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Eisa eisa social networking


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Eisa eisa social networking

  1. 1. SocialNetworkingWebsitesWas done by:Eisa Abdalla EisaGrade: 11-01
  2. 2. Introduction to SocialNetworking Social networking: Is a social site where people share similar interests. There have been a huge depends on social networking sites for communication, sharing ideas, having business , making pages, however some are in a bad way like, harassing, threatening, and intimidating which are called cyber bullying.
  3. 3. Social networkingAdvantagesThe social networking haveimproved the way ofcommunication which givesless cost to communicate withpeople in the end of earth.
  4. 4. Social networkingAdvantagesThe new way of having abusiness is using the internet,and that means you have toget people, which makes youcreate a Blog or opening apage on Facebook or havingTwitter to make them on-time.
  5. 5. Social networkingAdvantagesIt helps the nations to celebratein a better way of spreadinginformation about theircelebrating, like giving thedate, etc…For example: celebrating thenational day.
  6. 6. Social networkingDisadvantagesThe first most problem in thedisadvantages of it, is to getaddicted, and that makes youforget your own life and family.
  7. 7. Social networkingDisadvantagesAnd also a command cause ofhating personal life, is theharassing over it, which maycause the victim to beexploited.
  8. 8. Social networkingDisadvantagesAt the end, is the using of yourfriends name in the socialnetworking, which may givethem a prejudgment.