Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. The main objective for our coursework was to createa 5 min short film.We also had to create an ancillary task individually.The ancillary task involved creating a film poster and afilm review to promote our video.
  2. 2. The tagline which was createdas a group is used in my posterto describe the overall plot inone line. It gives the postermore meaning. With themeaning of running out oftime I used Lara in the posterrevealing her watch toconnote that this film hassomething to do with time andemphasises the tagline.I used a simple fontBlairMdITCTTMedium for the titleso its easy to read. However Imade it stand out by increasingthe size and dropping shadowbehind it to separate it from thebackground. I also used thecolour font red which connotesromance. Another reason why Idecided upon using red isbecause the colour wouldstand out from the rest of theposter, as only a few importantthings are filled in red, the restare dull and grey.To give the idea that the filmwont have a happy ending Iadded a dark misty cloudbackground. I made this withthe desaturation of the cloudimage to change the colourto grey. I later gave it more ofa misty look by adding the‘cloud’ effect on Photoshop.To enhance the richness of thecloud background I increasethe contrast highs and lows.To emphasis the title of ‘BadLuck’ I added rain to my posterwhich I made myself by addingnoise to the picture then motionblur. To make the rain lookaggressive and harsh I addedcc lens correction. Theharshness of the rain correlatesthe harshness of Bobby’s badluck in the storyline.
  3. 3. The images used of Bobbyand Lara are bothdesaturated. I done this sothey blend in well with thebackground and dont feel asif they don’t belong in theoverall poster. However I didkeep the red colour in bothimages just so the posterdoesn’t look to dull andindicate that this film is aboutromance and love. This isemphasised with the rose inBobby’s mouth still having atint of red which connoteslove. The clothing of bothcharacters conforms to theconventions of the romanticcomedy’s, for example ‘TheUgly Truth’ poster has bothcharacters dressed smart. Ithas the main attractivefemale in a sexy colour likered similar to my poster withLara in an eye-catchingdress.I show the mental strength inboth characters and howdifferent there are from onanother. In the rain Bobby isstanding in frustration and looksagitated. Meanwhile Lara isstanding with her watch outand smiling. I also createseparation as both charactershave no physically contact nordo they have any contactthrough there eyes. An enigmais also created as to why is themale character angry while thefemale character is smiling inthe rain.Even though the film revolvesaround Bobby, I still felt as if itsimportant to keep Lara in theposter. This is because Iwanted to show she is thefemme fatale in this narrativeand she is why Bobby goesthrough so much trouble.
  4. 4. I made the vignette effect on myposter so I can make itcontinuous as it moves down tothe credit. I done this by usingthe gradient tool and applying itto the edges of poster. This willalso make the white font textstand out and also drawattention to whats happening inthe middle of the poster as that’sthe brightest point in the poster.The vignette also helps with theidea of bad luck as we see bothcharacter almost trappedaround darkness, this challengesthe conventions of romanticcomedy posters as they normallyhave bright posters.The facial expression of bothcharacters foreshadows thenarrative. Bobby is far moreexasperated while Lara iscontent while posing with asimple smile. Bobby’s bodylanguage also expresses hisfrustration with both handsheld tightly against his headand a dying rose in betweenhis teeth. We normally see themale much more irritatedthan the female in theromantic comedy theme forexample, ‘A Guy In 10 Days’,exploits this theme similar tomine.The male looks weaker thanthe female which is alsoanother convention used inromantic comedyposters, which is also shownon, ‘Shes out my league posterwhere the female looks moredominate.I used the plastic wrap effect togive both characters a comicalshiny look as if they both wet butin actual fact both characterswhere dry. I done this so it looksas if there literally placed inbetween the raining clouds.
  5. 5. I used BlairMdITCTTMedium fonts which I alsoused for my film title font. For the credits Ichanged size and how bold each letter is.To make every letter stand out every texthas shadow dropped in the background.The text layers where also placed above theimage layers of my background just so thetext does not blend in too much with thebackground. This is also a convention ofromantic comedy having eye catchingclear text and also used the colours; red,black and white for font.I implemented using the conventions ofromantic comedy font colours for thestar ratings on the poster making themred and also eye catching. In order toattract more people to watch this filmas it has a 5 star rating from anewspaper critic.I also added the heading of the mainactors on top of the poster to attractpeople to the film. This convention is alsoused by the ‘Ugly Truth’ who have bothleading actors names placed above todraw the fans into watching the film.
