be found everywhere and the concern whethermobile phone radiation is dangerous to humans is nolonger a myth. These convenient and useful deviceshave become fully integrated into our lives, where theydefinitely have their rightful place. Yet there also areproblems involved with their usage.The Invisible Danger ofElectromagnetic Field RadiationElectromagnetic fields (EMF) of all frequenciesrepresent one of the most common and fastestgrowing environmental influences, about which anxietyand speculation are spreading. They are presenteverywhere in our environment but are invisible tothe human eye and their effects are much worse thanyou think. All populations are now exposed to varyingdegrees of EMF, and the levels continue to increase astechnology advances. Numerous scientific studies andexperiments show that there are growing numbers ofThe Amezcua E-Guard is a unique wellness solutionthat provides protection for your body from the harmfuleffects of electrosmog exposure from mobile phones,computers, laptops, and televisions. Take themwherever you go by discreetly attaching them to yourelectronic devices. The Amezcua E-Guard will not onlyhelp those affected by electro-sensitivities, but also actas a preventative measure for your future protection.Radiation consists of travelling energy in the formof waves or particles. It occurs naturally all aroundus and can be harmless in small doses, althoughthrough different types of radiation such as e-smog(electromagnetic radiation) the body can experienceadverse effects. Amezcua E-Guard is a proven,functional and effective product that helps absorbproblematic radiation frequencies, transforming theminto frequencies that are more compatible and saferto your body. Additionally the Amezcua E-Guardhas an energetic value that subtly transmits positiveinformation into your body, further supporting yourwell-being.• Amezcua E-Guard• Amezcua E-Guard Duo Pack
  16. 16. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 17people who are sensitive to the electromagnetic fieldfrequencies emitted by mobile radio-antennae, mobilephones, computers and television sets. Exposure toa consistent external frequency for more than a fewminutes can cause our body’s electrical functionalityto be disrupted. It interferes with the body’s naturalhealing process.The sensitive reactions display a variety ofsymptoms*, such as insomnia, difficulty in concentrating,anxiety, irritability, headaches, dizziness and similarresponses.*The indicated symptoms may vary based upon individual and maynot be a direct result of exposure to electromagnetic fields.Protect Yourself. Balance YourEnergy. Reduce Your Stress.Amidst the dynamics of the modern world, maintaininga healthy body requires a lot of time and attention.Taking reasonable precautions is an important day-to-daythought for us all. The Amezcua E-Guard acts asassistance to those already affected by harmful e-smogas well as providing a preventative measure for vitalprotection to the body. Combining two pioneeringtechnologies in one single chip, the Amezcua E-Guardworks well with the characteristics of quartz mineralsthat helps absorb various radiation patterns transformingthese into frequencies that are more compatible withbiological systems. An energetic value is additionallyintegrated into the Amezcua E-Guard to subtly transmitpositive information maintaining the well-being of ourbody.With its easy-to-use design, attaching the AmezcuaE-Guard to your everyday electronic devices allowsyou to take preventative action by engaging, activatingand supporting your own body’s natural defenses andenergy systems. Your protection goes wherever you go!The Combination of Two PioneeringEnergy TechnologiesHuman Firewall Technology uses quartz to absorbharmful frequencies and then the frequencies emitback in a neutralised wave form. This field interactswith the human body and transmits certain specificinformation.Energetic Programming helps enhance the overalleffect by having modelled Amezcua E-Guard withinformation containing an energy value that promotesyour well-being.Key Benefits*• Protect yourself from the negative effects caused by electromagnetic radiation (e-smog).• Activate and support your body’s natural defences and energy systems.• Feel more focussed and more energised.• Receive positive informational effects and energy increases everytime your Amezcua E-Guard comes into contact with your skin.*As confirmed by Dr med. Manfred Doepp of the Holistic Center ofEnergy Medicine, Germany.Suggested Applications• Description: Aluminium Chip with Laser Engravings• Diameter: 25 mm• Thickness: Seven (7) E-Guards per packSuggested Applications• There are seven E-Guards in total in every Amezcua E-Guard pack. Due to the varying radiation emissions of different electronic devices, it is recommended to use:The Amezcua E-Guard stays effective for a long periodof time:• Mobile phone (1 chip): 2-3 years• Computers or laptops (2 chips): 3-4 years• Televisions (4 chips): 5-6 years• Clean and dry the surface of yourdevice before attaching the AmezcuaE-Guard/s.• Peel off the backing of the adhesivesticker and attach the AmezcuaE-Guard to your mobile phone,computer or laptop, and television.One (1) E-Guardfor a mobile phoneTwo (2) E-Guards forcomputers or laptopsFour (4) E-Guards fortelevisions (small)
  17. 17. 18 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOManufactured and energised in Switzerland, themobility of the Amezcua Lifestyle Set is supported byits aluminium composition – aluminium is remarkablefor its light weight, strength, resistance to corrosionand durability. Each disc is made from aluminium,meaning they are not only lightweight allowing forconvenient mobility, but also durable, meaning they arepractical for an active lifestyle and a long lifespan.Use each disc of the Amezcua Lifestyle Set for itsspecific benefits, depending on what you are doing:drinking, eating or moving. Bring the Amezcua LifestyleSet with you everywhere to ensure your energeticlifestyle is not only maintained, but enhanced!The Amezcua Lifestyle Set can energise your drinks,enhance your food, and help you move with a bouncein your step!No matter who we are, where we come from, or whatlanguage we speak, we all have at least one thing incommon – in order to survive, we must all drink, eatand move. To lead a healthy life, we need to drinkwell, we must eat fresh, and we have to move lively.The best way to achieve this is in a balanced andharmonised manner to ensure that our drinking andeating habits, and the way in which we move, are allserving our bodies at the optimum level.If you – like most of us – are concerned about yourwell-being and are looking for an effective, safe andconvenient solution to help you maintain your healthylifestyle, the Amezcua Lifestyle Set is your soon-to-bebest friend! Comprised of three usage-specific discsthat are lightweight and durable, the Amezcua LifestyleSet is an advanced way of living with harmonisedenergy as you drink, eat and move.Amezcua products provide you wellness benefitsthat enhance your quality of life. Now, not only isAmezcua there for you, but Amezcua is with you aswell – at home, in the office, while on vacation, walkingdown the street, sitting in a café… everywhere andanywhere! This special set has been designed to suitthe various activities of your daily life, and to provideyou the tools for a healthy lifestyle wherever you go.The Amezcua Lifestyle Set contains three energydiscs – Amezcua DRINK, Amezcua EAT and AmezcuaMOVE – each created with specific energy frequenciesthat are exclusive to the particular application of eachindividual disc. Much like the rest of the Amezcuaproduct line, the positive energy of the AmezcuaLifestyle Set helps you balance and harmonise yourenergy levels to leave you feeling refreshed and readyto tackle whatever the day may hold.• Amezcua Lifestyle Set (3x Energy Discs)• Amezcua Lifestyle Set Family Pack (2x Amezcua Lifestyle Sets)
  18. 18. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 19Amezcua DRINKEnjoy Every SipThe specific energy frequencies with the AmezcuaDRINK are particularly designed for all liquids.Place your beverages on the Amezcua DRINK asif you would with a coaster to allow the transfer offrequencies to it – ensuring you get the most out ofwhat you DRINK!Key Benefits• Feel refreshed and rejuvenated.• Improve your harmony and energy levels.• Improve the taste of beverages.• Convenient, lightweight and portable so you can take it wherever you go and use it whenever you drink.Amezcua EATSavour Every MouthfulPut the Amezcua EAT in your refrigerator to allow thespecific positive energy from the disc to enhance thetaste of your food and increase the shelf life of yourgroceries. You can be sure the disc will impart the correctenergy frequency into everything you EAT!Key Benefits• Boost the quality and taste of your food.• Increase the shelf life of your groceries.• Convenient, lightweight and portable so you can take it wherever you go and use it whenever you eat.Amezcua MOVEEnergise Every StepCarry the Amezcua MOVE in your pocket to improveyour harmony and energy levels, while also effectivelyprotecting yourself from electromagnetic fields (e-smog).The Amezcua MOVE is durable, light, and has a widerange of carry options. You will have energy wheneveryou MOVE!Key Benefits• Harmonise and improve your energy levels.• Protect yourself from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (e-smog).• Convenient, lightweight and portable so you can take it wherever you go.Suggested Applications• Place your drinks on top of theAmezcua DRINK.• Place your food or plate on theAmezcua EAT.• Put the Amezcua EAT in yourrefrigerator.• Carry the Amezcua MOVE with youwherever you go.Suggested ApplicationsAmezcua DRINK• Description: Round Aluminium Disc• Diameter: 85 mm• Thickness: 3 mmAmezcua EAT• Description: Round Aluminium Disc• Diameter: 85 mm• Thickness: 3 mmAmezcua MOVE• Description: Round Aluminium Disc• Diameter: 60 mm• Thickness: 3 mm
