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Decision Making Process Stages

Author A. I. Shoukry explains the decision-making process stages. 1 Identifying 2 Exploring 3 Executing. More detailed information can be found in his bestselling book In or Out. Also for more information on decision making checkout other SlideShare presentation by the same author.

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Decision Making Process Stages

  1. 1. In or Out A Practical Guide to Decision Making By A. I. Shoukry Decision Making Process
  2. 2. Copyright © 2018 by Ahmed Ismail Shoukry All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Decision Making Process Stages I. Identifying II. Exploring III.Executing
  4. 4. Identifying •Identify the decision problem •Reflect on your priniciples and values •Exclude choice outliers
  5. 5. Exploring •Explore the Alternatives •Think Consequences •Evaluate Tradeoffs •Have an Exit Strategy
  6. 6. Execution •Execute •Follow Up •Realign •Conquer
  7. 7. Identify Problem Reflect on Principles And Values Identify Goals and Objectives Exclude Choice Outliers Explore Alternativ es Think Consequen ces Evaluate Tradeoffs and Select Execute Monitor and Feedback Realign If Needed / Conquor
  8. 8. Checkout the book here