  6. 6. Similar to the text font of my poster I used a simple font which isclear to read. I felt as if its important to have a neat and cleanfont as it will help with the overall presentation of the film review.I also used black coloured font following the conventions ofother film reviews such as the Empire magazine.I created a tagline for my film review, I kept the font the samebut changed the angle to italic just so it looks different from anyother text font on the film review.For the Title I used a simple font, however I made itbold to stand out. To emphasis how much I want thetitle to stand out I place it upon a black box. Most ofthe font colour on the film review is black so Ichanged the title’s colour to white so it looks morestriking with a black box around it. The conventionsof a film review are always to make the title textmore eye catching than the rest which I haveimplemented here on my film review.
  7. 7. Similar to the concept of my film poster I wanted a film reviewimage which relates to the idea of ‘difference’ between bothcharacters. I also used an image which uses the colours red, blackand white as these colours have been dominate both in my filmreview and my poster. The image also reflects the narrative asBobby is excited holding Lara’s hand she has little interest inanything but more feels disgusted by the physical contact which isshown through Lara’s facial expression. I also decided on using animage taken from a professional camera instead of taking it out ofa segment of the film which will look more pixelated. The Imageabove is the original image I decided using which has been colourcorrected and contrast making the dark parts darker and the lightparts lighter. However I felt as if the image was too plain and boringeven though my aim was to go for a nice clean film review Idecided upon playing with a few effects on Photoshop to come upwith a new image that will be implemented in my film review. Thiseffect gave my image a more comical poster effect which Ibelieve worked better. However after reviewing my film review idecided to remove the the 1st draft image as it I found the imageused for my first draft had a lot of negative space around it and theeffect used for the image failed to enhance the overall quality. Thislead me to make a new image for my final film review one whichdidnt consist of large groups of negative space. I also removed theeffect on the image while focusing more on the contrast andsaturation of the image in order to enhance the overall image.
  8. 8. I wanted the male actorto look desperate andfrustrated, the use ofhaving both hands heldon your head indicatesfrustration almostchildlike behaviourshowing his immatureeven though his a youngadult, a stereotypicalview every young male islooked from beingimmature. I also want hisdesperation to be shownwith a rose in his mouthwhich connotes love andromance.The reason for me havingboth actors in my finalposter is because I felt it willlook more comical throughthere body position andfacial expression. It will alsocreate an enigma, why isthe female smiling in therain and the male fumingin the rain with a rose in hismouth?. Although there Isno physical contact or eyecontact I wanted to createsome form of connectionbetween both actors. Idone this through thedesaturation of all coloursbut red in the dress Lara iswearing and the dying rosein Bobby’s mouth. The roseconnotes a loveconnection meanwhile adress connotes a physicalattraction.The importance of time is shown again notonly in the tagline but the body position ofLara.
  9. 9. We wanted our film to be simple and tranquil to follow. Iused the same concept for the film and implemented it inmy film review something organised and easy to read. Ineatly bordered the image and created a layout whichprecisely surrounds the text making the overall presentationorganised.The tagline I used foreshadows the narrative, ‘When thingsstart to go wrong, they only get worse,,’ this tagline putsmuch emphasises on what the main protagonists outcomein this film will be and once one problem occurs it will be aseries of unfortunate events only getting worse and worse.This will also attract the audience to watch the film as theywould want to know how did his bad luck spark and does hecome out successfully achieve the woman of his dream.I also followed the conventions of a film review by adding a‘Verdict’ box concluding the film review in a few sentences. Ialso made it stand out more than the rest of the text to drawpeople to read the verdict box , if there not interested toread a few paragraphs they can read the concludedverdict The five star rating are also implemented in my filmreview following the conventions of film reviews like theEmpire Magazine who rate the film and attract thereaudience to view the actual film.
  10. 10. While I search for inspiration for designing a film poster I noticed I had tofollow the conventions of a film poster and that was to have a logo of theproduction company and the website. It could be place above or belowon the poster however every poster I view included it. They also includednetworking sites like Facebook which is why I implemented it into my ownfilm poster. People use the internet more these days as the world wide webservices improve, so included things such as the website for the film arevital and also creating groups on major networking sites will attract to amass audiences.
  11. 11. I believe that both my film review and film poster work well asboth have there similarities and associates with one another.Most important both poster and review link with my finalproduct, through the colour schemes, images, fonts and layoutwhich all link to the concept of the film for example the filmreview having a nice simple layout to mirror our script, or the useof red and grey in my final poster to connote bad luck for theprotagonist while linking to the title as well as the film script. Allimages expressed emotions again relating to something goingwrong and disharmony between the protagonist and theantagonist.