  19. 19. 20 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOWe use water in every aspect of our daily lives. If youcan find a way to instantly energise water to improve thequality of your shower and washing water, this will helpboost your well-being as well as keep you refreshed,balanced and harmonised.The Amezcua Energy Shell 2 is a remarkable scientificbreakthrough that provides you with hydratious, energy-enhanced water. You can enhance your drinking andwashing water by attaching the Amezcua Energy Shell2 onto the inlet hose of your HomePure water filtrationsystem, washing machine, or dishwasher.The energised water carries detergent thoroughly intomaterials due to its surface tension value being close tothat of pure water. This means a more economical wayof washing your laundry and dishes as it reduces theamount of detergent used. With less detergent used,wastewater discharged from your washing machine ordishwasher is also more environmentally friendlyKey Benefits• Drink water energised by Amezcua Energy Shell 2 to balance your energy levels and make you feel refreshed and harmonised.• Improve the quality and effectiveness of water used in your laundry and dishwashing.• Help make your washing environmentally friendly and economical.Suggested Applications• Description: Stainless Steel• Diameter: 60 mm• Thickness: 15 mmSuggested Applications• Simply fix the Amezcua EnergyShell 2 to any shower hose orbath tap pipe (up to 15 mmin diameter) with the providedscrews and Allen key.The Amezcua Energy Shell 2 is also designed for usewith a domestic shower and HomePure water filtrationsystem.• Fit the Amezcua Energy Shell tothe supply pipe or hose of yourwashing machine or dishwasherto instantly boost your washingwater.• Install the Amezcua EnergyShell 2 to your HomePure waterfiltration system, kitchen waterpipe or to your water fountain toenhance your domestic drinkingwater.• Attach the Amezcua Energy Shellto your garden hose to energisewater for your plants and flowers.• Amezcua Energy Shell 2• Amezcua Energy Shell 2 Family Pack
  20. 20. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 21Product Evaluations & Certifications*EvaluatorThe National ResearchUniversity of InformationTechnologies, Mechanicsand Optics (UniversityITMO)RussiaGermanyGermanyIndiaCzechRepublicGermanyGermanyGermanyGermanyGermanySingaporeSingaporeJapanGermanyDecreased Energy Imbalancesin Human Body; Positive Effectover WaterPositive Effect over WaterPositive Effect on BeveragesPositive Effect on FoodPositive Influence over HumanBody and WaterPositive Effect over Human BodyBalances Chakras and EnergyCentres in Human BodyIncreased Energy and HarmonyLevels in Human BodyDecreased Stress Levels inHuman BodyPositive Energy FieldsImprove Energy Medical CriteriaReduced Impact of PerturbingTechnical RadiationIncreased Energy Levels inWater and Human BodyProtection against E-smogPositive Energy FieldPositive Effect on BeveragePositive Effect on FoodProtection against E-smogRadiation SafetyRadiation SafetyRadiation SafetyWater Surface Tension ValueEnergy Levels in Water andWater QualityManufacturing QualityElectrochemical QualityConsulting Corporation(EQC)Institute ofElectrophotonicCentre for BiofieldSciencesDr med. Michael KuceraPROGNOS, MedPreventGmbH & CoDr med. Manfred DoeppDr med. Paul-GerhardValeskeIAF - RadioökologieGmbHJustus Liebig Universityof GiessenNational EnvironmentAgencyPSB LaboratoryI.H.M. InstituteSCHOTT AG* Refer to page 170 for detailed Product Evaluations & Certifications.Country ScopeAmezcuaLifestyle SetAmezcuaBioDisc 2 AmezcuaDRINKAmezcuaEATAmezcuaMOVEAmezcuaE-GuardAmezcuaChiPendant 2AmezcuaEnergyShell 2
  21. 21. 22 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOAN ENERGETIC SOLUTIONAs an active sportsperson, the desire to succeedmust be matched by the ability to run the hard road,the energy to put in the long hours of training, and theperseverance to endure the strenuous demands of thesport; tournaments and competitions; early morningsand exhausting days; training and workouts. And thatis all just to stay on top of the game. Then, the athleteis still expected to keep up their personal life andspend time with their families and friends.In addition to the physical requirements of beingan athlete, the considerations of well-being, properdiet and doing whatever one can to maintain a peakphysical condition are all high on the list of priorities.The life of a sportsperson is about striking a balanceand having energy.With this philosophy, Veloci-Ti has been created withthe active sportsperson in mind.THE SECRET BEHIND VELOCI-TIVeloci-Ti is the range of energised titanium performancependants that are designed for high-level athletes andactive sportspeople, to assist performance energy andhelp achieve a natural best in any sport.All Veloci-Ti pendants are energised through InformationalEnergy Imprinting (IEI) Technology, a cutting-edgetechnology that utilises the concept of energy wavesand information frequency modulation by taking versatile,strong, lightweight titanium, imprinting this titanium withpositive energy and then adding performance informationto it through frequency modulation. The result is balancedand amplified energy levels and increased physicalperformance, endurance and agility. These positiveeffects may help improve various functions of the bodyto be better equipped to handle the stresses of sports.The scientist behind IEI Technology is Dr med. ManfredDoepp who is a founding member of the Board of theGerman Society for Energy and Information Medicinee.V., Stuttgart and a specialist in Nuclear Medicine andEnergy Medicine, as well as General Medicine. Dr Doeppis also a reviewer of the International Society on Systemics,Cybernetics and Informatics, as well as the InternationalSociety on Computer, Communication and ControlTechnologies. A well-published scientist and researcher,his fields of special interest include frequency distributionanalysis; meridian diagnostics; segmentary diagnostics;Heart-Rate-Variability (HRV); vegetative regulationdiagnostics; and system sciences.Energised TitaniumPerformance Pendants• Veloci-Ti Concord Pendant • Veloci-Ti Cosmos Dynamic Pendant • Veloci-Ti Cosmos PendantMUTTIAH MURALIDARANCricketerWorld Record HolderQNET Product Ambassador
  22. 22. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 23MADE FOR SPORTSManufactured in Germany and energised in Austria,Veloci-Ti pendants are made from light, strong, anddurable titanium to withstand the vigorous conditionsan athlete experiences, making them ideal for activepeople and athletes to wear while playing sports.Veloci-Ti is suitable for all sports, including football,basketball, badminton, fitness, aerobics, weightlifting,golf, running, tennis, archery, skiing or surfing.Veloci-Ti pendants are not only practical; but alsosleek, contemporary, and futuristic in their design,making for unique accessories. Each piece featuresa geometric fractal that makes a powerful visualstatement, whether in grey and black or with classygold inlay. No matter which design, each Veloci-Tipendant provides the same benefits as a definingsignature piece.KEY BENEFITSVeloci-Ti may assist to enhance, balance and increase your:• Energy levels• Physical performance• Endurance• Resistance• AgilityUSING VELOCI-TIVeloci-Ti pendants can be worn inside or outside ofyour clothes during any activity. It is best not to wearVeloci-Ti while sleeping because the energy frequencymay interfere with your natural sleeping pattern andthe relaxed state your body needs to be in to achievedeep sleep.YOUR VELOCI-TI PENDANTSCONCORDGrey and blackPVD-plated brushedtitanium, 18 K gold inlay,35 mm ØCOSMOS DYNAMICLaser-engraved blackPVD-plated titanium,18 K gold inlay, 35 mm ØCOSMOSLaser-engraved greyand black PVD-platedtitanium, 35 mm ØSaint Petersburg ResearchInstitute of Physical CultureThe Ministry of Sport, Tourismand Youth Policyof the Russian Federation• Increased Physical Performance• Accelerated Recovery after Physical Performance• Balanced Energy Dynamics of Human Body• Increased Physical Performance and Energy LevelsRussiaIndiaGermanyInstitute of ElectrophotonicCentre for Biofield Sciences• Positive Influence over Human Body and WaterDr med. Manfred DoeppNational Environment AgencyGermanySingapore• Positive Energy Fields• Improved Harmony Levels• Improved Stress Index• Radiation SafetyPRODUCT EVALUATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS*EVALUATOR COUNTRY SCOPEDisclaimerVeloci-Ti pendants should not be considered as an alternative to professionalmedical devices or intended as a substitute for professional medicalopinion and/or a cure or substitute for any medical treatment of anynature whatsoever. The buyer and/or user are advised to seek its ownprofessional medical advice in the event they have any doubts in connectionwith the use of this product prior to its use. Should the buyer and/oruser experience any contraindication of any nature whatsoever of feelthat they may, the buyer and/or user should immediately consult theirmedical practitioner, or physician and seek professional medical advice.It is the responsibility of the buyer and/or user to ensure that this product’suse is appropriate for any particular application.The information contained herein has been compiled from sources believedto be reliable but no warranty, expressed or implied, is given that theinformation is accurate. All such warranties are expressly disclaimedand excluded. All information contained therein may be changed withoutnotice at any time. All liability howsoever arising from any error in oromission herein and for all consequences of relying on it is expresslydisclaimed.MUTTIAH MURALIDARANCRICKETERWORLD RECORD HOLDERQNET PRODUCT AMBASSADORMuttiah Muralidaran, one of the pioneers of world cricket,started his career back in 1992 and is still contributingtowards Sri Lankan cricket. After 19 years of hard workand dedication, Murali reached a career milestone whenhe took 800 wickets and created history in becomingthe bowler to capture the maximum number of wickets.To achieve his goal and become a cricketing legend,Murali found strength of purpose and determinationwithin himself… and also took advantage of a greatcompanion.“For an active sportsman like me, this stylish, light andendurable titanium pendant is able to extend eventhe most extreme sporting conditions, giving me anadditional boost of energy created by utilising the mostcutting-edge imprinting technology or IEI. The Veloci-Tiperformance pendants help enhance and increaseenergy levels and physical performance, while alsopositively influencing agility and endurance.”− Muttiah Muralidaran* Refer to page 170 for detailed Product Evaluations & Certifications.
