How The Group Will Use Time Management


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How The Group Will Use Time Management

  1. 1. Where going too break down our timemanagement into six different slots:- Effective Planning- Setting goals and objectives- Setting deadlines- Delegation of responsibilities- Prioritizing activities as per their importance- Spending the right time on the right activity
  2. 2. Time Management refers to managing timeeffectively so that the right time is allocated to theright activity. Effective time management allowsindividuals to assign specific time slots to activities asper their importance. Time Management refers tomaking the best use of time as time is always limited.
  3. 3. The Production schedule was made in order to helpset out the work load to different people in the group.We evenly divided up the work in order to ease thework load. It also helped us become more organisedas we were able to distinguish who was assigned towhich task.
  4. 4. As the editor I will be using school time to do theediting of the film meanwhile the director andcamera person do the written work. I believe that it isvital for the directors view of the editing. I would worknear by in order to get a second opinion. However forthe sound we will work together on the film in school.To keep up the pace with my written work I’ll spendmy time outside of school to finish my work.
  5. 5. As the script will be created, we will walk through itand act it out. This helped us notice any problemswhich may occur during the final filming. We alsodecide to act it out in the location which will be usedin order to see if any problems will occur with thelocation.
  6. 6. We will do test shooting in order to help polish our finalplans for the film. With this we will also improve thescript and the shots that would be taken through thismethod if we find any problems during this stage. Wewill also do this to become familiar with theequipment instead of using it for the first time whenwhere doing our final shoot.
  7. 7. The schedule will be used to help us become moreorganised as a group and help save time. With thefilm schedule we will be able to determine how muchtime we would be using during our filming and howmuch time left if we wanted to improve something inthe final stages.