  23. 23. 24 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  24. 24. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 25WEIGHT MANAGEMENTA variety of weight-management solutions that best suit your lifestyle.Now you can easily achieve the shape you have always dreamed of.Feel confident about yourself and take control of your health!
  25. 25. 26 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOFor a Healthier, Happier YOU!Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to ensureyou are living a smarter, healthier and happier lifestyle?Integrating the most cutting-edge science and technology,InShape offers you weight-management solutions tosuit your lifestyle.InShape Toning Belt and InShape Toning Gel:Strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles.InShape Meal Shake and InShape Energy Jelly:Ensure that you consume an appropriate number ofcalories and optimal nutrients for your health andenergy levels.InShape Health and Wellness Courses:Provide you with a variety of digital content written byhealth and nutrition experts.It’s time to take control of your health. Discover howour revolutionary products can help you do just that!Why Weight Management?Everyone wants to look good and feel better withtheir body. Today’s lifestyle of working long hours, eatinghigh calorie meals, and having less time to exerciseprevents us from achieving our ideal body shape.Excess weight and obesity not only increase the riskof developing diseases, but also reduce the quality ofyour life and the simple joy of living.To get in shape, calorie intake must be balanced withphysical activity. InShape can help you achieve your goals!InShape Toning BeltFrom Flab to FirmGet the Abs You’ve Always Dreamed of!Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and wishingthat your stomach were more toned and tighter?The InShape Toning Belt is a portable and revolutionary3-in-1 abdominal toning belt which helps you achievethe abs you have always dreamed of!The 3-in-1 Smart Toning BeltWhile most slimming belts on the market usevibration stimulation to improve circulation and toning,InShape Toning Belt integrates three of the latesttechnologies to provide you with even MORE! With thedigital controller and its LCD display, you can easilychoose your preferred function, timing, intensity andtemperature level.Now it’s time to learn about and enjoy the benefits ofeach function!• InShape Toning Belt• InShape Toning Gel• InShape Energy Jelly• InShape Meal Shake - Chocolate Flavour• InShape Meal Shake - Vegetable Flavour• InShape Health and Wellness Courses
  26. 26. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 27Did you know that the EMS function mimicscrunches and sit-ups which help strengthen yourabdominal muscles?Did you know that the FIR function can burnhundreds of calories?Did you know that the vibrating massage functioncan relax your body and mind, as well as boostyour energy level?EMSInShape Toning Belt uses Electrical Muscular Stimulation(EMS) technology to create strong, deep, yet comfortablecontractions in your muscles. When turned on, the beltwill oscillate against your skin, delivering electronicimpulses to stimulate the nerves and contract yourabs; moving them in the same way as if you wereperforming crunches or sit-ups. What’s more, the EMSfunction can activate muscles that are more difficult toreach with conventional exercise.FIRThe InShape Toning Belt uses the advanced Far InfraredRadiation (FIR) heating system to deliver FIR waves deepinto the body’s tissue, raising the body temperatureand consequently breaking bigger and lifeless watermolecules into smaller clusters. This heating methodalso helps promote the absorption of nutrients, whileflushing out and eliminating unwanted fat and toxicwaste from the body through perspiration.VIBThe Vibrating Massage function use a massage methodto stimulate nerves in your entire abdominal area. Thisforces your muscles to naturally contract and relax.With an adjustable 3-speed function to suit yourpersonal preferences, InShape Toning Belt not onlymassages away pressure, stress and fatigue, but alsoburns calories, increasing your metabolism, bloodcirculation and lymphatic drainage – which in turnremove toxins faster. The vibrating massage functionalso increases serotonin levels, which in turn increasesyour overall energy levels.Key Benefits• Strengthens and tones abdominal muscles• Reduces and dissolves fat• Increases metabolism and burns calories• Promotes the excretion of toxins• Improves blood circulation• Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility• Reduces stress and fatigueGet In Shape Now!Ready to experience a whole new you?Begin using the InShape Toning Belt now and enjoyimprovement in the shape and strength of your abs,as well as your overall wellness. Equipped witha rechargeable battery and combined with afashionable design, this portable abdominal toningdevice can be used anywhere, anytime – becauseit’s cordless! You can use it while working, driving,watching TV, or even sleeping.For maximum results, wear the InShape Toning Beltfor at least 15-45 minutes a day, together with theInShape Toning Gel. By incorporating a healthy andwell-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle; you will beable to see visible results in 6-8 weeks.It is never too late. Enjoy a firmer and tighter body today!
  27. 27. 28 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOInShape Toning GelFor Fast, Flat Abs!Get the Flat Abs You’ve Always Wanted!Want to get rid of the excess fat and achieve a moredefined and toned body, faster and more effectivelythan ever before?Designed to be compatible with the InShape ToningBelt, the InShape Toning Gel enhances your abdominaltoning and firming capabilities and promotes betterlooking skin.Phytosonic™:The Ultrasound-Like EffectA Clinical Study Supportsthe Efficacy of Phytosonic™In vivo study conducted by Sederma laboratories with27 female volunteers, approximately 35 years of age,applied a cream containing 3% Phytosonic™ twicedaily to their bodies. Routine ultrasound measurementsdemonstrated a decrease of 55% triglyceride storagein mature adipocytes after nine days of application.In other words, Phytosonic™ significantly eliminatesfat cells and decreases in thickness and volume of fattissue. The test results also show that Phytosonic™can restore the mitochondrial activity and increase cellenergy by 28%.Triglyceride Stock Reductionand Adipocyte SheddingMain IngredientsPurified Water, Phytosonic™, Caffeine, Essential Oils,Guarana and LRS Conductive Ions MixWhy Does Our InShape Toning GelWork Best with the Toning Belt?• Conducts infrared light• Heat resistant• Enhances the Toning Belt’s efficacy in fat removalEffective, Safe and ReliableUltrasound Fat Melting Treatment• GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Free• Alcohol Free• Fragrance Free• No Animal Extracts• R&D by the renowned Laboratories Schwartz in FranceKey Benefits• Reduces excess body fat• Reduces cellulite• Softens, nourishes and hydrates your skin• Increases metabolism and blood circulation• Strengthens skin elasticityLook Fabulous. Feel Confident.To achieve the best results, it is strongly suggestedthat you regularly use the InShape Toning Gel togetherwith the InShape Toning Belt, while maintaining abalanced diet and including light exercise or walks inyour daily routine.By doing so, you can achieve the sculpted body youhave always desired.InShape Toning Gel contains Phytosonic™, a complexactive ingredient which carries the same function asultrasound wave fat dissolving technology. Composedof three synergistic natural herbal extracts, includingGlaucium flavum, Euglena gracilis and Vegetal caffeine,Phytosonic™ helps ultrasound waves penetrate deepinto the fat layers under the skin stimulating the body’snatural fat burning process. This process breaks downfat tissues into consumable energy, clears toxins, andreduces the amount of fat in the body. The results?Inches off your waistline, and a more defined andtoned appearance!Glaucium flavum Euglena gracilis Vegetal caffeine
  28. 28. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 29Quercetin(Potent Antioxidant &Anti-Inflammatory Agent)L-arginine(CardiovascularSystem Booster)Vitamin C(Potent Antioxidant& Cellular EnergyBooster)Vinitrox(Potent Antioxidant &Physical RecoveryAgent)Stevia(Natural Sweetener)Green TeaExtract(Detox & NaturalEnergy Booster)Ginseng(NaturalStimulant)CoQ10(CellularEnergy Booster)What’s Inside this Small Sachet?Each sachet of InShape Energy Jelly is exclusivelypacked with a number of powerful active ingredientsincluding Quercetin, CoQ10, L-arginine, Vinitrox,Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Ginseng and Stevia.The high-powered blend of ingredients effectivelyboosts your energy level, prevents ageing, andprotects the cells from external aggressors.Why You Will Love InShapeEnergy Jelly• Has an advanced formula of active ingredients• Maximises energy delivery and performance• Slows down the ageing process• Supports weight management• Has a fresh, great-tasting, natural apple flavour• Comes in a small, easy and convenient pack to carryaround• Easily digestible and absorbable• Does not contain artificial sweetener, sugar, caffeine,or guaranaBoost Your Energy to the MaxGive your body a boost with InShape Energy Jelly! Youcan take it anytime of the day. Not only does this jellydrink provide you some extra energy to maintain optimumperformance, it also prevents ageing through antioxidantand detox ingredients. Say goodbye to fatigue and rockout with an explosion of energy by activating your bodywith InShape Energy Jelly.InShape Energy JellyGive Your Body A BoostFeeling tired with your day-to-day routine? Experiencefatigue or lack of energy while dieting or after physicalactivities? Give your body a boost with InShapeEnergy Jelly!Carefully researched and developed by LaboratoriesSchwartz, InShape Energy Jelly is a great-tastingenergy gel drink scientifically formulated to bring energyto the cells, muscles and the brain. When taken overa period of time, the jelly will make you feel moreenergetic and alert, without any harmful side effects.
  29. 29. 30 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOInShape Meal ShakeYour Low-Calorie, Nutritious Meal On-The-GoCurb Appetite, Burn Fat and LoseWeight!Introducing the InShape Meal Shake, a scientificallybalanced meal replacement drink that assists withfat cell regulation. It helps you achieve your weightloss goals faster and more efficiently, without the yo-yoeffect (losing and gaining weight quickly).Available in chocolate and vegetable soup flavour, theInShape Meal Shake contains everything your bodyneeds that you may not get from your normal diet,including health-promoting essential fatty acids,vitamins, micronutrients, sodium, and other naturalingredients which aid in weight loss and fat massreduction. These ingredients act together to regulatefat cells and enhance mitochondrial function for increasedefficiency in fat burning. Daily consumption of theInShape Meal Shake can help you get your body ingear, and reduce the potential health risks associatedwith being overweight and obese.Main Ingredients:Vegetal Proteins, Fat Cell Regulation Mix, Stevia, FattyAcids, Garcinia cambodgia, Ascophyllum nodosum,and Green Tea ExtractWhy InShape Meal Shake?• Reduces cravings• Supports weight loss (without the yo-yo effect)• Burns fat• Increases energy• Great taste• Quick and easy to prepareYour Nutritious Drink On-The-Go!InShape Meal Shake is perfectly designed to be yournutritious drink on-the-go. Simply mix InShape MealShake with 150-180 ml of water, stir well and enjoythe delicious taste! You can drink it any time of theday, from morning to evening. Feel confident that whatyou are putting into your body contains no sugar,no artificial sweetener, and is GMO free. To achieveoptimal health and your desired weight loss goals, it isrecommended to consume 1 or 2 servings of InShapeMeal Shake each day, in addition to regular exercise.
  30. 30. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 31InShape Health and Wellness CoursesStepping Stones to A Healthy LifestyleIntroducing InShape Health and Wellness Courses − yourpowerful online platform that will turn you into a nutritionand fitness expert!The InShape Health and Wellness Courses provideyou with in-depth courses and a variety of articleswritten by well-known gurus in fitness, nutrition, healthand wellness. The intensive and interesting lessonsin each course serve as stepping stones that will helpyou reach your weight management goals.With this online platform, you can widen your knowledgeanywhere, anytime. Once you complete the course, youwill be rewarded with a certification.Join the InShape Health and Wellness Courses now.Take the first step to a healthier, happier you!
  31. 31. 32 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  32. 32. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 33LUXURY & COLLECTIBLESA remarkable world-class selection of traditional andmodern high-quality timepieces and divine jewellery works of art.
  33. 33. 34 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  34. 34. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 35“Combining my own love for our natural heritage with my appreciation for the fine things in life, this collection is designed tobe simple yet elegant, and will add a distinctive touch to the wearer’s sense of style. I know it will connect with the heartsand souls of discerning women around the world.”Inspired by the rustic beauty of tree branches and the intricate lacey designs of corals from the sea, the pieces in theUmayal Collection are artfully fashioned from silver and ornamented with delicate gemstones. Each piece is handmade withthe utmost care by skilled craftsmen, ensuring its uniqueness and quality. Created to emulate nature at its best, the UmayalCollection is one that will appeal to those with a passion for nature.As an executive member of RYTHM Foundation, Datin Umayal adheres to the fundamental philosophy of theFoundation – RYTHM, an acronym derived from the precept ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’, based on the idea of beingthe change you want to see in the world. A portion of the earnings from the sale of the Umayal Collection will be donated toRYTHM Foundation, for further use in its charity work across the globe, giving help to those who need it most.About RYTHM FoundationRYTHM Foundation was created to reflect the fundamentals on which the QI Group has been builtsince 1998. The mission of RYTHM Foundation is to build opportunities and care for those inneed. It aims to create decent living conditions and to protect the environment to facilitatesustainability. It also strives to ensure our children – the symbol of our future – are safe andsupported, now and tomorrow. RYTHM Foundation is the corporate heartbeat of the QI Group,keeping alive the employees’ social conscience and serving as a constant reminder of theCompany’s core purpose.To learn more about RYTHM Foundation, visit www.rythmfoundation.org.Umayal CollectionThe beauty of Nature is evident everywhere. If we only choose to look,we will find inspiration from the simplest things in the forests and the seas.A tree branch laden with bright berries, colourful corals from the deepblue ocean, the changing seasons – all these and more have proven to bethe inspiration for thousands of artists and designers over the millenia.Enamoured of the natural beauty she has seen on her travels around theworld, Datin Umayal Eswaran was inspired to put together a collectionthat would reflect nature in all its splendour.“We often take the beauty of nature for granted. The brightness of ablade of grass, the soft velvety touch of a rose petal, and the filigreedsilhouette of the sea fan coral are all examples of the creativity naturedisplays. The greatest tribute we can pay Her is to attempt to emulateHer ingenuity. The Umayal Collection is our own ode to nature,” saysDatin Umayal.
  35. 35. 36 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  36. 36. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 37The elegance of the Peacock Baroque Set pays tribute to the sovereign beauty of this stunningly luxuriant king of birds.The peacock is the epitome of nature’s true beauty with its richly coloured feathers of captivating design. The real grandeurof this majestic creature is truly set free through the flare of blue sapphires and topaz gems alongside the mysterious allureof the Chrysocolla stones; set against the striking shimmer of silver, these peacock feather-inspired necklace and earringscan adorn any outfit. Worn separately or together as a set, this remarkable collection exudes charm and delicacy perfectfor any stunning look.Pendant: Silver 925/-, Chrysocolla, blue Sapphire, blue Topaz, 17.27 g; Silver 925/- chainEarrings: Silver 925/-, Chrysocolla, blue Sapphire, 12.76 gInspirationThe male peacock, known as the most majestic creature of the bird kingdom,parades its supreme beauty through the exhibitory fanning of its iridescent blue-greentail plumage, in hopes of charming a mate.In Babylonia the peacock was believed to be the guardian of royalty, their imagesoften found in decorative engravings on thrones.Peacock Baroque Set
  37. 37. 38 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  38. 38. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 39With an essence of gold hinting through a tapestry of rose, yellow and black-gold colours, the Floret Empress Set marriestradition with new-age fashion. Its beautifully intertwined design gives an air of strength, protecting the fragility of the innerempress, whilst emanating a celebration of new life with delicate blossoms placed on its surface. Its intricately woven design isreminiscent of a protective haven, the silk cocoon, shown through both the pendant and matching earrings. Sprinkled withorange sapphire gemstones, a sparkle emerges from this artistic arrangement, encompassing the very heart of the wearerfrom birth to new life.Pendant: Silver 925/- with rose, yellow, black gold plating, orange Sapphire, 9.5 g; Silver 925/- with black gold plating chainEarrings: Silver 925/- with rose, yellow, black gold plating, orange Sapphire, 11.5 gInspirationAs nature’s protector from whatever the elements may bring, the silk cocoonrepresents a solid and safe haven for a life lived, ready for a deeper transformation.Being the very chamber of metamorphosis, the silk cocoon allows its inhabitant toshed its old life, bringing in new, symbolising the faith to embrace changes in one’slife and merge with new found wisdom and joy.Floret Empress Set
  39. 39. 40 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  40. 40. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 41The beauty of the Glacier Leaf Set lies in its rare and refined appearance reminding us of the eternal richness of Mother Nature,the giver of all life. Symbolising happiness, strength and protection, these beautifully delicate pieces can complement anylook or outfit, leaving you with the choice of mixing and matching to your mood.An intricate work of gleaming silver sets a stunning background for the blue sapphire gemstones intertwined with a splash ofrose gold. Celebrate your love for the essence of nature and life.Pendant: Silver 925/-, rose gold plating, blue Sapphire, 9.8 g; Silver 925/- chainEarrings: Silver 925/-, rose gold plating, blue Sapphire, 8.5 gInspirationThe unique shape of the Glacier leaf gives it a delicate beauty that can be comparedto no other. This intricately designed leaf consists of a vast network of veins supplyingwater, nutrients and food to other parts of the plant, essential for its survival. The leaf alsohelps the plant absorb vital light from its surroundings, in the form of photosynthesis,allowing the plant to create new and healthful energy.As energy flows through the Glacier leaf’s veins, it connects each part of theplant to each other, bearing a sense of peace and happiness and restoring MotherNature’s will.Glacier Leaf Set
  41. 41. 42 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  42. 42. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 43With its shapely and textured curves, the Viola Coral Set portrays honour and esteemed accolade to one of the mostrevered creatures in the marine world, the mushroom coral. Representing the strength and extravagance of the mushroomcoral, the Viola Coral Set fuses the vivaciousness of the purple Amethyst with a shimmering silver backdrop, revealing aharmonious unity between the seascape and its vast sea life. Let this masterpiece of the ocean bring you into a world ofunique elegance.Pendant: Silver 925/-, Amethyst, 14.7 g; Complimentary black cloth chainEarrings: Silver 925/-, Amethyst, 9.2 gInspirationThe depth of the ocean and the beauty of its treasures is seemingly endless. Thespectacular mushroom corals, known for their extravagant fantasia of colours andsparkle, signify strength, dignity and perseverance due to their tenacious natureand coral-reef building abilities. Leaders of a strong foundation, these exceptionalcreatures not only create a breath-taking seascape, but also provide a maze ofprotection to the mysterious sea life that resides in the depths of the ocean.Viola Coral Set
  43. 43. 44 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  44. 44. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 45The Rowan Set is inspired by the mystical appeal of the rowan tree. Handcrafted from sterling silver, the set comprises apendant, ring and a pair of earrings. Each piece is fashioned to look like a silver branch, adorned with an oval ruby and afaceted garnet, while the pendant also features a freshwater button pearl. Given an anti-tarnish coat to preserve its delicatebeauty, this set has a regal elegance worthy of a princess.Pendant: Silver 925/-, Ruby, Garnet, freshwater Pearl, 13.17 g; Silver 925/- chainRing: Silver 925/-, Ruby, Garnet, 9.55 gEarrings: Silver 925/-, Ruby, Garnet, 7.26 gInspirationConsidered the mother of all trees and plants, the graceful rowan tree representsstrength and protection; the ancient druids valued its sturdy wood, and the tree’ssprigs and brilliant red berries were woven into necklaces and used as protectivecharms in times past.Rowan Set
  45. 45. 46 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  46. 46. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 47The transcendent beauty of the nautilus shell is reflected in the charismatic design of the Nautilus Set, which is set off bythe sublime green of the peridot. The contrasting textures of polished and raw peridots combine to give the pieces a depththat’s exciting, yet elegant. The set offers versatility through a spectacular pendant that can be worn as a brooch; bothoptions match perfectly with a pair of earrings that look equally stunning worn on their own.Pendant: Silver 925/-, faceted and raw Peridots, 8.0 g; Complimentary black cloth chainEarrings: Silver 925/-, raw Peridots, 7.6 gInspirationAs far back as the ancient Greeks, the shell of the chambered nautilus has beena symbol of perfection. Its perfect spiral geometry and pearlescent sheen havecaptivated artists and designers through the ages, inspiring them to reproducestriking likenesses of this almost-mystical cephalopod.Nautilus Set
  47. 47. 48 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  48. 48. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 49The splendour of shimmering snow-laden trees in winter is the inspiration for the Ice Queen Set. The delicate beauty of stark,crystalline branches is captured in polished silver and accentuated with stunning freshwater pearls that create a perfect focalpoint for each piece. Evoke the beauty of a winter’s day with the exquisite icy magnificence of the pendant and earrings inthis matchless set.Pendant: Silver 925/-, freshwater Pearls, 11.2 g; Silver 925/- chainEarrings: Silver 925/-, freshwater Pearls, 6.8 gInspirationThere are those who believe that winter is the season of renewal – a time whenthe earth goes to sleep and heals itself. And yet, though the land is gripped withcold, there is still a timeless beauty to be seen: in the shimmer of fresh snow insunlight, the glitter of icicles on the end of a branch, or the delicate tracks upon thelandscape of creatures born to revel in a winter wonderland.Ice Queen Set
  49. 49. 50 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  50. 50. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 51The Sylvan Set embodies a love for the forest with its whimsical loops and swirls that are evocative of leafy vines trailingdown from trees. This two-piece set, consisting of a pendant and earrings, is cleverly crafted from silver to give the piecesa vintage look. Accentuating the pieces are gemstones of blue topaz and raw apatite, their luminous colour reflecting clearblue skies. The refined grace of the set can complement a variety of outfits and moods.Pendant: Silver 925/-, blue Topaz, raw Apatite, 12.68 g; Silver 925/- chainEarrings: Silver 925/-, blue Topaz, raw Apatite, 11.62 gInspirationIn mythology, Sylvans were the spiritual guardians of the forest, keeping watchover the woods and protecting it with their lives. Some even made their homeswithin the trees they were sworn to protect. Their love for all living creatures, as wellas the plants and trees around them, helped keep the forests safe.Sylvan Set
  51. 51. 52 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  52. 52. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 53The Misty Pendant marries the elegance of the sea fan with the mystique of smoky quartz, producing a captivating piecethat will catch the eye of the beholder. The crowning glory of the pendant is a faceted, pear-shaped gem, whose mutedhues evoke images of morning mist blanketing the forest. Its versatility allows you to wear it as a pendant by night and abrooch by day.Pendant: Silver 925/-, smoky Quartz, 9.69 g;Complimentary black cloth chainInspirationMist is a naturally occurring phenomenon of small water droplets becomingsuspended in the air. In some legends, mist could be manipulated and used bythe druids as a protective veil, enabling them to hide from their foes. Mist was alsoconsidered by some people as a portal to the world of visions and dreams.Misty Pendant
  53. 53. 54 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  54. 54. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 55The Spirit Of A Family TraditionIn 1871, when the small town of Pforzheim or Goldstadt (City of Gold) was just seeingits humble beginnings as the centre of Germany’s jewellery and watchmaking industry,the Mayer family set up shop and began manufacturing and selling dies (tools for mintingcoins).The independent family-owned business expanded into minting and soon they wereproducing collectible and commemorative coins from precious metals which were highlyvalued all over the world. The Mayer Mint GmbH Germany consequently became a keyplayer in the numismatic field.With the turn of the 19thcentury, embossed and engraved covers of quality pocketwatches were becoming indispensable accessories to enthusiasts; a significant fashionand reputation statement that signified the owner’s taste, wealth and family heritage.Great grandfather Mayer took on the hobby of engraving watch covers, and it was thisleisurely interest that later turned out to be the birth of a passion, style and a newly foundtradition which laid the foundations for Bernhard H. Mayer®watches.As time went by, watches became strongly associated with the Mayer business. Whenthe family decided to acquire a watch production facility in Switzerland, it was only amatter of time before the Bernhard H. Mayer®brand would become recognised as agenuine manufacturer of Swiss watches.The vision to enrich the eternal value of precious metals and gemstones and renderhigh-quality watches and jewellery for discerning customers steadily built theBernhard H. Mayer®name in the global luxury goods.After 140 years of ceaseless production and five generations of Mayer watch making, therich heritage of more than a century of unrivalled knowledge, experience and skill in everyaspect of the numismatic, jewellery and watchmaking art continues.Bridging past and future, Bernhard H. Mayer®master artisans remain faithful to the spiritof tradition that began in 1871 while embracing innovation with every new decade toguarantee that the legacy of excellence started by the Mayer forefathers will continueonto succeeding generations.Manufacturing ExcellenceBy owning a Bernhard H. Mayer®premium item, one enters the circle of those who sharethe philosophy of excellence held by the Mayer family, and who wish to express thisthrough objects worthy of such distinction.The supremacy in which each jewellery piece or watch is handled − from the initialconcept, to design and final production − reveals the utmost care, exacting skill, andmeticulous attention to detail exerted by our master artisans to produce items of thehighest standard and value.This demanding approach brings together a rare combination of time-honoured techniques,advanced research, cutting-edge technology, and powerful technical resources − all instrict accordance with established industry standards and guidelines.
  55. 55. 56 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOBERNHARD H. MAYER®TIMEPIECESThe prestige and reputation that Bernhard H. Mayer®hasacquired amongst watch connoisseurs worldwide is notsolely due to the resources of technical knowledgeand exceptional skills contained in its horologicalworkshops – the perfection of each timepiece stems fromthe consistency with which the Mayer family businesshas applied its philosophy of excellence ever since itsfoundation in 1871.Offering an impressive collection of simple and complicatedmodels designed with the look and functions appropriatefor every style of dress or activity, a Bernhard H. Mayer®timepiece is a testimony of its owner’s high standards interms of reliability and aesthetics.All Bernhard H. Mayer®watches are Swiss-made inaccordance with Swiss standards of quality and assurance.
  56. 56. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 57C L A S S I C STo create a watch that is new but eternal, modern buttimeless – such is the challenge and inspiration for ourdesigners.Defined by perfect proportions and refined simplicitywith subtle details, Bernhard H. Mayer®classic timepieceswithstand the passing of time with designs that will nevergo out of style.Each wristwatch communicates an elegance as enduringas the precious movements they enclose.
  57. 57. 58 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLa Royale | A Class on Its OwnDate indicator l PVD gold-plated case l Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating l Black croco-print leather strap lSwiss Automatic-ETA movement l Diameter 40 mm l Limited edition 1,999 pcs
  58. 58. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 59Ouranos | Withstanding the Test of TimeEnd-of-life indicator l PVD gold-plated case l Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating lBlack croco-print leather strap l Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement l Diameter 38 mm
  59. 59. 60 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIODiamond Starlette | Desire to GlitterDate indicator l Polished stainless steel case with 0.35 ct full cut diamonds l Black mother-of-pearl dial lGenuine leather strap l Swiss Quartz-ETA movement l Diameter 34 mm
  60. 60. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 61Lady Moonbeam | Striking SimplicityDate indicator l PVD gold-plated case l Blue cabochon crown l Sunray silver dial lSwiss Quartz-Ronda movement l Diameter 28 mm
  61. 61. 62 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOStella | Confidence is Your AccessoryDate indicator l Stainless steel l Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating l Black croco-print leather strap lSwiss Quartz-Ronda movement l Diameter 32 mm
  62. 62. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 63S P O R T SCreating a precise instrument with complicated movementsis not the only way our artisans demonstrate their exceptionalskills.To design a timepiece that communicates class and stylewhilst meeting the criteria of technical robustness andsupreme performance is a demanding challenge.Bernhard H. Mayer®sports watches combine the best ofboth worlds − style and strength. Great companions suitedfor the active or athletic individual who also possessesnatural glamour and elegance.
  63. 63. 64 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOSpitfire | A Courageous SoulPress-fit stainless steel caseback with engraved Spitfire plane lSapphire crystal with antireflective coating l Black aqua leatherstrap with orange stitching l Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement lDiameter 41 mm
  64. 64. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 65Nauticus | Riding the High TideDate indicator l Stainless steel l Stainless steel caseback with mineral crystal glass l Sapphire crystal with antireflectivecoating l Swiss Automatic-ETA movement l Diameter 43 mm l Limited edition 4,999 pcsNauticus Lady | The Artful ExplorerDate indicator l Stainless steel l Stainless steel caseback with mineral crystal glass l Sapphire crystal with antireflectivecoating l Swiss Automatic-ETA movement l Diameter 37 mm l Limited edition 4,999 pcs
  65. 65. 66 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOChronomax | Exceed the CrowdChronograph l Big date window l Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating l Stainless steel l Genuine leather strap lPush-button clasp l Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement l Diameter 41 mm
  66. 66. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 67Virtus | Uncompromised PerformanceAlarm l Date indicator l Sapphire crystal with antireflectivecoating l Stainless steel l Dark brown croco-print leather strapor stainless steel bracelet l Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement lDiameter 41 m
  67. 67. 68 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOFA S H I O NA timely blend of aesthetic and technical beauty, fashiontimepieces are conceived to fit modern men and womenwho have a natural air of distinction for character and style.An asset in any wardrobe situation − whether to complementa charming day ensemble or an elegant eveningattire – a fashion wristwatch completes your look withperfection and refinement.
  68. 68. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 69La Vida Ceramic* | Glamour & SparkleSmall second subdial l Date indicator lSapphire crystal with antireflective coating l36 zirconias l White croco-print leatheror pink aqua leather or ceramic bracelet lSwiss Quartz-ETA l Diameter 41 mm* La Vida Ceramic comes with one wrist strap of yourchoice.
  69. 69. 70 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOSerenade | An Elegant StatementCabochon crown l Screw-in caseback l Stainless steel l Domed sapphire crystal withantireflective coating l Mother-of-pearl silver dial l Genuine deep blue leather strap lSwiss Quartz-ETA movement l Dimensions 23 x 31 mm
  70. 70. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 71Belleza Magnum | Your Overseas CompanionDate indicator l Second time zone l Stainless steel l Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating l Black croco-print leatherstrap l Push-button clasp l Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement l Dimensions 45 x 36.3 mm
  71. 71. 72 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLa Rétrograde II Gold | A Golden TimeDay retrograde l Date indicator l Domed sapphire crystal withantireflective coating l PVD gold-plated case l Black croco-printleather strap l Push-button clasp l Swiss Quartz-Rondamovement l Dimension 51 x 42 mm l Limited edition 1,999 pcsLa Rétrograde II | More than Meets the EyeDay retrograde l Date indicator l Domed sapphire crystalwith antireflective coating l Stainless steel l Black croco-printleather strap l Push-button clasp l Swiss Quartz-Rondamovement l Dimension 51 x 42 mm l Limited edition 4,999 pcs
  72. 72. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 73BERNHARD H. MAYER®JEWELLERYFor centuries, people have fallen under the spell of sparklingjewels, diamonds, gold, and the like. Thanks to theknowledge and love for these precious stones and metals,Bernhard H. Mayer®has captured and immortalised thesevaluable objects into timeless symbols of wearable luxury.Displaying characteristic creativity and enthusiasm, ourmaster craftsmen and designers have created varyingcollections of fascinating and enchanting jewellery items,each possessing distinctive style and individuality to suit thepersonal tastes of wearers.At Bernhard H. Mayer®, values such as discernment,delight, charisma, authenticity and imagination reallycount. These attributes, combined with our reputation foroutstanding quality, support us in our constant quest tocreate exceptional jewellery of rare beauty.
  73. 73. 74 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLeft Cironica Diamond Pendant | Circle of Life 18 K yellow gold with rhodium plating, 0.045 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.45 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainMiddle Golden Key Pendant | Lock of Mystery 18 K yellow gold, 0.015 ct diamonds, H, SI, 1.37 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainRight Lorelle Gold Pendant | Halo de l’Amour 18 K yellow gold, 0.04 ct diamonds, H, SI, 1.45 g; Complimentary gold-plated chain
  74. 74. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 75Left Adonia Diamond Pendant | Eternal Love 18 K yellow gold, 0.25 ct diamonds, H, SI, 1.83 g; Complimentary cloth chain with 18 K white gold claspRight Duchess Pearl Pendant | A Royalty Piece 18 K white gold, 0.10 ct diamonds, H, SI, 3.45 g, freshwater pearl; Complimentary cloth chain with 18 K white gold clasp
  75. 75. 76 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLeft Forever Diamond Pendant | High Fashion in Love 18 K white gold, 0.115 ct black and white diamonds, H, SI, 3.06 g; Complimentary rhodium-plated chainMiddle Amelia Diamond Pendant | Leafy Spike Art 18 K white and yellow gold, 0.05 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.75 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainRight Pandora’s Pendant | Combining Elegance with Whimsical Design 18 K white and rose gold, 0.06 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.57 g; Complimentary rhodium-plated chain
  76. 76. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 77Left Hummingbird Diamond Pendant | Flutter of Delight 18 K white gold, 0.0715 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.19 g; Complimentary rhodium-plated chainMiddle Amandier Diamond Pendant | Springtime of Your Love 18 K white and yellow gold, 0.04 ct diamonds, H, SI, 3.37 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainRight Pallavi Diamond Pendant | The Elegance of Mother Nature 18 K yellow gold, 0.06 ct diamonds, H, SI, 4 g; Complimentary gold-plated chain
  77. 77. 78 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLeft Allah Akbar Diamond Pendant | God is Great 18 K yellow gold, 0.015 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.3 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainMiddle Hamsa Diamond Pendant | Charm of Protection 18 K white gold, 0.07 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.60 g; Complimentary rhodium-plated chainRight Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant | Pure Faith 18 K yellow gold, 0.035 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.3 g; Complimentary gold-plated chain
  78. 78. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 79B E R N H A R D H . M AY E R ®E N E R G Y S E R I E SBased on the technology used by Amezcua, the BernhardH. Mayer®Energy Series realises the concept of combiningtimepieces and jewellery or accessories with unique wellnessbenefits.Proudly presented are true works of art that are speciallydesigned with energy-improving functions, making themfascinating yet practical items to own.
  79. 79. 80 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOForce Ultimate & Force Ultimate – Stainless SteelTimepiece of Breakthrough InnovationFeaturing a contemporary design characterised by a black square-patterned dial face,this handsome gentleman’s timepiece accentuates bold masculine style with its largestainless steel case matched with black croco-print leather strap for the Force Ultimate,or a stainless steel bracelet for the Force Ultimate – Stainless Steel. The built-in energycrystal possesses positive energy forms proven to improve and harmonise energy levelsof the wearer.Date indicator l Energy crystal l Stainless steel with energised glass caseback lSapphire crystal with antireflective coating l Black croco-print leather strap orstainless steel bracelet l Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement l Diameter 41 mm
  80. 80. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 81Emery Set | Ultimate Power on Your WristThe Emery Set is specially designed to accommodate and benefit the modern lifestyle ofmen and women. Wearing this eye-catching bracelet helps to greatly increase your energyand harmony levels.Middle Emery Gent Stainless steel with black silicon, 21 cmRight Emery Lady Stainless steel with black silicon, 19 cmNova Bracelet | A Burst of EnergyThe Nova Bracelet gives the wearer a burst of energy and increases harmony levels. Withbraided black leather strap and a simple yet stylish magnetic clasp engraved with theBernhard H. Mayer®logo, the Nova Bracelet is one of the perfect accompaniments youcan’t afford to miss.Left Nova Bracelet Braided black leather strap with stainless steel magnetic clasp, 21 cm
  81. 81. 82 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOJewellery Chi Pendants | Live Well with StyleBernhard H. Mayer®Jewellery Chi Pendants are made of technically engineered natural minerals which have been structurallybonded in glass at a molecular level, using high fusion methods.The combination of minerals and fusion techniques creates a unique and positive energy field. Apart from improving the harmonyand energy levels of the users, the Bernhard H. Mayer®Jewellery Chi Pendants also provide protection against the negativeeffects of electro-smog.Left Allah Chi PendantMiddle Om Chi PendantRight The V Chi PendantSterling silver 925/- bezel with rhodium plating; High-temperature nano engineered glass, 38 mm Ø, 5 mm thickness
  82. 82. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 83
  83. 83. 84 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO200 Million Years of Natural Energy Captured in Fine JewelleryThose involved in the study of crystals believe that crystals can assist in conducting and transferring energy to the user,and also contribute to an increase and balance in people’s energy levels.From the sacred tops of the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayan Crystal is credited with possessing the highestand most rare form of this energy-conducting ability. The ancient origins and delicate, laborious hand excavation of theHimalayan Crystal ensures it is forever cherished as an exceptional ‘master’ of the crystal family and saved for preciousand romantic purposes.According to literature by crystal experts, the Himalayan Crystal amplifies energy, possesses a high-energy vibration,and is much sought after by many crystal lovers as the most versatile ‘well-being’ crystal in the mineral kingdom.
  84. 84. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 85Origin & SelectionThe Himalayan Crystal is among the rarest and most treasured crystal on Earth, hailing from a region renowned for itsnatural offerings. Himalayan Crystals have been exposed to nature’s elements for more than 200 million years, whichenhance higher natural energy reserves over other crystals.Each Himalayan Crystal is hand mined and individually selected from the peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal, 3,000 metresabove sea level. The valuable crystals are carefully carried on a seven-day trek down dangerous mountain terrain.Such a loving but difficult endeavour of naturally gathering these crystals means they are among the rarest in the world,and their pristine origin results in the purest quartz crystal known to man.Secret Crafting TechniqueThe Himalayan Crystal CollectionTMis the first and only brand to capture the natural energy and pure beauty of theseancient quartz crystals. The climax of the 200 million-year-old crystal creation and the delicate crafting process isopulent, luxury jewellery creations that embrace 18 K white or yellow gold, diamonds and sterling silver 925/- with5 micron rhodium plating.The pieces of exquisite jewellery that comprise the Himalayan Crystal CollectionTMhave been meticulously andindividually hand crafted; a process that demands many man hours by highly skilled jewellers. Achieving the mystiqueof a diamond appearing within the perfect crystal without damaging or scarring the glass-like surface, is an extremelydelicate and difficult crafting technique. This technique is a tightly guarded secret and allows the precision inlay ofprecious stones and metals into the crystal.Only the creators of the exclusive Himalayan Crystal CollectionTMhave mastered the technique.
  85. 85. 86 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOTri Angle PendantOptimise and Restore Your Body’s Energy EquilibriumThe Earth is made up of many triangular energy grids; each triangle is isosceles in nature and presentstwo identical 51.51° angles. This specific angular degree is also the degree of the base angles of themysterious energy-conducting Great Pyramids of Egypt.The energy-enhancing Tri Angle Pendant replicates this exact triangular precision in the attemptto recreate and harness the natural energy of the Himalayan Crystal to its full potential. A highlyspecialised ‘lens cut’ could help optimise or restore the body’s energy equilibrium.Equally as beneficial and stylish for both ladies and gents, the Tri Angle Pendant is embraced bysterling silver with 5 micron rhodium plating, creating beautiful jewellery pieces with the naturalproperties of the Himalayan Crystal.Himalayan Crystal, Sterling silver 925/- with 5 micron rhodium plating
  86. 86. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 87Pendulum PendantA Dramatic, Customisable Jewellery Piece for Energy HarmonisationExperience the wondrous balancing energy of ancient Himalayan Crystals with the Pendulum Pendant.Set on a long silver chain with a delicate adjustable clasp, this intriguing Pendulum Pendant is made ofrhodium-plated sterling silver, with the cone-shaped pendant housing refined Himalayan Crystals with200 million years of natural energy captured inside. A circular band of sparkling zirconias gives the piecean opulent aesthetic. The Himalayan Crystals bring about a harmonised balance of energy, enhancing thewearer’s body equilibrium and optimising well-being. The Pendulum Pendant also features an adjustableclasp, which allows creative freedom in wearing the pendant – it can be utilised as a loose necklace, adouble-stranded choker, or even looped about the wrist in a multi-layered silver bracelet, with the pendantbecoming a delicate charm.Himalayan Crystal, Sterling silver 925/- with 5 micron rhodium plating, Zirconias
  87. 87. 88 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOWorld PendantWhimsical Refinement to Complement Your StyleCrafted from sterling silver, the World Pendant taps into the harmonising power of refinedHimalayan Crystals, helping to create a balanced energy force for the wearer. With its endearing,whimsical design, the pendant features a delicate ball that rotates along a diagonal axis,encompassed within two silver spheres. This brilliant balance of design and energy createsa captivating jewellery piece and ensures that the World Pendant is a unique and eye-catchingaccompaniment to individual style.Himalayan Crystal, Sterling silver 925/- with 5 micron rhodium plating
  88. 88. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 89Prayer BeadsFocus Your Mind, Calm Your Spirit, and Awaken Your SensesThe close union of the Himalayan Crystal Prayer Beads with Himalayan Crystal natural energytakes your mind back to your thoughts and intentions, and helps you to achieve your inner silenceand introspection. The chain of beads can reach far beyond itself, bonding your mind with a higherpower. When held in your hands, the Himalayan Crystal Prayer Beads keep your faculty occupiedwhilst you experience a moment of enlightenment and a touch of the divine.HimalayanCrystal Prayer Beads − 27 BeadsHimalayanCrystal Prayer Beads − 33 Beads
  89. 89. 90 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLove Pendant & EarringsLOVE COLLECTIONCustomise Your Look While Enhancing Your Energy Levels
  90. 90. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 91LOVE COLLECTIONCustomise Your Look While Enhancing Your Energy LevelsThe Love Collection empowers its wearer with natural energy under the universal sign of enduringpassion. Designed with love for the eloquent lady, this collection of Himalayan Crystal, diamondsand 18 K white and yellow gold adorns the ear, the neck and the wrist through finely designedearrings, pendants and charms. A diamond emblem of veritable love is crafted in the shape ofa heart and carefully inlaid in the centre of the Himalayan Crystal. The three types of jewelleryare able to improve energy and harmony of the body. The customisable Love Collection allowsvarious wearable uses from its interchangeable collection. The Love Collection represents constantcompanions of symbolic love to be worn in many ways for many occasions.PENDANT: Himalayan Crystal, 18 K white gold, 0.03 ct diamonds,SI clarity, H colour, 17 mm Ø, interchangeable pendant/charmEARRINGS: Himalayan Crystal, 18 K white gold, 0.07 ct diamonds,SI clarity, H colour, 17 mm ØLove Pendant & EarringsHimalayan Crystal, 18 K white gold, 0.19 ct diamonds,SI clarity, H colour, 23 mm ØLove Pendant − Diamond
  91. 91. 92 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOLove Diamond Pendant & Earrings - Deluxe*PENDANT: Himalayan Crystal, 18 K yellow and white gold, 0.16 ct diamonds,SI clarity, H colour, 23 mm Ø, removable bezelEARRINGS: Himalayan Crystal, 18 K yellow and white gold, 0.20 ct diamonds,SI clarity, H colour, 17 mm Ø, removable bezel*Available at the Redeem eStoreOne Piece, Two StylesRemove the bezel to create another elegant look.
  92. 92. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 93Evaluator Country ScopeTri AnglePendantWorldPendantPendulumPendantLoveCollectionInstitute ofElectrophotonicGermanyIndiaGermanySingaporeCentre forBiofield SciencesDr med.Manfred DoeppNationalEnvironmentAgencyPositive Influenceover the HumanBody and WaterHarmoniseEnergy Levelof the Human BodyPositive Effecton theHuman BodyBalances Chakrasand Energy Centresin the Human BodyPositive Influenceover theHuman BodyOptimise andRestore theBody’s EnergyEquilibriumRadiationSafetyProduct Evaluations** Refer to page 170 for detailed Product Evaluations & Certifications.
  93. 93. 94 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOThe Innovative Spirit in TimeEstablishing its own understated, timeless style, CHAIROS®watches are both high-precision instruments for measuringtime and aesthetic creations whose elegance reflect technical perfection.The CHAIROS®collection is a harmonious combination of personality and function to serve a variety of styles rangingfrom fashion to sports. Masterly design, fine materials and superb performance make these timepieces the perfectcompanions to an active lifestyle.Alpine Chronograph | Withstanding the Test of TimeChronograph Alarm l Date indicator l Two-tonestainless steel and IPG gold-plated case l Two-tonestainless steel bracelet or genuine leather strap lSwiss Quartz – Ronda movement l Diameter 44 mmCHAIROS®Racing Octane | Sport the LookDay and Date indicator l Brushed and polishedstainless steel l Sapphire crystal with antireflectivecoating l Genuine black leather strap l JapaneseQuartz – TMI movement l Diameter 40.13 mm
  94. 94. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 95La Belle | For the Woman with SubstanceDay, Date and Second time zone sub-dial l Stainless steel l 80 Swarovski crystals l Scratchproof sapphire crystal lWhite leather strap or pink leather strap or stainless steel bracelet l Swiss Quartz – ISA movement l Diameter 32 mmExagon | Time RedefinedDay, Month and Second time zone sub-dial l Stainless steel with partial IPG gold-plated or stainless steel with IPG rosegold-plated case l Scratchproof sapphire crystal l Stainless steel with partial IPG gold-plated bracelet or brown leatherstrap l Swiss Quartz – ISA movement l Dimension 46 mm x 54 mm* Chairos is only available in India.
  95. 95. 96 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO
  96. 96. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 97FASHION ACCESSORIESEnchanting yet affordable to offer the perfect accompanimentto dress up your style and dazzle admirers with a sophisticatedlook that exudes effortless beauty and charm.
  97. 97. 98 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIODr ape yourse lf in t he Di v ineDESIRE COLLECTIONBeauty is one of the most sought-after qualities since the beginning of time. The Desire Collection pushes the boundariesof lust and passion, rendering them into the unique sets of costume jewellery with different moods, emotions and styles.Find the types of artistic flairs that suit you most with Adiva Divine’s Desire Collection.• Adiva Divine Ambrosia Earrings• Adiva Divine Ambrosia Necklace• Adiva Divine Ambrosia SetAMBROSIA SETThe mystical blue of Swarovski crystals combined witha sweet and silvery touch draw its wearer into a realmof delicate charm.
  98. 98. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 99Adorn yourself in glamour and drape yourself in the divine with this gorgeous range of costume jewellery.Adiva Divine brings a glistening statement of individuality to highlight absolutely any outfit with ease and flair.Whether work or play, Adiva Divine costume jewellery offers the perfect accompaniment to glam up yourdressing style and dazzle admirers with a sophisticated look that exudes effortless beauty and charm.Only the best quality is found in the Adiva Divine range, including genuine Swarovski crystals to ensureultimate glamour and the utmost highest quality.Each of Adiva Divine’s collection and piece presents its own unique attitude to fashion that enhances thewearer’s personality and personal style.*All Adiva Divine costume jewellery pieces are crafted with your health and wellness in mind. You can rest assured that each piece isset in yellow gold or platinum-plated lead-free based metal.*Earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets in Adiva Divine sets may also be purchased individually.AUDREY SETA mesmerising shade of Montana sapphire set on twirlsof platinum curves evokes the glamorous beauties thatonce graced the red carpet of Hollywood.• Adiva Divine Audrey Bracelet• Adiva Divine Audrey Earrings• Adiva Divine Audrey Necklace• Adiva Divine Audrey Set
  99. 99. 100 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIO• Adiva Divine Bridgette d’Or Bracelet• Adiva Divine Bridgette d’Or Earrings• Adiva Divine Bridgette d’OrNecklace• Adiva Divine Bridgette d’Or Set• Adiva Divine Bridgette Bracelet• Adiva Divine Bridgette Earrings• Adiva Divine Bridgette Necklace• Adiva Divine Bridgette SetBRIDGETTE SETBRIDGETTE D’OR SETThe paragon of beauty inspired by symmetry comprisesof polished green crystals entwined in geometric squares.Choose between the Bridgette Set’s allure of chic andstylishness or the luxurious and polished feel of the Bridgette d’Or.• Adiva Divine Adiya Brooch• Adiva Divine Adiya Bracelet• Adiva Divine Adiya Necklace• Adiva Divine Adiya Set (Necklace and Bracelet only) ADIYA SETMaking you feel like a princess, the exquisite designof Adiya Set’s golden foliage represents a portrait ofglamour and royalty that is grand and yet versatile.Dress for success by adding flair to the magnificenceof the Adiya Set with Adiya Brooch’s alluringcitrine-coloured Swarovski centrepiece.PENELOPE SETThe Penelope Set emits a sophisticatedcountenance yet also a flirtatious and fun aromawith its rendition of brilliant leaves of lime greenset on platinum oval plates.• Adiva Divine Penelope Earrings• Adiva Divine Penelope Necklace• Adiva Divine Penelope Set
  100. 100. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO | 101ZENITH SETPresenting a mythic feel of lost civilisations, the Zenith Set is a striking contrastbetween geometric shapes, triangles and circles.• Adiva Divine Zenith Choker• Adiva Divine Zenith Earrings• Adiva Divine Zenith SetAMARANTHINE COLLECTIONExquisite jewellery, just like true beauty, is timeless and eternal. Adiva Divine’s Amaranthine Collection captures andfreezes time by meticulously rendering them into each separate jewellery set and pieces. Acquire lastingcharm and flair by complementing any outfit with your favourite Amaranthine costume jewellery.
  101. 101. 102 | PRODUCT PORTFOLIOANTIKA SETDelicately ornate, the antique style of theAntika Set is a burst of circular beauty witha dangling teardrop to accentuate the design.ALLEGRA SETAttractive, unique and glamorous, the Allegra Set elicitsthe feeling of elegance and grace while lending a strongsense of class to the wearer.CANDICE SETGorgeous, cute, feminine and delightful, theCandice Set is a pretty picture of perfection that willset off any outfit with an irresistible girlish attraction.HONEY GEM NECKLACEReminiscent of the golden hues of nectar, the Honey GemNecklace is a desired piece of costume jewellery that willenliven any outfit with warm and alluring gold beauty.SABRINA CHAINWorn a dozen ways to suit a dozen occasions, theplatinum-plated Sabrina Chain brings with ita romantic and womanly charm.• Adiva Divine Honey Gem Necklace • Adiva Divine Sabrina Chain• Adiva Divine Allegra Earrings• Adiva Divine Allegra Necklace• Adiva Divine Allegra Set• Adiva Divine Antika Earrings• Adiva Divine Antika Necklace• Adiva Divine Antika Set• Adiva Divine Candice Bracelet• Adiva Divine Candice Necklace• Adiva Divine Candice Set